Wiring Installation Instructions for 2005 and 2006 VW Jetta

Technical Bulletin

Subject/Summary: New instructions are available for wiring the 2005 (New Body Style) and 2006 Volkswagen Jetta

Wiring Installation Instructions

Vehicle is a 2-wire system (turn and brake signals are on the same wire) and requires a battery-powered converter (A,E).

  1. Start by opening the trunk to locate the carpeted access covers to the tail light plugs on each side.
  2. Two housings are plugged into the tail light: a black 2-way and a black 4-way housing. Locate the black 4-way housing to access the vehicle functions.
  3. Starting on the Driver's side and using a test light, locate the wire (typically Black w/Yellow stripe) that has multiple functions (Tail, Brake, Turn). Connect the Yellow (Left Turn) wire on the harness to this wire.
    • Note: Vehicle wire color may vary - use a circuit tester or volt meter to locate.
      • Note: Using a volt meter, you will find 12 volts for the Turn and Brake functions and 2 volts for the Tail Light function.
  4. With a test light, locate the tail light circuit. There are multiple tail light function wires. Use the wire with 12 volts (typically Gray w/Black stripe on Driver's side). Connect the Brown wire (Tail Light) to this wire.
  5. Route the Green wire to the Passenger's side. Locate the multiple function wire (typically Black w/Green stripe) Connect the Green (Right Turn) wire to this wire.
  6. Ground the White and Red wires on the harness.
  7. Route the Black battery wire per installation instructions.
  8. Test with a test light before connecting to a trailer.

Cequent Wire Code - A, E

Cequent Access Location - PC3, 4 (behind the vehicle tail lights)

Vehicle Wire Colors:

Manufacturer's often change wiring. Be sure to check for each function with a test light or volt meter before installing trailer wiring harness.

Driver's Side

Passenger's Side

Bulletin Date: 02/24/2006

Bulletin Number 09-0108



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