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RockyMounts GuideRail 2 Bike Rack Review - 2017 Toyota RAV4

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Review of the RockyMounts GuideRail 2 Bike Rack on a 2017 Toyota RAV4

My name's Jonathan. And today on our 2017 RAV4, we're gonna take a look at our RockyMounts GuideRail platform-style bike rack. One of the things that really sets these bike racks apart from the hanging style is that they can actually tilt away from the vehicle with the bikes in place. Observe. Now, I'm not a very big man but that was pretty easy for me to lower. And with that extra space, check out all this extra room you have.

So, if you have coolers or equipment, or you just wanna take a load off in between your ride, you can and you have plenty of room to shut the back up and push the bike rack into place. Another good feature about these platform-style bike racks is where it grips the bike. It's gonna grip it on the wheel. I prefer this over the ones that grip it by the frame. So, with it gripping the bike by the wheel, it's gonna be perfect for your carbon frame style bikes or electric bikes.

To take the bike off the platform, we're first going to reach over here, undo this lever. Lower this arm. Meanwhile, you wanna keep a hand on your bicycle at all times. You don't want it to fall against your car damaging either the car or the bike. Lower that one.

Take the bike off. It's going to accommodate tires with a width of three inches and a wheel base of 55 inches. When not use, we'll go ahead and put these arms back. Secure 'em down. Do the same for this one over here.

Something else to keep in mind about this bike rack is that it's gonna have a capacity for 60 pounds per bike. So keep that in mind when you're loading up those heavier bikes like e-bikes and what have you. Go ahead and get some measurements from the bumper to the furthest point away it's gonna be about 30 1/2 inches. From the ground up, it's gonna be about 22 1/2 inches. That's gonna be important for ground clearance when you're going up steep hills or driveways. We'll go ahead and put our bike into the storage position. As you can see, it has this blue handle here. I really like that. It really sticks out from the rest of the bike rack. Lets you know where you need to grip it from. We'll go ahead and measure closest point, which is gonna be about 4 1/2 inches from the bumper. The bike rack will fit into a two inch hitch. It comes with its own pin and lock, so that you don't have to worry about anyone stealing your investment. It also has an anti-rattle system. Notice how, when I shake it, I'm shaking the whole vehicle and not just the bike rack. Well, I think that'll complete our look at the RockyMounts GuideRail bike rack on our 2017 Toyota RAV4. I'm Jonathan and thanks for watching..

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