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Laclede Chain

Expert Answers about Laclede Chain

  • Safety Chain and Turnbuckles for a Trailer Extension
  • The safety chains are not included with the extension but are needed. the recommended saftey chains for this application are the 48 inch Long Safety Chain with 7/16 inch Hooks, 5,000 pounds, item # 2118-348-04. By turnbuckles, I am assuming you are referring to what we call Quick Links. The Safety Chain Quick Link, 1/2 inch, item # 49135, can be used to attach the safety chains.
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  • Attaching Trailer Safety Chains to Large Chain Loops on 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500 Factory Hitch
  • That 2015 Silverado hitch and its safety chains loops have caused more than a few headaches but I do have a solution that has worked for others. A clevis such as # 6495-401-04 won't work but what I have recommended before is to route some safety cables through each loop and secure the 2 ends together with quick links such as in kit # RM-910648-12. Then you can attach the safety chains from the trailer to the quick links. Wear would not be an issue since the cables are more or less just...
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  • Trailer Hitch-Ball Mount-Ball and Safety Chain for Towing a Camper Trailer with a 2001 Tacoma
  • The replacement safety chain you will need depends on the weight of your camper trailer. The 48 inch long safety chain, # 2114-553-04, would be a good choice as long as the loaded gross weight of your trailer does not exceed 6,000 lbs. and you use the safety chain as 2 chains. If the clevis style hooks will not work on your vehicle, that S-hooks on the safety chains mentioned should work well. If you are worried about the chains coming loose, you could use a quick link, # 6590-044-04,...
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  • What is the Opening Size of Clevis Hook on Safety Chain with Clevis Slip Hook
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled Safety Chain with Clevis Slip Hook # 1483-535-04. The opening at the widest point of the hook is 1-5/8 inches and at the tallest point is 2-1/2 inches. I have included a picture showing the measurements. This is likely going to work well on your 2013 Ford F-150.
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  • Installing Safety Chain Connection Point to Factory Hitch on 1998 Toyota Tacoma
  • As long as a qualified welder is used, a Safety Chain Attachment Loop like part # E950 could be welded to the receiver as shown in the photo I provided. Having an amateur welder weld it could result in the hitch being weakened. This would be the best and easiest solution for you. .
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  • Quick Link Recommendations for Safety Chain with Clevis Slip Hook
  • The chain links on safety chain # 1483-535-04 are 3/8 of an inch in diameter so to match that use # 6590-044-04 but its working load limit is 2,200 pounds. Since the safety chain is rated higher using a 3/8 quick link would reduce the capacity. To maintain the capacity you can use a 1/2 inch quick link # 49135 which has a 3,300 pound safe working load limit. As far as dimensional or CAD drawings it really depends on what you want and the specific parts in question. CAD drawings are going...
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  • How to Attach a Safety Chain to the Safety Chain S-Hook # 6495-716-33
  • With the Safety Chain S-Hook, # 6495-716-33, the chain will attach to the smaller end of the hook, then you will close the small end around the chain. The hook will attach to the safety hook loops on your trailer hitch and opposite end of the chain is typically welded or bolted to the trailer frame or coupler. Check out the photo that I have attached showing which end to clamp around the chain.
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  • Safety Chain Capacity and Requirements for a 6-Ton Triple Axle Trailer
  • The highest rated safety chains we carry at this time are the 35 inch Long Safety Chain with Clevis Slip Hook, 5,400 lbs., item # 1483-535-04, that you mentioned. Two of these chains are rated for 10,800 pounds working load limit and 32,400 (16,200 lbs each) breaking strength, and should be sufficient for your towing limit of 10,000 lbs. Safety chain requirements state that the breaking strength of each chain, not the working load limit of the chain, should be equal to or exceed the...
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  • Should Safety Chains on a Trailer be Crossed Under Coupler
  • You do want to cross the safety chains to provide a cradle so if the trailer becomes disconnected from the ball, the chains will hold it off of the ground. The main thing is you do not want them to bind up (get wrapped around anything when making turns) as that could cause damage.
