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WeatherTech Mud Flaps - Easy-Install, No-Drill, Digital Fit - Front and Rear Set

WeatherTech Mud Flaps - Easy-Install, No-Drill, Digital Fit - Front and Rear Set

Item # WT110066-120066
Our Price: $183.90
Mud Flaps

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These premium mud flaps are easy to install and digitally designed for a perfect fit. Protect your vehicle and your trailer from road debris. Flaps are constructed of durable thermoplastic resin with stainless steel fasteners. Fastest Shipping and Great prices for WeatherTech Mud Flaps - Easy-Install, No-Drill, Digital Fit - Front and Rear Set. Read our customer reviews of WeatherTech mud flaps. Call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service or order your mud flaps part number WT110066-120066 by WeatherTech online at
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WeatherTech Mud Flaps - WT110066-120066

  • Custom Width
  • Custom Fit
  • WeatherTech
  • Front and Rear Set
  • Plastic
  • Wheel Well Mount
  • No-Drill Install

These premium mud flaps are easy to install and digitally designed for a perfect fit. Protect your vehicle and your trailer from road debris. Flaps are constructed of durable thermoplastic resin with stainless steel fasteners.


  • Install easily
    • No drilling or tire removal
    • Attach securely with "Quick-Turn" stainless steel fasteners
  • Molded from high-quality thermoplastic resin
  • Contoured digitally to fit your vehicle
  • Protect your vehicle, your trailer and other motorists from dirt and debris
  • Quantity: 2 front flaps and 2 rear flaps
  • Made in the USA

Mud Flaps

Precision fit, durable components and ease of installation make WeatherTech NoDrills your first choice in mud flaps. Installing mud flaps has never been this painless. Patent-pending QuickTurn stainless steel fasteners makes installation quick and easy - no drilling required.

110045 and 120024 WeatherTech No-Drill, DigitalFit Mud Flap - Front and Rear Set

Installation Details WT110066-120066 Installation instructionsAlternate Instructions WT110066-120066 Installation instructions

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Video of WeatherTech Mud Flaps - Easy-Install, No-Drill, Digital Fit - Front and Rear Set

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for WeatherTech Front and Rear Mud Flaps Installation - 2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Hi there Ford owners. Today in your 2019 Ford FD50 super duty, we're gonna be taking a look at weather Tech's full kit package, which has mud flaps for both the front and rear, of your truck. And this is what our mud flap looks like when it's installed. You can see that it does hang down pretty far, giving us plenty of coverage to catch dirt and debris that would be flung off our tire, and that's just gonna help extend the life of our vehicles, paint and exterior, look here. 'Cause over time, if you don't have mud flaps here that dirt and debris can get flung up in this location here and you start to get scratches and abrasions, paint chips which could eventually lead to rust and corrosion, and further issues down the road. So by putting these on here now, especially if you live on like a dirty gravel road or you like to go off road in a lot, I would highly recommend them, to again prevent that dirt from getting on there.

It's also good for moving mechanisms like this. These are powered running boards here, so if I open the door, you'll see that they pop out, and when you got moving mechanisms like this, dirt debris and moisture in these various joints leads to binding and issues with those. If they start to bind and it requires more power to pull it in that can be extra stress on your running board motor which could eventually lead to a burnout on that motor prematurely. So you can see we're keeping things clean and moving freely, and protecting your paint's gonna save you a lot in the long run. One thing that I'd be concerned about with these is, can say aren't like a rubber material as far as like real flexible.

How will they hold up over time And after messing with 'em here, I mean, boy, it sure looks like it's got plenty of flex to it to me, I don't even see any stress marks on there. So I would say this would be able to handle plenty of debris that you might run over fling off your tire even out there on the trail or something. You run over a little log or something, I think it would have plenty of flex, so I wouldn't worry about these cracking over time. So this is a great way to protect your investments not only on this vehicle, by protecting the back here, you can see our customers already got some marks on it. So you probably should have got these a little bit sooner, but it will still protect everything from there back, and when you're hauling really expensive, you got your campers there, even if it's a bumper pull camper it can be a very expensive camper and you don't wanna be throwing dirt and rocks on it the whole time you're driving down the road.

