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Dutton-Lainson StrongArm Electric Winch w/ Pulley Block - 3,000 lbs

Dutton-Lainson StrongArm Electric Winch w/ Pulley Block - 3,000 lbs

Item # DL24874
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Trailer Winch
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DL24874 - Boat Trailer Winch,Utility Winch Dutton-Lainson Electric Winch
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This winch includes a 50' cable that increases the load capacity with double-line-pulling capability. Winch is powered by your vehicle battery and includes a Load/Unload switch and a spring-loaded clutch for releasing cargo without using power. Great Prices for the best trailer winch from Dutton-Lainson. Dutton-Lainson StrongArm Electric Winch w/ Pulley Block - 3,000 lbs part number DL24874 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Dutton-Lainson Trailer Winch - DL24874

  • Electric Winch
  • Boat Trailer Winch
  • Utility Winch
  • Wire Rope
  • Standard Duty
  • No Remote
  • Dutton-Lainson
  • Freespooling Clutch

This winch includes a 50' cable that increases the load capacity with double-line-pulling capability. Winch is powered by your vehicle battery and includes a Load/Unload switch and a spring-loaded clutch for releasing cargo without using power.


  • Rotating, self-centering Load/Unload switch
    • Automatically returns to "Off" position when released
    • Turns forward to let out cable and backward to retrieve cable
  • Spring-loaded clutch lever for releasing load without power
    • Provides smooth load control from locked or freewheel position
      • Automatically returns to locked position when released
      • Freewheel option allows cable to be removed by hand
  • Dynamic motor brake and mechanical friction brake
    • Dynamic brake helps bring load to immediate halt without coasting
    • Mechanical brake locks reel to hold load
  • High-torque, 12-volt, DC motor
    • Includes circuit-breaker overload protection
    • Comes with wiring harness
      • 25' Positive battery wire and 8' ground wire
  • Flexible, high-strength, 7 strand x 19 gauge, galvanized aircraft cable
    • Pulley block and snap hook included for double-line pulling
    • 50' of Cable - great for double-line operation
    • Safety snap hook keeps load securely attached
    • Wire cable can be swapped out for 2" wide strap
  • Emergency crank handle comes standard
    • Use in the event of power failure
  • Heat-treated gears provide smoother, quieter ride and greater strength
  • Precision needle bearings in high-load areas
    • Create low friction and promote longer life
  • Die-formed base is adapted for quick-mounting applications
  • High-impact, weather-resistant case
    • Provides excellent protection for internal components
    • Safer than open-reel models
  • Brushed stainless steel front plate for superior rust resistance
  • Made in the USA


  • Load capacity: 3,000 lbs
    • Double-line capacity: 4,500 lbs
    • Rating based on 10' pull
  • Current draw: 70 amps at 12 volts
    • Electric winches should be used intermittently - maximum continuous run time is 4 minutes
  • Gear ratio: 570:1
  • Cable dimensions: 7/32" diameter x 50' long
  • Load speed (feet per minute):
    • No Load/Full Reel - 5
    • Full Load/Full Reel - 2
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Note: All Dutton-Lainson StrongArm electric winches are built for multipurpose hauling and pulling operations. They are not to be used as hoists for lifting, supporting or transporting people, or for handling loads over areas where people could be present.

Determining Your Load Capacity

A common ratio for determining your winch load capacity is 2:1. For example, a 2,000-lb boat would require a 1,100-lb winch. There are extenuating factors, however, that will determine the appropriate winch size for your purposes.

The ratio can be stretched to 3:1 in instances when the trailer in use has high-quality rollers and is most commonly used on ramps where boats float most of the way onto the trailer.

In contrast, using a boat trailer that has wooden bunks, lacks self-alignment capabilities, and is most commonly used on ramps where the boat must be winched most of the way onto the trailer reduces the ratio to 1:1.

Note that pontoon trailers and other special designs require special consideration when determining winch capacity.

Percent InclineMultiply By
Level Surface10.0
5 (3 degrees)6.67
10 (6 degrees)5.02
20 (11 degree)3.40
30 (17 degrees)2.61
50 (26 degrees)1.86
70 (35 degrees)1.53
100 (45 degrees)1.29

Determining Your Rolling Load Capacity


To calculate your winch's rolling load capacity - the amount of weight it can pull up an incline - you must multiply the winch capacity by a factor determined by the degree of the incline.

