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Lets Go Aero Jack-It TS TwinSpin Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - Trailer A-Frame Mount

Lets Go Aero Jack-It TS TwinSpin Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - Trailer A-Frame Mount

Item # LGA23VR
Our Price: $360.05
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This trailer mount rack lets you carry 2 bikes on your A-frame cargo trailer or RV travel trailer. Bolt-on installation above the electric jack and front wind manual jack of your A-frame cargo trailer or RV travel trailer. Great Prices for the best rv and camper bike racks from Lets Go Aero. Lets Go Aero Jack-It TS TwinSpin Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - Trailer A-Frame Mount part number LGA23VR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Lets Go Aero RV and Camper Bike Racks - LGA23VR

  • Tongue Mount Hitch Rack
  • Travel Trailer
  • 2 Bikes
  • Childrens Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Road Bikes
  • Womens Bikes
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This trailer mount rack lets you carry 2 bikes on your A-frame cargo trailer or RV travel trailer. Bolt-on installation above the electric jack and front wind manual jack of your A-frame cargo trailer or RV travel trailer.


  • Trailer-mount bike rack lets you carry 2 bikes on your cargo trailer or RV travel trailer
    • Base offers clearance for electric and manual jacks up to 22-1/2" tall
  • V-shaped rack rotates 360 degrees so you can easily load your bikes
  • Arms ensure level transport of bikes, regardless of size and frame style
    • Detach for storage and cargo area access
  • Cushioned cradles hold your bikes securely by the wheels
    • Reduce bike-to-bike contact and help prevent scratches and scuffs
  • Bolt-on installation above your trailer's A-frame drawbar with included hardware
  • Keyed-alike locks deter theft of your bikes and the rack
  • Black powder coated steel is durable and rust resistant


  • Application: A-frame cargo trailers and RV travel trailers
  • Carrying capacity: 2 bicycles
  • Weight capacity: 40 lbs per bike
  • Maximum tire width: 2-3/4"
  • Minimum tire size: 22"
  • Weight: 38 lbs
  • 1-Year limited warranty

B02424 Lets Go Aero Jack-It TS Twin Spin Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - Trailer A-Frame Mount

Video of Lets Go Aero Jack-It TS TwinSpin Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - Trailer A-Frame Mount

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Video Transcript for A Closer Look at the Lets Go Aero Jack-It TS TwinSpin Bike Rack

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. Today, we're gonna take a look at the Let's Go Aero Jack-It TS. This is going to be a bike rack that attaches to the jack on your trailer, and it's a really niche rack that solves a very specific problem because usually when you wanna carry it around your bikes while you're towing a trailer, your options are to put it on your roof, on a front hitch, in your truck bed. But sometimes, those options aren't available for you or won't work out for your current setup. If that happens, then you might be able to utilize the jack that is currently on your trailer, and then you're able to carry around your bikes with you. So we're gonna talk about what types of bikes can you carry, how will this work with your setup, and I'll also show you how to get it all set up.

This rack is designed for your cargo trailers and your travel trailers that have an A-frame. It works with the jack on your trailer where you are given new hardware to install the jack and sandwich it to your frame. Now for the different types of jacks it works with, you'll often see this with electric jacks, but you can also use this with your manual front wind jacks. Just make sure that none of these are over 22 1/2 inches, and that's because of how the rack mounts. If it is too tall, you're gonna hit the bottom of our tower here.

And while we're here, you can also notice that if you happen to move tower on your jack and you need to operate it manually, that might be a feature you lose out because your rack is now framing your entire jack. With how it is mounted to the frame, we then have a good base to carry our bikes, but we also have an angled support arm here, and that gives us clearance over things that might be secured to our frame. So whether it's your tanks with your large tank covers and other items on that frame. And if you're wondering, "Well, will this clear my trailer" It's angled towards the jack. To give you a good frame of reference for how much space we're working with, from the closest point of the trailer to the center of the jack, we have 26 inches of space.

It sounds like it's not much, but you can see that our bikes sit within that open area. This is called the Let's Go Aero Jack-It TS, and TS stands for TwinSpin. The reason it's named that way is because we have two pivot points. So our pivot points are held in by either locks or clips. Once you remove those locks or clips, you're then able to rotate the pins holding our pivot points in place.