Same thing with bolts. Bolts are very expensive as well, you wanna keep that looking nice. And even if it's not for something you're hauling but maybe you do some offloading and stuff, and you're concerned about people around you, you don't wanna damage any vehicles just out there on the highway. This can help keep any of that dirt and debris that you picked up on the trail off of other people's vehicles. These do come as a pair, so you get one for each side and it's custom fit for your vehicle, so it'll attach directly to factory attachment points.

There's no drilling required to get this installed, It's extremely easy and fast. We'll begin our installation here on the driver's side, at the front of our vehicle. We're just behind the front driver's side tire here. Now I do recommend before you go to install any components, stuff like that give your truck a nice bath. Take it and wash it. Now we're gonna be cleaning up the area where we're working, 'cause we don't want any of this dirt debris left behind this water spots and stuff like that when your mud flaps on there it is gonna vibrate just a little bit, and that's gonna result in a lot of scratches and abrasions. The fasteners we need to remove to install our mud flap are located here, so we're gonna remove both of these with a five and a half millimeter socket. So now we've got those removed. We're not gonna take our opportunity to clean this up. I've just got a little bit of alcohol and a rag here that can be useful as well even if you've just washed your vehicle, to ensure that you good adhesion to the surface there is a protective sticker we're gonna be putting in place to protect it against those vibrations we we're just talking about, ensure that the mud plant doesn't cause any scratches or abrasions to the vehicle, and this can just help you sticker adhere. Now there's a couple ways you could install the sticker. You could put it right where you want it to, first try and the problem with doing that is that if you stick it in place wrong, it's hard to remove it. The other way that you can do it is you can actually take a little bit of soapy water and spray it right here and that'll let you kind of move it around like a water slide decal a little bit. Whichever way works best for you, either one works pretty well. Well then grab our mud flap here. When you make sure you have the appropriate one you can see there, it is labeled left hand which is our driver's side. I like to first just hold it up in place, and see what it looks like. So that's roughly where it's gonna sit. And when we look at it there, we can see it does have a wrap over all the way up until about this point here. So when we go to put our sticker in place we wanna make sure it's at least up to there, to prevent any abrasions from occurring. So we're gonna just peel off our sticker now, and they are side specific. You see your stickers right hand or left hand make sure you're peeling off the appropriate sticker. We'll then take our sticker, and we're gonna put it in place here, where we had our mark for our highest point there, and then this is just gonna run right on patent. Again, you can use that soapy water If you're more comfortable with that method, all those are gonna be acceptable. I just needed to just kind of wrap around the bottom here, All right. And that looks pretty good for protecting our body. So we'll now take our mud flap, raise it up into position, just verify and that all looks good. Looks like we're nice and protected there, so now we'll take our bolts here, that we had removed and we're just gonna reinsert those into the holes. And we're just trying to get it hand tight for now. Just get 'em to start in there, that's good enough. Okay. Now we need to get our piece here to rotate behind this panel here. And you can see this little tab. This little tab is towards us right now. It shows unlocked there. We want it to be in the locked position over here. So you can either push it with your hand. I like to do that just to start it and then we can take the tool that, they comes included with them, and use this to just kind of tighten it down. And a lot of times when you're tightening it it actually twists that into position for you. We'll see if it's gonna do it here for us, looks like it's not gonna do it for, It doesn't sometimes if it doesn't, just loosen it up. And then you can push, push inward. There we go. We we're able to rotate it by hand there, and it is behind the panel here the little plate that's located on the other side of the panel here. We've got it behind this, so when we tighten this bolt down it's pinching this plate there, pinching this panel between the plate and our mud flap. And then just snug that down a little bit, and that'll pinch that right on there for us, and then we can go back and