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Whispbar QuickDock Compatibility with Non-Whispbar Roof Racks

Whispbar QuickDock Compatibility

Whispbar roof top bike rack and kayak carrier

Whispbar approves the use of their roof rack accessories with some other brands of roof rack crossbars. The following information explains Whispbar's mounting system and lists Whispbar approved brands of crossbars.

Whispbar Accessory Connection

Whispbar accessories are designed to be attached to Whispbar rack systems. Each Whispbar crossbar has a T-slot running down its length across the top. Each accessory is designed with Whispbar's QuickDock system (specially-designed T-connectors built into the accessory) to let you easily and quickly secure the accessory to the T-slot in a Whispbar crossbar.

Whispbar Accessory Compatibility with Other Crossbar Brands

Whispar accessories are designed to fit Whispbar crossbars, of course, but they also fit some other brands of crossbars that have T-slots. Whispbar has tested their accessories with several of these other brands of crossbars and approves the use of their accessories with them. And as long as you follow written Whispbar instructions, guidelines, and safety precautions, Whispbar will honor their warranties for accessories when used with these approved brands of crossbars.

The following is a list of crossbars that are approved by Whispbar to be used with their accessories.

Approved Crossbars

Aftermarket Bars with T-slotsOEM Roof Rack Systems
  • Audi, 2000-2013
  • Jeep, 2006-2012
  • Land Rover, 2000-2013
  • Volkswagen, 1998-2013
  • Volvo, 2003-2013




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