The multiplication factor shown includes a 10 percent rolling friction factor. Note: A 5 percent - or 3 degree - incline is a 1/2' rise in 10'. Follow the chart to determine your winch's rolling load capacity.

Mounting Your Winch


24874 Dutton-Lainson StrongArm Electric Winch w/ Pulley Block - 3,000 lbs (SA12000DC)

Installation Details DL24874 Installation instructions

Video of Dutton-Lainson StrongArm Electric Winch w/ Pulley Block - 3,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of Dutton-Lainson Trailer Winch - StrongArm Electric Winch With Pulley Block - DL24874

Hi everybody, Andy here with and today we're gonna take a look at this Dutton-Lainson StrongArm electric winch with pulley block. This 12-volt DC powered winch is compact for use in tight spaces and it's going to be perfect for your mobile applications or around the water. It has a load capacity of 3,000 pounds and a double line capacity of 4,500 pounds. And that rating is based on a 10-foot pole. This high torque 12-volt DC motor also includes a circuit breaker overload protection, and it comes with a quick connect wiring harness, that you see right here. And I'm gonna plug that in right here to the side of our winch.

So, plugs in nice and easy, and it has a 25-foot long positive battery wire, and an 8-foot ground wire. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and plug this into my power source that I have here underneath my table. Just to give you a brief demonstration of how this winch works. So, let me make sure that I'm safely connected here. And then, this does have a current draw of 70 amps at 12 volts.

And electric winches should be used intermittently. The maximum continuous run time is 4 minutes. So I'm gonna go ahead and put this in the unload position. So, I just wanted to give you a brief demonstration. Then I'm gonna bring this back in a load position.

So, it's going to be a very simple operation. Once you have the wiring harness plugged in that's gonna give you the ability to load and unload. So, very simple to use. And this has a dynamic motor brake and mechanical friction brake. The dynamic brake is going to help bring your load to an immediate halt without coasting.

And the mechanical brake is going to lock the reel to hold the load. Now, this spring loaded clutch lever- I'm gonna go ahead and give you an overhead view. Maybe you can see that just a little bit better. Is going to allow you to release the load without power providing smooth load control from locked or free wheel position. And right now I have it in the free wheel position as you can see. But this does have a spring loaded return where it's going to allow it to return back to the engaged or the locked position. So it's gonna automatically return to the locked position when released. Now the free wheel option of course, is going to allow you to pull this out by hand, as you can see. And then when you put it into the locked or the engaged position, and that's going to engage that or lock that into place. Now this does have a flexible high-strength 7-strand by 19 gauge galvanized aircraft cable with this snap hook. And this cable is 50-feet long and 7/32 of an inch in diameter. And then the safety snap hook is going to keep your load securely attached. And then as I mentioned, this does include a pulley block with the snap hook that's going to be there for your double line pulling. And this combined with the 50-foot long cable is going to really make this ideal for that double line pulling. The wire cable can be swapped out for a 2-inch wide strap, if you so desire. This also includes an emergency crank handle. This comes standard so that you can use this winch in the event of a power failure. Here, let me turn this over here- turn this around real quick. We have a cap here that can be removed and that's where you can engage the emergency crank handle. Now, the heat treated gears are going to provide smoother quieter ride and greater strength. And the precision needle bearings in high load areas are going to create low friction and promote longer life. The gear ratio is 570:1 and the load speed with no load and a full reel is 5-feet per minute. And with a full load and a full reel, it's 2-feet per minute. The die formed base- let me see if I can give you a view of that here- is adapted for quick mounting applications. I do wanna point out that the measurements of the base hole pattern with diagrams can be found on this product page. So, if you're wondering about the measurements there you can find that with the diagram on this product page. The high impact weather resistant case is going to provide excellent protection for the internal components while at the same time being safer than open-reel models. And this brushed stainless steel front plate is gonna give you superior rust resistance. This is made here in the USA and the overall length of this winch at the longest point, we're sitting at about 11-inches long. And then the overall width and it's wider here in the back, we are sitting right at about 9-inches wide. And then the overall height at the tallest point we're sitting right about 8-inches tall. Now, an important note that I wanna make is all the Lainson StrongArm electric winches are built for multi-purpose hauling and pulling operations. They are not to be used, though, as hoist for lifting, supporting, or transporting people or, for handling loads over areas where people could be present. Instructions are included with this winch. And that's gonna conclude our look today. I do hope that it was helpful for you. Again, my name is Andy. Thank you for joining me..

