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HappiJac Camper Tie-Downs - Front and Rear Tie-Downs - LC182908-182928 Review

Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're taking a look at the HappiJac custom tie downs for truck bed campers. This is going to allow you to get your Ram equipped to haul a sliding camper. It's going to provide two attachment points in the front and two attachment points in the rear of your truck so that you can attach and secure all four corners of your camper to your Ram so that you're going to prevent any sort of movement in all directions, whether it be front to back, side to side or up and down. This is a custom fit kit for most of your 2002 through 2009 Dodge Ram 1500, I do recommend checking our fit guide on the product page to make sure that it's going to work with your specific model of Dodge Ram.Our front plates here are going to be a direct to frame mount, so it's going to add extra strength rather than securing to our truck's bed.

It's going to secure to the truck's base, which is going to help distribute the weight and keep the setup from being too top heavy. We're also going to have the stabilizing bar that's going to create an eye beam trust structure to reduce the stress on the truck's frame so we're not going to have to worry about causing any sort of damage to our truck.The center guide locks are going to prevent the camper from shifting side to side. It's going to keep it nice and center. The rear anchors here are going to install to the end of the truck's bumper and again give us that rear mounting point to attach the camper. This kit is going to include two front anchor plates, two of our backing plates, two of our guide plates as well as two L brackets, one stabilizing bar, two of our center guide locks, our two rear anchors and all of the hardware that we need to get it installed.Now the installation will require holes to be drilled in the bed of your truck so that you can get your front brackets mounted.

It'll also require you to drill into your rear bumper to get your rear tie downs installed. The instructions that come with the kit will walk you through that and they're very informative. They'll help you make sure that you're not going to drill an any unnecessary holes.One thing that is not included in this kit that you're probably going to need are turnbuckles. We've got an example here. Simple device.

It's going to attach to your tie downs on your truck, into your camper and keep it nice and tight so that your camper isn't loose. That's what's going to provide the connection between your Titans and the camper. Like I said, this is not included in the kit.I would recommend picking up either the HappiJac Quick Load Set like we have here or the HappiJac original turnbuckles and you can find both those options here at For the Quick Load Set, you use part number LC182895. For the original set, which is just pretty much the same thing and just doesn't have the handle that's going to allow you to easily connect and disconnect.

It'll still work for you. You can find that using part number LC182898. Our tie-downs are a steel construction, so they're going to hold up well for us. We're going to be able to rely on them, not going to have to worry about them cracking or breaking. And all of this is made here in the USA. It does come with a one year warranty from HappiJac, so it's going to give us a little bit of extra peace of mind to know that it is insured, warrantied for a year. That's going to complete our look at the HappiJac custom tie-downs for truck bed campers.

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