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Expert Answers about Patrick Distribution

  • Difference Between RV Faucet and Home Faucet
  • RV faucets, such as the Patrick Distribution RV Kitchen Faucet # 277-000014 and the many others we have available, will typically use fittings beneath the knobs/handles that are made to be compatible with the hoses that are standard in RVs. A replacement home faucet may work in your RV, but it's also possible that the fittings it uses will not fit properly, as they will be designed to work with home plumbing lines. Other than this, these replacement faucets will be very similar to what...
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  • Replacement LED Dome Light for a Forest River Travel Trailer
  • It should not be too much trouble at all to replace the light in your trailer with a new one such as # 277-000114. If you take off the lenses you will see the mounting hardware. You will likely need to cut the wiring to completely free the light. I would cut it as close to the light as you can so that you have enough free wire to work with. It would probably be a good idea to disconnect the trailer battery prior to cutting the wiring to avoid getting a shock or shorting something out. The...
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  • Under Mount Kitchen Sinks For RV Trailers And Motorhomes
  • We currently have a couple undermount sinks options, one double and one single. For a double option, we have the Patrick Distribution Offset Double Bowl Stainless Steel RV Kitchen Sink # 277-000077. I have included a review video of this one for you. We also have a single bowl option in the Patrick Distribution Single Bowl Stainless Steel RV Kitchen Sink # 277-000202.
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  • Recommended Kitchen Faucet For 2005 Coleman Pop-Up Camper Trailer
  • For your 2005 Coleman Pop-up camper, I recommend the Single Handle RV Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Spout - Brushed Nickel # 277-000101. This faucet has the 3 hole mounting. For a single hole mount, I recommend the Single Handle RV Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer - Brushed Nickel # PF231461. If you need a drain, I recommend the Valterra Sink Drain with Strainer Basket # A01-2011VP that fits 1-1/2 inch p-traps or has a 3/8 inch barbed drain adapter.
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  • Availability of Sink Covers for RV Kitchens
  • We do have quite a few sink covers available for your RV kitchen. We have both plastic like # LC306198 and wooden styles like # CAM43431. If you wanted to provide me with the measurements of your sink, I would be more than happy to help you pick one out that will suit your needs. I have linked all the sink covers to this page for your convenience.
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  • Recommended Replacement Kitchen Faucet for Roadtrek Motorhome
  • I do have a solution for you, however the Ultra Faucets Single Handle RV Kitchen Faucet # 277-000182 referenced in your question has a 3- hole installation that measures 8 inches apart on center, so will not match up with the 6 inches you have on your current setup. For a similar RV Kitchen Faucet, I recommend looking at the Patrick Distribution Single Handle RV Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Spout # 277-000101. This particular faucet provides two mounting options, the same 3 hole design...
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  • Replacement Sink for Double Sink 29 x 17-1/2 Inches
  • We only have two sinks that are similar size and they are both stainless sinks with the undermount style. The closest to your size is the Patrick Distribution Bowl Stainless Steel RV Kitchen Sink # 277-000089 which is 29-1/4 x 18-1/2 inches. The other option is the Patrick Distribution Offset Double Bowl Stainless Steel RV Kitchen Sink # 277-000077 that is 31-1/2 x 20-3/4 inches. Either way, you would need to account for mounting and faucet location to make them work. Obviously the...
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  • Is the Patrick Distribution RV Shower Hose # 277-000032 Flexible
  • Yes, the Patrick Distribution RV Shower Hose # 277-000032 is flexible. The product page pictures show the hose coiled but it could easily be straightened out.
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  • Dimensions of Dual Handle RV Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Nickel
  • The Dual Handle RV Bathroom Faucet - Brushed Nickel # 277-000087 measures 6-1/4" wide at its base, 6-3/8" tall, with handles that measure 4" apart center-to-center and a tube inlet with a 1/2" male NPSM connection. I've added a photo for you as well which shows these dimensions.