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Customer Reviews

Dutton-Lainson StrongArm Electric Winch w/ Pulley Block - 3,000 lbs - DL24874

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (116 Customer Reviews)

This winch includes a 50' cable that increases the load capacity with double-line-pulling capability. Winch is powered by your vehicle battery and includes a Load/Unload switch and a spring-loaded clutch for releasing cargo without using power.


Unit came super fast. Good product


I love the winch for the strap is a great upgrade than the power winch with metal cable which would rust, wire strands would break off, and cut your hands, and the cable would not retrieve back on winch even. The cons I see is the strap has become dried out after use on the end at the hook and it wants to double over on same area. Another concern I have is you have to tighten the clutch knob very hard when retrieving in or it will back off and free spin back out. Just have to wait and see if this becomes a problem in the future.


Put this winch on my Ranger 620 boat trailer a year ago and love it! Haven't had a single problem and it helps trailering when I fish alone. I ran power and ground from my truck battery to a back bumper plug, and have a separate removable cable (shown in pic) to connect truck plug to the winch plug. Grounding to the truck didn't work for me. I have another spare cable and plug rolled up and attached to my trolling motor battery for when my buddies drive. Winch prevents power loading and drawing sand into the motor. DL24055 adapter plate was needed and I put a coupler lock up through the middle of the winch to prevent theft and I bought a cover (shown in pic) to keep the rain out. etrailer sales and support are absolutely fabulous! They helped me figure all this out.


I am a 77 year old man and having to hand winch my small sailboat up on a shore ramp that I have. It was getting to be a bit much, so I decided to look into a 12volt winch. The Dl25200 fit the bill, works great. I have a 12volt battery next to it and a 10 , watt solar charger to keep the battery up, I hope. Time will tell. The service at etrailer was great, good price and fast shipping. Thanks


I purchased this winch to replace a Fulton K2550 manual winch on my ham radio tower. My tower is 54 ft tall when extended and 21 ft when retracted. It takes about 170 turns of the winch to raise/lower the tower. I removed the hand winch and placed the D-L SA9010AC winch in the existing mounting holes. I like this winch since it comes with a stainless hub since it will be used outside. This winch has a 2700 lb load rating. I am lifting around 700 lbs. This winch comes with no cable or freewheeling clutch. I reused the 1/4" stainless cable on the winch. I raised the tower and it took 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Lowering took 2 minutes. Well within the maximun run time of 3 minutes. The cable length winched was 17 ft. I have raised and lowered the tower several times to work on the antenna's and it worked properly every time. Attached are several pictures of the installation. I already recommended this winch to another ham operator.


Arrived in timely manner . Easy to install. Replaced hand crank on my boat trailer with this electric winch . Getting older and have some back issues . Works perfectly. Rather than connecting and wiring to car battery I use a portable battery in back of my car .


Works great, fit my trail weight boat trailer, with a 24 foot pontoon


The winch works as advertised. My boat with gear and fuel weighs in around 6500 lbs. My trailer has rollers so that does make it easier. It hauls it up ok until maybe the last 6 inches where it slows down a bit. One improvement I would make would be to have a better emergencey handle. It is quite small and if I ever had to use it I would imagine it would take forever and not sure I could generate enough leverage to pull the boat all the way onto the trailer.


They provided prompt service and gave me some valuable input about winch operation.


The hoist has stopped working after 5 months .


The trailer winch is a huge help in allowing me to load my boat onto my trailer, especially this year (summer 2022) with water levels in most Minnesota lakes very low. The low water levels prevents the boat from floating up on the trailer in many cases - Muscle is required to pull the boat onto the trailer. This electric winch provides the muscle and saves my 65 year old body from the task.