These are no-tool spin pins, and that's gonna be Let's Go Aero terminology for their bolts where you don't need to use a separate wrench to utilize your bike rack. So once all your pins are out, you're then able to pivot 360 degrees on both pivot points. So this will make it easier to get clearance around both your trailer and your truck, as well as make it easier to load and unload your bikes. So if I needed to grab this bike over here, this would be the perfect spot to do it. And if I needed to grab the bike towards the back, rather than having to reach around the back and reach over our tanks, I'm able to rotate the top pivot point and get it a little bit more accessible for myself. However, your ideal situation for this would be with a trailer that has a lot of clearance on the A-frame, or with bikes that have shorter wheelbases and shorter wheels. With our long wheelbased bikes and large wheels, I'm not able to fully rotate without hitting at the front of our trailer. So if you have road bikes, this would be great. With your mountain bikes, you'll still be able to grab them, but your experience is just gonna change a little. Here at etrailer, we have some different Let's go Aero Jack-It options for you, and the TwinSpin is the one that's gonna be your two-bike carrier that spins around. You can also get a more affordable version, which is the Let's go Aero Jack-It PLUS. That one has two fixed mounts if you want angled or straight up, and gives you all the same features that this one has without the rotation. If you like that rotation and you want even more, you can check out the Let's go Aero Jack-It Pro. That will have the same design, but it'll have two additional mounting points, and you can use those mounting points with the other modular accessories like a generator stand or a swing-out tray, and those are also available here at This is technically a wheel mount rack, where you have upper cradles that hold your bike's wheel up. You also have foam cushions throughout the rack that help cushion whatever part of your bikes may be touching the rack. And then you have your lower cradles that help prevent that side to side and forward movement. So everything works together to make for a stable fit on your rack if you get everything dialed in. There's a lot of adjustability for all those different cradles, and once you have two bikes on there, you may have to go back and forth and adjust hooks and up and down to get the best fit for you. Now your maximum weight capacity is gonna be 40 pounds per bike. And when you think about weight capacity, also consider the height you're gonna have to lift your bikes up to get onto the rack, and also the total weight that this is gonna add onto your trailer. So your tongue weight is going to increase with everything loaded up. Another measurement or number is that even without the bikes, this whole bike rack is going to weigh 38 pounds. This is easier to use when you have a single bike on there, and hopefully, if you do have two bikes on there, you also have a second person just to help you out with removing the straps and removing the bikes. I have Trevor here to help me out just because this whole set is a little too tall for me to do comfortably. So all of our straps are undone. We're then going to grab the front and the rear wheel, lift them up and over the cradle around the other bike, and now we can bring the whole thing down to the ground. With the bike off, we're better able to see the different components of the rack, and we have a lot of adjustability here. We can adjust for different tire sizes. Now with the cradles and straps, the maximum tire width is gonna be up to 2.75-inch wide tires. And for the wheel size, if you wanna carry around kids bikes, make sure that they are at least 22 inches large. Anything shorter than that won't be able to fit well on the rack. And with the adjustment points here, you are gonna have to go up and down. So be mindful that when you have these cradles and when you have these foam cushions up in place, you are also gonna have to maneuver around pedals and seat posts and handlebars to get the best fit. For security, not only do you have the two locks that can go onto the back of your pins, but you also have this cable lock that you can wrap around your frame and/or your wheels. This cable lock fits in with your pin. So you just put that eye through that bolt, and you just secure it with the lock at the end. (cable lock clicks) You are gonna have a little bit of wiggle room between, and I also don't recommend keeping the cable lock on while you're driving around just because this adds more touch points on your bikes as you go. But it is a great option for when you're parked and need to make sure that your bikes are safe. Hopefully, this video was able to explain if this will work with your bikes and with your trailer, and if this will work with your lifestyle. If I had to carry around two bikes while I was towing a trailer, I usually install a roof rack, and then install things onto the roof rack, like a roof-mounted bike rack. Now that's not always a option for you though. We have a bunch of different bike carriers that you can find here on our website, but maybe those areas are occupied and you can't get an accessory to fit with your vehicle. Well, if that's the case, chances are really high that your jack area will be open. So this is gonna be a bike rack that'll fit onto that area, work with your jack, and work with your trailer. And that way no matter what, you're still able to get your bikes on with you and on your adventures. So if this is a fit for you, let's go take a look at how to get it all set up. For your install, pretty much everything is included when it comes to hardware, but you are gonna have to bring your own tools, especially needed in order to remove your jack. So first, use a separate jack stand to support your trailer as you take out to the foot plate, and then remove the hardware of the jack so you can lift your entire jack up completely. Once you have everything removed, then it's time to put together your Let's go Aero products. We're gonna have our PowerTower, and we're going to fit our trailer jack into that PowerTower (trailer jack clanks) just like that. Now this whole assembly will then fit onto our frame. (trailer jack clanks) Since the whole assembly needs to be dropped into the frame and I have slightly weak arms, I did have some help holding and supporting that PowerTower as we dropped it through. But once both parts, the jack and the tower are in place, you're then going to get your three bolts. Included are gonna be your split washers and your flat washers. Make sure to grab the matching set of three. Secure both your jack and your tower with bolts, and then you're going to use your 9/16 socket wrench to tighten them down. (power tool whirs) Next, you attach your rotating stinger, and apply wax liberally along the bottom of the stinger where all the holes are. Once you've done that with the included wax, you can then attach your red nylon ring, and then this will fit into your tower. (stinger clangs) Depending on your clearance needs, you have the option of securing this either perpendicular or parallel to your camper. Whichever spot you choose, you're then going to secure with your spin pin. This is going to have a split washer, flat washer before you put through both your tower and your rotating pin, and then this just tightens it down until your split washer flattens out. You're gonna do the same thing for the stem. You're gonna put wax, you're gonna put that red nylon ring, and then you're going to install this perpendicular to your camper. Now this is also secured with your spin pin. And again, tighten this back down until that split washer flattens out. Both pins are secured with your locks. These can be installed in the keyless position. What I've noticed with the bottom frame is that maybe a little tricky to get your lock on there while you have your tank in the back. So if you don't wanna deal with having to move this back and forth, an alternative is to also just use your clip, but then a clip won't offer the same security as the included locks. You're then going to get your wings all set up with the foam bumpers in the middle, your top cradles up top, and then your lower cradles. Now I don't get too committed to the location of these just because once I start putting bikes on, I usually have to adjust them. But once they're in the general area of where you might need them to go, you're then going to attach your wings. These fit onto the stem, and then they are secured with your wire lock, which is going to be a pin with an integrated clip. (wire lock clicks) And then that's gonna be it for the overall setup of your Jack-It bike rack. This and any of the other Jack-It accessories are available here on our website. But today, you just saw the Let's go Aero Jack-It TS two-bike rack. My name's Evangeline, and I hope you enjoyed the journey.

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Lets Go Aero Jack-It TS TwinSpin Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - Trailer A-Frame Mount - LGA23VR

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This trailer mount rack lets you carry 2 bikes on your A-frame cargo trailer or RV travel trailer. Bolt-on installation above the electric jack and front wind manual jack of your A-frame cargo trailer or RV travel trailer.



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