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  • Are Two Trailer Safety Chains Really Necessary
  • You do indeed need two safety chains. When the safety chains are attached to the tow vehicle, they should be crossed below the coupler in an X pattern. This is done so that if the coupler should come off of the trailer ball, the crossed safety chains can provide a cradle for the coupler to land in. This will keep the coupler from hitting the ground and possibly getting snagged in a pothole, which would be a very very bad thing.
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  • Recommended Safety Chain Clevis Hooks for 6,500 Pound Trailer
  • I recommend taking a look at the Clevis Hook with Latch # 6495-401-04. This 3/8 inch clevis hook has a working load limit of 5,400 pounds, which will give you a combined capacity of 10,800 pounds when using two. The capacity refers to the overall weight of the trailer (or whatever it is being used to pull). This will work very nicely for your trailer to provide hooks for your existing safety chains. I have attached a short video demonstration on this product that you can also check out.
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  • Safety Chains that can Accommodate 3/8" Bolt
  • The chain links on safety chain # 1483-535-04 are 3/8 of an inch in diameter. This chain has a 5,400 lbs. Working Load Limit. For a quick link use # 6590-044-04. Its working load limit is 2,200 pounds. Since the safety chain is rated higher using a 3/8 inch quick link will reduce the capacity.
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  • Thickness of Hook and Chain on 28 Inch Safety Chain # 2118-605-04
  • The hook on the # 2118-605-04 is constructed of round stock that is 7/16 inch in diameter. The chain links are constructed of stock that is 1/4 inch in diameter.
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  • USA Made Safety Chain for Trailer Recommendation
  • The Laclede safety chains part # 1483-535-04 are made in the USA and have a 5,400 lb capacity per chain. These also have a clevis style hook. Check out the review video I attached for more info as well.
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  • Replacement Clevis Hook For Trailer Safety Chains
  • When you say your chains don't fit the new hitch, I assume you are stating that the safety chain hooks will not fit. It sounds like you need a new clevis hook like # 6495-401-04 for your trailer . Let me know what your trailer safety chain measurements are and I'd be happy to help further. I've linked the page to your options for your convenience.
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  • Recommended Safety Chains for 500 lbs Boat Trailer
  • For a 500 lbs boat trailer I recommend a 27 inch long chain rated at 5K, part # 2118-605-04. For a 48 inch chain with the same capacity, use part # 2118-348-04. One way to determine the length you will need is to connect your trailer to your tow vehicle, back your trailer up into a near jack-knife position and then use a rope to go from the safety chain attachment points of your trailer to your tow vehicle. Then measure the length of rope used and that will be the correct length of chain...
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  • Does the Overall Length of the Long Safety Chain 2118-605-04 Include the Hook
  • The 27 inch overall length of the Long Safety Chain, # 2118-605-04, includes the hook. I pulled the chain from our warehouse and found that the chain portion measures 25 inches. We do offer longer chains if you are interested. I have attached a link to all of our safety chains for you to check out.
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  • Can One Long Safety Chain be Safely Cut in Half to Make 2 Safety Chains
  • That should work provided that in the process of shortening the chain to make 2 chains and when bending or flexing you do not stress the metal. If the metal is heated up or you see stress marks in the metal, fractures or discolored areas these are signs that the metal is fatigued and should not be used for this application. Of course the ideal solution is to just go ahead and use a new chain such as 2 of # 1483-535-04. Then you know you will have nothing to worry about. And of course,...
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  • Best Way to Get Longer Safety Chains on a Trailer
  • You can try using quick-links to add length to your safety chains, but your best option is going to be to use a different set of chains that are longer. For a 27 inch long chain rated at 5K, go with the # 2118-605-04. For a 48 inch chain with the same capacity, use part # 2118-348-04.
