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Snap-Loc Moving Dolly with E-Track Anchor Points - 32" Long x 21" Wide - 1,500 lbs - Red

Snap-Loc Moving Dolly with E-Track Anchor Points - 32" Long x 21" Wide - 1,500 lbs - Red

Item # SL1500DR319-P
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Moving Dollies
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This red, contractor-grade dolly moves heavy cargo. The steel frame holds up to 1,500 lbs, and 4 Snap-Loc tie-down points on the base let you strap cargo onto the platform or connect more dollies to create a larger platform. Fastest Shipping and Great prices for Snap-Loc Moving Dolly with E-Track Anchor Points - 32" Long x 21" Wide - 1,500 lbs - Red. Read our customer reviews of Snap-Loc moving dollies. Call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service or order your moving dollies part number SL1500DR319-P by Snap-Loc online at
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Snap-Loc Moving Dollies - SL1500DR319-P

  • Moving Dolly
  • Snap-Loc
  • E-Track Anchor Points
  • Non-Slip Tread
  • Parking Brakes
  • 1500 lbs
  • Red

This red, contractor-grade dolly moves heavy cargo. The steel frame holds up to 1,500 lbs, and 4 Snap-Loc tie-down points on the base let you strap cargo onto the platform or connect more dollies to create a larger platform.


  • Heavy-duty dolly with built-in E-track anchor points lets you secure and move cargo
  • 4 E-track tie-down points - 1 on each side of dolly
    • Strap your load to the dolly using cargo straps with E-track fittings (sold separately)
    • Join several Snap-Loc dollies with connecting straps (SLLS2E6R - sold separately) to create a larger platform
  • Flat-top design keeps cargo from tilting and increases usable surface area
  • Steel frame under heavy-duty HDPE plastic platform helps to support heavy loads
  • Non-slip diamond tread pad on platform prevents cargo from skidding
  • 4" Heavy-duty ball-bearing wheels roll smoothly and swivel for easy turning
    • Parking brakes on 2 wheels let you secure the dolly in place
  • Create a pushcart or panel cart using Snap-Loc accessory kits (sold separately)
  • Red color
  • Made in the USA


  • Weight capacity: 1,500 lbs
  • Dimensions: 32" long x 21" wide x 7" tall
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Integrated Snap-Loc E-Track Anchors

Snap-Loc dolly with cargo strap attached to built in E-track anchorSteel framing under Snap-Loc moving dolly

Snap-Loc's red, contractor-grade dolly moves as much as 1,500 pounds of cargo with ease. The HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic base is supported by steel framing and features four E-track tie-down points - one on each side of the dolly platform.

Pulling back spring loaded lever to attach cargo strap to Snap-Loc dolly

E-track accessories, such as cargo straps and ring attachments (sold separately), snap securely into each anchor slot. Just pull back on the E-track attachment's lever, put the end into the slot, and then release the lever.

Plastic containers strapped to Snap-Loc moving dolly

These anchor points let you strap your freight onto the dolly using straps with E-track fittings (sold separately). Once attached, the cargo straps can be used as handholds so you can pull your payload where you need it to go or lift the dolly and cargo over uneven surfaces.

Durable Construction

Heavy-duty diamond tread pad on Snap-Loc moving dolly

The platform is topped with a heavy-duty, diamond tread pad that prevents cargo from skidding off the dolly and stands up to punishing use. The trolley's flat-top design means your load doesn't tilt as you move the dolly, and you have more usable surface for loading equipment. There is no lip around the edge to get in your way.

Heavy-duty, non-marking casters on Snap-Loc moving dolly

The heavy-duty, non-marking casters (wheels) use high-quality ball bearings to smoothly move the dolly where it needs to go. The 4-inch-diameter wheels swivel for easy turning, and two are equipped with locking brakes to help hold the dolly in place.

