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Deka Jacketed 10 Gauge Wire Installation

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How to Install the Deka Jacketed 10 Gauge Wire

On this tilt-bed trailer, we're going to install part number 10-2-1. This is a jacketed 2-wire 10 gauge brake wire. Now in this application, we're not really going to use it for any braking purposes. What we're going to do is actually use it for a ground. Now, we can use any type of wirefor your groundif you would like. However using thethicker00:00:19 wire is usually better for locations that are going to be moving.

That's why we use this wire. inaudible 00:00:25 with about a foot of awire and the gray sheath already removed,we're just going to use the white wire. Now this wire can be ran in a variety of ways. It just depends on how the trailer frame is built. Now, we don't need to much slack, but just enough to keep it's shape.

Then, we'll go ahead and strip the ends off of it and put a ring terminal oneach end. We're 00:00:51 going to go tothe end of the trailer andgo out out the end of the tongue where the pivot point is. We'll go ahead and use a self-tacking screw to go ahead and run to the tongue. Then, we'll take the other end of the wire and run it to the trailer frame. Now, we'll go ahead and test it out. We'll go ahead and lower the tongue to show you that we don't need that much room and that our ground will continue on from the tongue and to ourframe of our trailer.

Nowwhen you install this ground wire, this will help eliminate flickering of lights on the back of your trailer as you bounce down the road. When the trailer bounces off the tongue, that's what causes the flickering because the ground isinterrupted. All right nowfinish it for part number 10-2-1. .

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