I power the winch with a 12 volt jump starter and I've used it approximately 60 times thus far without problem. I keep the jump starter in the back of my SUV and then hook it up when I'm ready to load my boat on the trailer. This saves the trouble of wiring the car for the winch and it works perfectly.

Why 3 stars? Because the wiring at the connection from the remote cable to the winch was poorly done and failed within 1/2 year. I had to redo the 3 connections at the end of the remote cable and the 3 connections going into the winch. Very poor job by Dutton-Lainson connecting the wires to the connectors - Inexcusable for a $500 item.

I had a couple questions while installing the winch and etrailer was very helpful in answering those questions. This is why I buy from etrailer and not elsewhere. They both charge a similar price and the technical support that etrailer provides makes it a no brainer - I will always buy from etrailer.


Works great


This has been a great purchase. As I get older it is becoming more difficult to load my boa. This has made using my boat much easier.


To whom it may concern,

The power
cable that came with the winch is 4' short. It was mounted on the front of a boat trailer and I have a full size pick up.


Installed this electric winch on an existing DavitMaster davit. Easy install utilizing existing manual winch plate and hardware. Salesperson was very knowledgable and helpful. Very satisfied with product.


Yes I finished the winch installation, I have not tried at the boat ramp,
however I ran the winch and am very pleased. I am also pleased at the way your company does business. Thank you. George you asked for pictures, please find enclosed pictures.


I installed this winch as a replacement for the standard winch on my Magic Tilt trailer for my 21ft. SeaFox. I replaced the winch so that my wife would not have to hand crank when helping me load the boat. I only wish I'd done it sooner! It works like a charm, the install was simple and it has held up well. I keep the winch covered with a tarp to keep the rain off of it and I'm sure that has helped. The SeaFox weighs about 3000# plus the weight of the motor, fuel and whatever other junk we've got onboard. If you are looking for a good electric winch to make your life easier, I recommend this one.


Great advice in choosing the correct winch for my needs! The reps at etrailer are awesome! I ordered my winch and within the week I received it! Wow! Best on-line experience, in all aspects, so far!


Easy to install, works great. Moves a 650 lb load with ease. Noah at customer service was very helpful and professional


The Dutton-Lainson Strong Arm Electric Winch work great this year. I only used it 6 times to load the boat on to the boat trailer. I had never used an electric winch before, so I was somewhat skeptical. The winch proved itself and definitely helped save my back.
I had to make some new mounting holes as my initial measurements and the actual bracket holes did not match up. I also did not use the vehicle battery for operation. I am using a spare battery in the back of the SUV to operate the winch.
I also would prefer a stap vs the cable. The strap I purcahesd to replace the cable did not fit the winch. I am happy with the winch.


I had to grind a little bit off the gussets on the mounting plate on my Tracker trailer to mount the winch but the bolt pattern was perfect. The electric cable that was provided with the winch wasn't quite long enough for my 4 door F150 so I used my wife's Explorer with the cable provided and got a longer cable and fuse for my pickup and then put a plug at the rear of both vehicles and a plug to the winch so I can use either vehicle. The winch pulled our 16'Tracker boat up on the trailer easily and I discovered you had tighten the gear locking mechanism quite snug or it would slip. I noticed the pulling belt on the winch is not quite as heavy as the one on my hand winch and I plan on swapping it out. Other than that, I am happy with my purchase.


This winch has performed great! I wish I would have put this on a long time ago. I'm pulling a 18' aluminium boat on the trailer when power loading is not an option.

Only thing to consider is your path for the wires. I started out following the wiring harness from the back of the truck and ran out of wire. I had to follow the frame on the opposite side for the shortest run. This works fine.

Agian, I sure wish I would have put this on years ago!


I use this to load my boat. Works great. Easily pulls my 16' Alumacraft boat the full length of the trailer. I also like that this winch uses a strap instead of a cable.
One suggestion is to make sure the black clutch knob stays engaged during operation. Also, order the wiring plug cover. It is not listed but available.


Very good handles my 22 foot fiberglass boat without any problem


Installation on the trailer was straight forward. Running the wiring from the battery to the rear of the truck, and doing a nice job was a little tough.
The winch has worked as advertised , and loads my 18 ft boat without any problems. But having to plug the power cord in at the bottom of the boat ramp is an additional step to get used to.

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