Connecting Dollies

Two Snap-Loc dollies connected with E-track mini strap to create a larger moving platform

Use Snap-Loc connecting straps (sold separately) to join two or more dollies and create a larger trolley that can move bigger loads.

Pushcart or Panel Cart Conversion Kits

Push bar set used with Snap-Loc dolly to create a pushcartPanel cart kit used with Snap-Loc dolly to create a panel cart

Or use one of the Snap-Loc dolly conversion kits (sold separately) to create a pushcart or panel cart. The bars in the conversion kits can be removed from the dolly for easy storage. The adaptable Snap-Loc dolly takes a load off - wherever you need it to go.

SL1500D4R Snap Lock Dolly - Red - 1,500 lb Capacity

Replaces SLUSACDR and SL1200R

Video of Snap-Loc Moving Dolly with E-Track Anchor Points - 32" Long x 21" Wide - 1,500 lbs - Red

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Snap-Loc All-Terrain Panel Cart Review

What's going on everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Snap-Loc Panel Carts. So we have a lot of different configurations and different styles, depending on what you guys plan on moving. As you know, you can have some really bulky stuff that's not really that heavy, but if it's bulky and annoying to move, it's gonna make it a lot more of a hassle to do. So this, we're gonna have a lot of different choices. So if you're gonna be inside, we're gonna have some wheels that are gonna be better for the smoother type surfaces.

You may be pushing your cart on, and these aren't really gonna mark up your floor. So if you are in a warehouse or even in the garage or whatever it may be, wheeling it in and out of your house, these aren't gonna mark up the floors, which is really nice. These are about four inches in diameter coming to the wheels. And when we start going to the larger ones, these are gonna be a little bit more heavy duty. They're all gonna carry about 1500 pounds, but the wheels on this is gonna really set it apart.

One, they're gonna be bigger, about six inches in diameter, and they are gonna have a little bit more rubber on the end. These are gonna be black. So you might see a little bit of marks, but these are a lot smoother whenever I was wheeling this around. As you can tell our parking lot, isn't perfect. So for us going in and out of the warehouse all the time, definitely grabbing the All-Terrain six-inch wheels are gonna be the ones I'm gonna pick.

And of course you can get it in this or this configuration with the rails. The nice thing about this is we have a couple of different things we can do. One, you can have the rails like this. Two, you can have the rails kind of like this. And we do have E-track on all of them, which is really cool.

