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Electric Radiator Fans

Electric Radiator Fan

By pulling power solely from your vehicle's electrical system, an electric radiator fan is able to provide constant, sufficient airflow, regardless of the engine's RPM. The load previously placed on your engine by the factory, belt-driven fan, then, is effectively removed, resulting in an increase in both fuel economy and overall performance.

  • Works great in stop-and-go traffic and towing applications
  • Supplies airflow regardless of RPM
  • Reduces load on engine and increases fuel economy and horsepower

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Fan Controls

You have control over an electric fan - how and when to turn it on or off - as opposed to a belt-driven model, which engages solely on the basis of your engine's action. There are two choices for controlling an electric fan:

Manual Switch

Manual Switch

  • Gives you absolute control - you can turn the fan on or off with the flip of a switch
    • Turn it off to save power
    • Turn it on in heavy traffic to ensure proper airflow

Thermostatic Switch

Thermostatic Switch

  • Fluid temperatures determine when fan turns on or off
    • Thermostat is threaded or pushed into the radiator core to read fluid temperature
    • A signal is sent to engage the fan at a set temperature, and another goes out to disengage when fluid drops to a more appropriate temperature
  • Sufficient airflow is available regardless of your vehicle's RPM
  • All the work is done automatically - no worries about forgetting to turn the fan on or off

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Airflow Requirements

Before purchasing an electric fan, be sure to determine the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) requirements for your engine. And remember, engines that have been modified or vehicles often used for towing may require additional CFM.

Typical CFM Requirements
Engine SizeCubic Feet per Minute
4 Cylinder1,200 - 1,600
6 Cylinder1,600 - 2,000
Small Block V82,200 - 3,000
Big Block V83,400 - 4,500

Please Note:

If your vehicle is often used for towing, you will most likely need additional airflow. And if your engine has been modified by raising the compression ratio or installing a turbocharger, for example, you will need more CFM. In cases like those, you will have to estimate how much more power might be needed for your individual vehicle. If you're unsure about how much you need, go with the highest-rated fan or fans. And remember, there is no limit to the number of fans you can install, as long they all fit appropriately and are mounted on the same side of your radiator so that they do not cancel each other out.

Types of Electric Fans

Puller Application

  • Pulls air through the radiator for maximum efficiency
  • Mounts between the engine and the radiator

Pusher Application

  • Pushes air through the radiator
  • Mounts between the radiator and grille

NOTE: Pullers are more common because they are more efficient, but most fans can be set up as pushers if you do not have room on the engine side of your radiator for a fan assembly.



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