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  • Replacement Gooseneck Style Patrick Industries RV Kitchen Faucet
  • RV makers do not generally keep detailed information on small components like the faucets used in construction of their motorhomes but we do indeed carry two pull-down-sprayer type faucets branded from Patrick Distribution. Both are shown on the linked page, parts # 277-000130 and # 277-000129. These have a different style base than the Ultra-Faucets unit you referenced, part 277-000181, which uses a 1-hole installation method. Since this Ultra Faucet product also comes from the folks...
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  • Measurement Of Side Lever RV Kitchen Faucet #277-000130
  • I went out into our warehouse to measure the Side Lever RV Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Spout - Brushed Nickel # 277-000130 for you. From the top of the curve to the sink it is 18-1/2 inches. I've attached a photo to help.
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  • What Side Lever Kitchen Faucet Will Fit In A 2011 16-Foot Scamp
  • I did some research and most 2011 Scamp Campers like yours come with an eight inch long base for the kitchen faucet. The Brushed Nickel Side Lever Faucet, Item # 277-000129, has a 10 inch long base so it may not fit. You will need to do some measuring to see if it will work for you. The good news about Item # 277-000129 is that it has a 1-hole or 3-hole mounting option which can make installation possible and easier. While not brushed nickel, a similar faucet with an eight inch long...
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  • Comparing Two LED RV Lights With 18 Diodes Each
  • The Optronics LED RV Interior Light with Switch - 18 Diode - Surface Mount - White Housing # RVILL34 and the Patrick Distribution 18-LED Surface Mount Dome Style Light Fixture - 12V # 277-000114. There is not a lumen rating on the slimmer light from Patrick Distribution, but both have received reviews from customers for the functionality and bright light that both put out. I believe you will be very happy with the slimmer light you prefer. I've attached videos to help.
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  • Faucet Recommendation for RV with Sink that has 1-1/8 inch Diameter Hole
  • The # 277-000109 can still work on your trailer, but you'd have to open the hole up a bit as it has a tube diameter of 1-5/8 inches. Since we don't have any other options with a smaller diameter this would be the best option.
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  • Would Dual Handle RV Kitchen Faucet 277-000094 Fit a 2016 Forest River Rpod 180
  • Yes, the Faucet part # 277-000094 would replace the faucet that your 2016 Forest River Rpod 180. This faucet is made to the industry standard specs that would be the same as what your trailer has.
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  • Dual Handle Faucets with Chrome Finish
  • We have some dual handle faucets with a chrome finish I think you will like such as # 277-000180. We also have one that is a little shorter with # PF232301. But personally I like the opulence of # 277-000198. It just looks fancy to me. I have linked videos of these faucets for you.
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  • LED Dome Light Recommendation for RV Interior With Adjustable Brightness
  • The part # 277-000114 that you referenced can only turn on both lights or turn off both lights. They can not be activated independently. You may instead be interested in the LED Dome Light part # 277-000340.
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  • Internal Material and Warranty of Patrick Distribution RV Faucet
  • The Patrick Industries RV Faucet # 277-000087 is constructed of a heavy-duty brass. The warranty on the faucet is 1 year.
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  • Replacement Cartridges for Dual Handle RV Kitchen Faucet
  • The Dual Handle RV Kitchen Faucet - Brushed Nickel # 277-000094 does not have the replacement o rings and cartridges available. The similar Phoenix Faucets 8" Dual Handle RV Kitchen Faucet - Brushed Nickel Finish # PF231402 does have the replacement cartridge and o rings # PF187026.
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  • Dimensions of Sink Bowls for 25 Inch x 15 Inch Double Bowl Sink
  • The Double Bowl Sink # 277-000127 measures 25 inches x 15 inches overall. Both sink bowls measures 10-3/4 inches x 13-1/8 inches. I've attached a diagram showing these measurements for you. You are correct that this sink does not have cut-outs for the faucet or handles. For this sink, the faucet and handles would install through the countertop rather than the sink.