You can either use a strap to go into the E-Track on the side to secure down your cargo. We're gonna have one on each side. So two here, and then of course, two here. So you can either use it to strap down your cargo, or you can use it to either store this cart when you're not using it, be a E-track, or you can actually take this into a box truck or an enclosed trailer and snap it down to some E-Track points. If you don't have any, we have some here at etrailer. So now we're gonna go over a little bit more nitty gritty specs. All of our dollies are gonna be about 32 inches wide and about 20-1/2 long. So they're all gonna be the same exact size, but when it comes to height, it just depends on your wheels. So with the All-Terrain wheels, these are gonna be six-inch diameter wheels, and it's gonna sit up about 9-1/2 inches. But if you get one with the smaller wheels for the indoor type rolling, this is gonna be about seven inches tall. All of them are gonna have a steel frame underneath, as you can see, and we do have an HDPE plastic. So basically what that means is super strong plastic, simple as that, has a nice construction underneath. So it's gonna be extra strong to be able to hold all those major loads you may be rolling around. I definitely like it just because it does have a grip on top. So if you do have some slippery stuff, it isn't gonna slide around or anything. It's kinda like a really dense rubberized material and has a diamond plate coating on it, so that'll get extra grip. If you do go with this cart, it is gonna have a steel construction when it comes to all these handles, and then this is gonna have a hammer tone powder-coated finish. So basically what that is, we see some of those higher end ball mounts where it's a little rough on the top. It's not super, super slick. That's what this is. It's extra, extra strong. It's not going to rust away over time. It will resist against rust and corrosion if you do keep it outside. And mixture between that, the wheels and the plastic, it's gonna be good in all different environments, If you do go with the rails, these are going to be about 35 inches tall, but we can get them in different configuration. So you can get them kinda like this with the two rails, but we can actually switch these up a little bit. If you wanted to just take these off, they have a little push pins, like that. You can just have a cart kinda laying out like this. If you have something, where this is kind of what you're really looking for. Again, some of them are gonna come with different wheels, but with this configuration, we're gonna have fixed wheels in the back and casters in the front. And that is different than the one over here. This one is gonna have swiveling casters on all of them. And that also includes this one right here. This is a little bit easier to maneuver around, but if you are going down the aisles in a warehouse like we do, it's kinda nice to have this one where you're really have one side that's really gonna swivel around. And to do that, what we can do is we can take this out. So his is one way we can do it on both sides, or you can go ahead and take this little center section out, take the two curb bins, connect them together and then drop it down, like this. Now you got a little push cart, so you need to put it on this side or you can put it on the other side to make it a little bit easier for you. But again, it all just depends on what wheels you're really looking for. I would definitely go with the All-Terrain 'cause they are a little bit smoother, but you can also get them with both of them having the 360 swivel. That's what I would use, but that's just for our situation here at the warehouse, kinda like that. It's easier to maneuver through smaller spaces, especially if you do have a heavier load on here, 'cause you don't wanna have to lift up the side that doesn't pivot. But with this, we can get into a nice little small spaces, but again, I would definitely go with the two 360 swivels, but that's just me. So we're going from inside the shop, out and in into the warehouse, whatever we may be hauling, probably just a bunch of parts for you guys. Well, I would definitely say that this is gonna be more, so for like moving big furniture, moving one big item. But if you are gonna be loading up a bunch of boxes, like we are today, what you can do, you can grab a strap like this. We have them. They are sold separately. But basically all you got to do is go into this track there, go into this track here, lock it in, and now we have one big cart. So I can grab some boxes, kinda like this, and I can stack a lot more just by using this. So if you wanna get two of them, you're gonna have twice as much space. And it does work pretty well. It was moving around like that. And this is definitely something you're gonna want to have, pretty much all four the casters there that are 360, just so this thing will pivot on a dime. And you can get to wherever you need to go a little bit easier. We have a whole lot of different straps. So today, since I have a lot of stuff, I have two carts connected together and it is rather heavier load. I do have the two inch wide straps and I'm utilizing the E-Track in the front of our front cart and in the back of the back cart. So it's completely secured down. These things really aren't going anywhere and it really helps keep these two carts together. I think that's awesome. I mean, that is one big unit, but we don't have to deal with the big bulky one unit whenever we're done using it. We can take it apart, hanging up whenever we're done. We do have a lot of other different types of straps. We have the ones like you see here just with the E-Track, big cam buckle, two inches wide. But we also have a lot of length options with the one inch cam buckle strap. So this will be more so for a lot of the smaller type stuff. If you're carrying a bunch of lumber or some pipes and stuff, you can kinda ball them all together, get them cinched down and you can wrap it around the frame of the actual dolly itself. It's all situational based. So in this instance, we don't really have a completely nice and smooth parking lot, but these bigger wheels, they do do a good job going over and keeping it nice and smooth. But as you can see, it's wanting to move this way on its own. So if you do have uneven floor, whether it's inside or outside, these are definitely gonna be a little bit harder. The more the weight comes into play, the higher the weight capacity of whatever we're using, it's gonna kinda start to run on you. So keep that in mind, if you are on uneven stuff, I would definitely recommend grabbing the kit that'll have one fixed in the back. So you're not gonna see, it roam sideways on you. But again, all situational based. We just wanna let you know what we have, so you can figure out exactly your options and then pick according to your situation. It does make pretty easy work of going over big, nasty pavement, like we have here. But again, I do find myself kind of standing on the left side of it, trying to keep it straight just because I do have about 200 pounds on these 2 dollies. With the shorter setup, I definitely like having all of the casters wheels, just because it's super easy too maneuver this. This is basically like a full order that we usually get, couple of different parts. So whenever we're going from the warehouse over to video, where we install a lot of the parts on all your vehicles and RVs and such, is gonna be perfect so we can get it in and out all the lifts and stuff. We can go over this real rough terrain. This is the worst part of the whole parking lot. But again, it's doing really, really well. This is really easy to maneuver. And if you don't need to, this is definitely the one I would go for if I just needed one to carry a decent amount of stuff. So we swapped it over to the four inch diameter wheel cart. This is more so for the inside. And I can definitely feel a little bit more of this parking lot and you can kinda hear it too. So this is a little bit louder than the other ones, but it's still not really giving me a whole lot of trouble, but more than the other ones, for sure. I think that's a mixture between the coating around the wheel on the other one, but also just the other wheels is being a lot bigger. But they still roll well. They still pivot well. But this one's actually has fixed wheels in the back. So it's gonna pivot around that, but it's not gonna slide side to side, and I kinda liked that. Again, it's all situational based. I can find a situation for both. But with this, this works pretty well. But let's see exactly what's going on inside of the warehouse and see how it rolls around on a really smooth surface. So we're here in the warehouse. The nice thing about this, having the fixed wheels in the back, it does wanna center up and go straight. So if you are down these narrow little aisles, you don't have to worry about it kinda going one way or the other. We do have really level floors here, but this is definitely the one I would use in the warehouse and notice all of our carts that we use. They all have the gray wheels. So these gray wheels are the reason why we don't see a whole lot, if any, black marks on the ground. So this is what we use in our warehouse. So if you are using this for your business and it's inside, definitely go with these wheels. And if you're just using them at home, definitely go with the black wheels. As you can see, we have so many different carts. All of these are just really here to make our work go a lot more efficiently. And it keeps everybody kinda happy just because they all roll really nicely. And at the end of the day, if you are using it for a business, you wanna be as efficient as possible. That's why we can get all of your stuff to your doorstep as quick as we do. But if you are just doing it for a house move or something like that, it's gonna make that process a little bit quicker. So you can get moved in quicker and enjoy the home, whatever it may be. And that'll do it for a look at the Snap-Loc Dolly Carts. And I am Adam with etrailer..