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  • Can Safety Chains On 36 Ft Keystone Outback Camper Be Extended Using Quick Links
  • You can add links to your existing safety chains. My recommendation is to make sure the links you add are correctly installed, and have sufficient strength. Many of the quick links we offer may not have the weight capacity you are looking for on your 36 ft Keystone Outback Camper. If you decide to replace your existing safety chains I recommend the Laclede 35 inch Long Safety Chain with Clevis Slip Hook, part # 1483-535-04, that you mentioned. Two of these chains are rated for 10,800...
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  • How Big is the Opening in the Chain Links for 5,400 Pound Safety Chains 1483-535-04
  • I can't tell you the approximate inside length but I can tell you the EXACT inside length of the chain links on Safety Chain with Clevis Slip Hook # 1483-535-04. The opening is 1.27 inches long by 0.60 inches wide.
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  • CURT S-Hook Recommendation for a Safety Chain
  • We do not carry just the clasp, but I believe I do have a solution for you. I would recommend you get a S-Hook with Safety Latch # C81277. You could replace the hook that is on your current chain with this and you would be ready to go. The # C81277 is Class II and has a capacity of 5,000 lbs.
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  • Safety Chain Clevis Hooks Available in Various Sizes to fit Touareg Safety Chain Eyelet
  • I have a few options for you to consider, but I do not have the exact specs of the safety chain loops on your Touareg so you would need to pick from the following to see which would be the best solution. We have Clevis hooks in various diameters that will attach to your safety chains. Here they all are: For a 3/8 inch hook we have the # 6495-401-04 For a 5/16 inch hook we have the # 6495-301-04 For a 7/16 inch hook we have the part # C81970 For a 5/8 inch hook part # C81920
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  • Safety Chain Recommendation that Includes a Keeper
  • I believe I have a solution for you, but the 27 inch Long Safety Cable # 2118-605-04 that you referenced does not have a keeper. Check out the 35 inch Safety Cable # 1483-535-04. This is a slightly longer chain, with a slightly higher capacity that does have a keeper. Overall its a better safety chain.
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  • Availability of Longer Trailer Safety Chain with 5/16 inch Diameter
  • For a safety chain with a 5/16 inch diameter that is 42 inches long the part # FCHA0050324 would be a great option. These use clevis style hooks instead of S-hooks as this is a higher capacity chain where this style of connector is typically seen. I attached a review video for you to check out as well.
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  • Proper Safety Chain Recommendation for 8,100 GVWR Trailer
  • The 35" Long Safety Chain with Clevis Slip Hook # 1483-535-04 has a 5,400 lb capacity. If you used two of these you would have a combined capacity of 10,800 lbs. If you made one chain out of two of these then the capacity would only be 5,400 lbs. Two of these should provide you with more than enough safety chain capacity.
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  • Safety Chain Recommendation for Boat Trailer that Weighs 3,000 lbs
  • The Laclede Chain part # 2118-605-04 would be a great option. This has more capacity than you would need at 5,000 lbs and is 27 inches long. You'd need to order two of these.
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  • Is 35" Long Safety Chain with Clevis Slip Hook # 1483-535-04 Made in the USA
  • Yes, the chain and the clevis of the part # 1483-535-04 is made in the USA. I attached a review video for you to check out as well.
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  • Safety Chains for a 2003 Zieman PWC Trailer that Weighs 1,200 Pounds
  • You will want your safety chains to at least match the gross trailer weight but preferably you will go over that. Safety chain # 2118-605-04 is rated for 5000 pounds breaking strength so it is definitely enough for your PWC trailer. But you can't beat the price for the capacity. A good rule of thumb is to take the breaking strength, in this case 5,000 pounds, and divide by 3. If the result is still greater than the gross trailer weight, in this case 1,667 pounds, then it is safe to use. You...
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  • How Far Can the 1/4" Quick Link # 750-3204 Open
  • I went out into our warehouse and grabbed a # 750-3204 to measure the opening of it when fully threaded open and found that the opening measures .32 inches or 21/64 inches. This is pretty close to 5/16 of an inch, just slightly bigger. It would open far enough for a 1/4 inch diameter screw to fit through.
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