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Best 2005 Ford F-150 Ladder Racks

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Thule Ladder Racks Review - 2005 Ford F-150

Today in our 2005 F150, we're testing the Tulley Exporter Pro, the Truck Bed Ladder Rack and it has the capacity to hold up to 450 lbs. Part # for that is TH500XT. Now this is a great clap on style ladder rack, there easy to install. We also have this pad here that goes underneath the rack so that you won't damage your truck bed there. So we're going to go head and climb up in our bed. Now we do have 2 different types of claps, we have our back clap that's where the lock is going to slide into.

DeWalt Ladder Rack Installation - 2005 Ford F-150

Today on this 2005 Ford F150 Long Bed, we're going to be installing the Dewalt Industrial Grade Steel Truck Rack, part number DIGFFR360. Before we actually get started installing the truck rack system, we need to do a little bit of pre-assembly. And the first thing we need to do is just to figure out which side rail setup we need for our particular truck, so you want to go ahead and measure the length of the bed first and per the instructions, you determine the setup that you need for the side mounting rails. Now, the particular setup we're using today is a long bed and its a 99-inch bed, so we're going to need not only the long base rail, but two of the short base rails as well which when installed, this is going to look something like this. We can go ahead and start aligning the long base rail and what we want to do is go ahead and center it on the side rail of the truck not only front to back but side to side as well. Go ahead and do that for the passenger's side rail as well.

2005 Ford F-150 Ladder Racks Questions