Customer Reviews

Snap-Loc Moving Dolly with E-Track Anchor Points - 32" Long x 21" Wide - 1,500 lbs - Red - SL1500DR319-P

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (5 Customer Reviews)

This red, contractor-grade dolly moves heavy cargo. The steel frame holds up to 1,500 lbs, and 4 Snap-Loc tie-down points on the base let you strap cargo onto the platform or connect more dollies to create a larger platform.


First, the customer service is exceptional. I had to call them and they were prompt in answering my question. They also followed up via email to make sure I had all the info needed. Bottom line: the customer service is what we expect but very few actually offer. E-Trailer nails it.

Regarding the product. This is my second time to order these Snap-Loc dollys with e-track. I needed more! Hands down there is no wooden or poly-based dolly that matches the strength and capabilities of this dolly. Yes, it's pricey. But you do indeed get what you pay for. Aside from basic functionality, the various ways you can use the e-track to lock down whatever your placing on the dolly makes it significantly easier, and safer, to use. This is a "can't miss" product that will last a long time. Now if I could just find an excuse to purchase the all-terrain version!


Selected this product for several reasons but basically needed a dolly built to provide reliable service which saves time. Dolly is made in USA and looks it - sturdy and rolls smoothly. Happy with purchase.


I like them. I modified the carts to accept my Hobie kayaks with cradles to move around the garage and load the truck. Also, to move relatives. Great investment.


Very user friendly website, super quick delivery, and high quality items!


Waiting to get one of these and found them here at a great price excellent product


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