Thule T-Rac Pro2 Truck Bed Ladder Rack with Cantilever Review

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Review of the Thule T-Rac Pro2 Truck Bed Ladder Rack with Cantilever

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at T-Rac Pro2 truck bed ladder rack with over the cab extension. This ladder rack kit is going to let you carry some of the longest items right over your cab, that you would normally not be able to haul with your truck. This will get those long items out of your bed and up on top; such as, ladders, lumber or long poles so that way you have room for your tools in the back. Included in your kit, you're going to get the Pro2 ladder rack, and the cantilever over bed cab extension. This ladder rack is going to both mid-size and full-size trucks.The length of your bed rack is going to be determined by your the length of your bed. And the extension in the front is going to add about 32 inches over the top of your cab.

The over the cab extension load bar is going to have the same aerodynamic design and crossbar channel for accessories. The only difference between the over the cab bar is that it's a little bit smaller, being about 3 inches wide and about 1 3/4 inches tall. While your bed load bars measure about 4 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches tall. The over the cab extension can be removed for a more compact ladder rack. We're going to take it off now so you can see what it looks like.It's not only practical for on-the-job use but it's great for when you want to unwind and for all your recreational purposes.

It'll carry your favorite water sports accessories; such as, kayaks, canoes or paddle boards. Allowing for all this extra room in your bed for coolers, and other beach accessories.It features two load stops per bar with loops for tie down hooks. The load stops are also adjustable, that could vary size ladders and loads.There's a channel up top to allow the load stops to slide. Now unlike other designs that have this channel up top that may cause some wind noise, there's a specially designed lip to help the air flow over it, to keep it down. And when compared to square bars, these are going to be quieter.

And when compared to round bars, they're going to have more surface area for your load to sit on. The cross bars are 69 1/2 inches long, which gives you plenty of room for your gear. And depending on the size of your truck bed, you may have some overhang so this way you're not missing out on any of this bars extreme length. To the top of the load bar, it's going to add about 27 1/4 inches to the height from your bed rail.Another unique feature to these cross bars is the channel opening. This will allow you to add additional slotted accessories; such as, tie downs and easily remove your load stops.

Also located underneath is the same channel as up top with the opening. This will allow you to add the same accessories but with an additional adjustment. The uprights are adjustable to fit both mid-size and full-size trucks. They'll slide on the lower channel of your load bars. There's two bolts in the upright that connect to the load bar but for additional support there's a stabilizer link here, which increases the carrying capacity to 1,000 pounds evenly distributed. And that weight capacity is going to be higher than most other universal load bars, which is going to allow you to carry the most load possible.The uprights have tie down points as well, featuring 4 cleats which will allow you to use hooks and other straps to keep your load steady. The whole system is a clamp on design so there's no drilling required. Compared to other designs, this one features a long clamp foot to increase surface area to prevent damage to the underside of your bed rail. The clamp has a unique design which will angle down and slide in this channel to hold it tight on the top and an elongated foot, which will increase surface area as it clamps underneath your bed rails to help prevent damage for a tighter, more stable fit.Another thing that sets this apart from other universal ladder racks, is the rubber sheet protector. This will go between your upright foot and your bed rail, and will help provide extra grip and protect your finish from abrasions. It's constructed aluminum so it's going to be resistant to rust and corrosion. And it's also going to be lightweight, about 25 pounds per assembly. Making it easy to install by yourself.These are also designed to work with crossover tool boxes, so you don't have to worry about them getting in the way. Each clamp has location to mount your tool box so you don't have to worry about drilling into your bed like you would traditionally. And if you have an extra wide toolbox, an additional clamp and small mounting location are available so you have a place to mount it further out.And that completes our look at the T-Rac Pro2 truck bed ladder rack with over the bed cab extension.

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