Reese Trailer Connector Adapter with LED Circuit Tester Review

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Review of the Reese Trailer Connector Adapter with LED Circuit Tester

Hey guys, it's Randy here at Now a common question that we get here is how do I adapt my seven pole on my vehicle to work with a trailer that has maybe a different connector on it As you can see here we're going to take a look at the Reese Towpower adapter. Now this adapter is going to take care of a lot of different things for it. I really liked the way this deal works. Basically this is going to plug into your seven pole. It's going to give us a working five pole, a working four pole, but also if you can see those little red LEDs in there.

This is going to diagnose a trailer connection problem that we might have. So with this plugged into our vehicle, we'll turn on our headlights, make sure that the tail light bulb comes on, left blinker, verify that. Right blinker, verify that.Then hit her brakes and make sure they both come on. This is going to ensure that we don't have any problems with our vehicle, so we're going to know from that point the issue we're looking for is in our trailer. It eliminates half the equation just by plugging it in.

I think that is really neat. Now where this one differs from a lot of the other seven to four and five adapters that we offered, that his one actually has a four pole slot and the five pole slot. The five pole slot is going to give us our ground running lights, our left turn and brake, our right turn and brake, and our reverse signal.Now that fifth pole is for our reverse signal. We're going to use that reverse signal most of the time in a marine trailer application that has an electric lockout for its surge brake. As you back up, you put pressure on that.

That can apply the brakes in the trailer. It's kind of a situation if you can't back your trailer up. So by sending that circuit to that lockout, that fluid isn't transferred, we can easily back up. A lot of customers also ask if you can run backup lights on your trailer off of that circuit, and you absolutely can mount a couple of lights back there. When you hit reverse they're going to come on.

They'll illuminate the ground behind you.Now on the four pole side it's going to have all of those same signals with the exception of the reverse. Now most adapters like this are just going to have the five pole, your left to stick the four pole in. The reason I like this being this way, with the shrouded four pole connector it's going to have a black shroud that goes all the way around here where these are kind of down inside it comes up to about here. If you're trying to connect that onto a five pole, that shroud gets in the way right there and it won't allow you to connect it properly. So this completely eliminates that issue. Any four pole, it's going to sit right in there. You'll see the accommodation going around the outside here for that sleeve to fit into. I think they really thought this out really well to ensure that we're going to have good long lasting life out of this for one, but also that it's going to work in the application where we need it.You can also see it's got a dust cover here. We don't see that on all the other ones that are out there. That's going to sit down and over whichever one we're not using. So if we're using our four pole side, we'll cover our five pole side. If we're using our five pole side, we can cover our four pole side, so this is gonna work out in all weather conditions. You'll see that in the reviews. Customer say regardless of the weather, regardless of the situation, this thing works out really well. The installation's going to be just like a regular seven pole. Lifting up our cover here you can see the tab on top. That needs to go behind the tab on our door, place it in. Wiggle that into place. Let that come down and capture it. Then it's just a matter of getting our four pole plugged in there. At that point, just check our lights really quickly, but you'll be ready to head down the road knowing that you've got the signals you need heading out where you need them.Now, let's take a quick look at the diagnostic function and see if we can turn on those headlights. It's going to show us that those are in fact coming on. And we can check our left blinker, our right blinker, and our brakes. That's going to help us ensure that everything on our truck sides working, so we should look at our trailer if we're having any problems. Now there's several other options out there as far as adapters go. I really like the way this one's built. They put a lot of thought into it and I like that it has the tester included. In other situations if you need something with an extension, those are out there and available to give you a little bit more of links on your plug. But all in all, I think it's a really nicely made product. It seems like they put a lot of consideration into how it's going to be used and it's one I would definitely own if I had the need.

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