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Brake controllers are an essential part of a towing system with electric trailer brakes, and they offer a much-needed emergency braking feature. We offer high quality controllers from manufacturers such as Draw-Tite, Tekonsha, Valley, Hidden Hitch and Hopkins. Featuring both time-delay and proportional models, we have the right controller for any application. Brake controller wiring adapters are available for many vehicles, allowing for simple plug-and-play installation. Hardwire kits are also available to make any installation hassle-free.

Find your custom fit brake controller wiring adapter for a plug-in application by selecting the year of your vehicle to the left. We offer custom fit plug in adapters for many of the most popular vehicles, including Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, Nissan, and Toyota.

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Toyota Tacoma Brake Controller Videos

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2008 Toyota Tacoma

Today in our 2008 Toyota Tacoma, we're going to be taking a look at and installing the Tekonsha Primus IQ Trailer Brake Controller, part number TK90160. Now, it is a proportional brake controller, which means it's going to automatically activate our trailer brakes with the same amount of pressure that our vehicle is slowing down. Since it is a proportional it's going to activate immediately and there's not going to be any pause like with time delayed brake controllers. It's going to feature three different boost settings if we push this button right here. We're going to have boost one, boost two and boost three. Each letting you adjust the initial braking power and aggressiveness. When we are at a stop light as well our brake controller's actually going to prevent the trailer brakes from overheating by reducing the power output to them during prolonged stops. It has this slider bar here, that's for the main override.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2003 Toyota Tacoma

Today on this 2003 Toyota Tacoma, we're going to show you the Tekonsha Primus IQ Trailer Brake Controller, part number TK90160. Now to help us with our install, we're also going to use part number ETBC7. This is a universal installation kit for trailer brake controllers. For the majority of our install, we'll be using this part number and then we'll take our brake controller and add it on top of this as our last part of our install. This is what the Primus IQ looks like when it's installed in our truck. Now we have it in a typical location here on the right hand side underneath the dashboard. This style brake controller is a proportional brake controller, which means that when you hit the brakes on your truck, there's a sensor on the inside that can tell how hard you're hitting your brakes.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2012 Toyota Tacoma

All right, today on this 2012 Toyota Tacoma were going to install a brake controller, part number 90885 from Tekonsha. This is a Prodigy P2. To help us install this were also going to use part number 3040-P. This is a cable that will go between the brake controller and the port on the truck. Well start off with this part number. Well go ahead and look for the port underneath the dash on the left hand side by the drivers side door.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 1999 Toyota Tacoma

Today on this 1999 Toyota Tacoma were going to install part number TK90160. This is the Primus IQ brake controller. To help install this were going to use part number ETBC7. Well start from the back of the truck and work our way forward. Well start off by mounting the ETBC7 bracket to an existing bracket on the vehicle. Well take our gray wire and connect it up to our seven to four pole adapter.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2009 Toyota Tacoma

Today on this 2009 Toyota Tacoma we are going to install a brake controller from Tekonsha, this is going to be the Prodigy P3 brake controller part number 90195. We are also going to use the install kit part number ETBC7. The truck has the factory 4-pole already in place so what we are going to have to do is take down the original factory bracket with the 4-pole and then move it out of the way and install the new bracket that comes with the ETBC7 kit. This is the bracket that comes with the ETBC7 kit. It is going to be a tight fit but I think we can sneak it on there using the existing bolt holes. If it is a little bit tight just run a drill bit through there to make the one size a little bit bigger. 00:44

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2008 Toyota Tacoma

Today on this 2008 Toyota Tacoma pick up we will be installing Prodigy brake controller part number 90185 and we will also be using the brake control wiring kit part number ETBC7. We are going to start here at the rear of the vehicle and mount our 7-pole first. As you can see our vehicle here already has an existing 4-pole that we are going to be plugging our 7-pole adapter into. So in preparation I want to find a spot to go ahead and mount our 7-pole bracket to. On this Tacoma there is not a whole lot to work with. We typically like to mount it here on the back side of the bumper. Mounting at that angle would be kind of obnoxious. So I am actually going to be using part number 118136 which is a long bracket that will attach to the trailer hitch here with the use of a hose clamp. And then we can just mount our 7-pole bracket on like so.

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