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  • Could the Patrick Distribution Faucet part # 277-000014 Fit a Rockwood Trailer
  • The Patrick Distribution Faucet part # 277-000014 that you referenced is designed to fit the standard faucet dimensions found in RVs like yours. The base dimensions are 10" long x 1" tall x 2-1/4" deep. You would still want to compare that to your trailer. The spout can pivot but it is not removable.
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  • Indoor/Outdoor Shower Hose and Head Compatibility
  • The Patrick Distribution RV Hand-Held Shower Set with Shut-Off - White # 277-000009 can be used inside if desired. Both the inside and outside hoses utilize the same threading, so they can be interchangeable. The shower set # 277-000009 will connect to the tub/shower diverter faucets like # PF213364 or the shower faucets like # PF223241. In the same way an indoor shower head and hose like # PF276047 can be used outside.
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  • Replacement Shower Knob Assembly for Surveyor Travel Trailer
  • RV makers do not maintain specs on smaller parts used in construction of their trailers, things like faucets, so to match up a replacement you'll want to note the type and size of the fittings on your OEM show control to ensure they match those on the replacement part. The Patrick Distribution RV Shower Valve # 277-000007 has three fittings you'll want to verify are the same as yours. All are 1/2-inch-diameter male threaded NPSM fittings that are 1-1/2-inches long. Please refer to the...
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  • Compatibility of Installation of RV Kitchen Faucet in Single Hole of Countertop
  • The Side Lever RV Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Spout - Brushed Nickel # 277-000129 can be installed as you show in your photo, you will simply need to make sure you use a caulk sealant because you will be missing the rubber gasket this system utilizes when using the 3 hole installation.
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  • How Far Out Does the Spout of the Dual Handle RV Bathroom Faucet # 277-000087 Reach
  • From the center of where the Dual Handle RV Bathroom Faucet # 277-000087 mounts to the center of the spout where the water comes out is 5" which you can see in the attached photo. The faucet does sit at a bit of an angle though so it won't be shooting straight down.
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  • What is the Overall Height of Side Lever RV Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Spout 277-000129
  • The overall height of faucet # 277-000129 is 17-3/4 inches. This measurement and more is shown in the video on this faucet which I have linked for you.
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  • Replacement Kitchen Faucet with Removable Sprayer Spout
  • For your 2013 Flagstaff High Wall, we have many kitchen faucets available like the Side Lever RV Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Spout - Brushed Nickel # 277-000129 that have the removable spout you mentioned. This is a pull down style but we also have pull out styles like the Ultra Faucets Single Handle RV Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Spout - Brushed Nickel # 277-000182. I have linked the pages to all your options to assist with style and color options.
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  • Battery Disconnect Switch for Use on Travel Trailer
  • You can use the Marine Battery Switch # 277-000403 for your application but since this item is not rated for outdoor use I recommend using a junction box like # 3375601100 to provide a degree of protection from moisture. The switch housing (not including the knob) is about 1-1/4-inches deep so you'd want to use hardware that is about 2-inches long. If space is available in your battery box you might be able to mount the switch there. In this case a better choice might be the Epicord...
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  • How Does the Marine 2-Position Battery Switch # 277-000403 Install
  • Basically you use install the Marine 2-Position Battery Switch # 277-000403 by cutting the wire for the circuit you want to install it on and wire one end of the wiring to either post underneath the switch. When the switch is "on" the circuit is completed and when it's "off" the circuit is deactivated. I attached a picture that shows the underneath side of the switch with the posts visible.
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  • Replacement Kitchen Faucet for 2018 Coachmen Prism
  • We will have a solution for you but the only faucet we carry with a Satin Nickel finish is # 277-000014, which does not have a pull-down sprayer. This faucet has a 1/2" Male NPSM connection, measures 8" apart on center and has overall measurements of 14" tall x 14" long x 10-1/4" deep. There are a number of faucets that have pull-down sprayers which may pique your interest and have a number of different finishes. Depending on the mounting style you need you may want to check out the...
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