tighten down our bolts. Once you've got this side all snored down, we're gonna perform the exact same procedures over on the other side to get that one installed. And now that we've finished our front set here, we're gonna move on and do our back set. We're just gonna be washing the areas where we're working. We'll do that after we get our hardware out though, we're gonna remove the pin here, we're on the driver's side, we're just behind the rear tire here, and there's a single pin kind of down here towards the lower section. We're just putting our trim panel tool in there to pop out the center of the pin, and it's pretty dirty If you got a lot of dirt debris you live on a gravel road, stuff like that. These are usually a little harder to pull out of there. There we go. We got that guy out. Now, if we just follow this straight guy down to the bottom here, there's a single fastener located here on the bottom, we're gonna remove that, with a 10 millimeter socket. Make sure you save your spacer here, that comes out with that bolt. You're gonna need it later. Now at this point, we're gonna go ahead and get all this cleaned up, so that way we can ensure we don't cause any damage to it while we're working by causing scratches through all the dirt that's there, we're just gonna use some alcohol to clean up the area. Again, I recommend just washing your whole vehicle. We're cleaning up the area with a little bit of alcohol here because we have a sticker that we're gonna be putting in place and we want it to adhere well. The sticker's gonna ensure that any vibrations that may be occurring as we're driving down the road from our mud flap, don't turn into abrasions here on our vehicle. So we're gonna get this cleaned up, to ensure good adhesion here, that looks pretty good. Now we can go ahead and grab our mud flap as well as these stickers. So here we've got our mud flap, they are labeled in your kit. You can see here, it says left hand side, so make sure you grab the appropriate one, your stickers here are also labeled right hand and left hand we're gonna be using the left on this side. Before I put the sticker on, I like to just hold it up here, just to get an idea of where it's gonna sit when it's installed. And when we're looking at it here, we can see this is kind of the point where it curves over the outside, so we want our sticker to kind of start at about that point and then wrap underneath. So we know roughly where we want our sticker, we're gonna peel the sticker off the backing here. And one of the things you can do with these stickers, is you can spray just a little bit of soapy water on here, and that'll let you kind of slide it around. You don't wanna lot just a little tiny bit and then you can slide it around if you're unsure on where you wanna put it. If you ever worked with like decals and stuff before, it's kind of similar, we know exactly where we're gonna put ours though, so we're just gonna run ours into position. All right, smooth out. Right there, and then that'll protect the side of our vehicle here, and now we can put our mud flap here, kind of into position. I'm gonna just temporarily set it back up here, and we can take the pin that we removed and pop that back in place. I'll just hold it up in here for us. I'm gonna put the center in as well. So it doesn't fall off of there. All right. So this bottom piece here we've got some hardware we need to assemble. So you'll see a bag in your kit. Go ahead and grab that and pull your hardware out. So here's the hardware we're gonna be using the long hick head bolt, place your washer on it. And we're gonna set that down just for a minute here 'cause you also get these spacers in your kit, they're labeled on one side, we want the 316th spacer, and we want the 116th spacer, you don't need the three eights. Set that aside. We're also gonna take our bolt here and we need this piece on the bolt. So just put the bolts out of there. All right. So now we've got our pieces that we can start to assemble here. These are both the spacers, plus the factory spacer that we pulled off the bolt. These are gonna go up into this location here, where our factory bolt used to be, and then we'll slide our new bolt here up through the bottom of all those, and thread it right into position there. One just grab our 10 millimeter socket once again to snug it down. You don't go too crazy with it there, just get it to where it snug, our mud flat feels nice and secure here. After we've put our bolt in on the other side here where you see it passes through, we're gonna take the nylon lock net that comes in our kit and just thread that into place. This will just ensure our bolt can't back out of there on us. Once we get this snug down, we're gonna head back to the other side where we pushed our clip in and we're gonna be replacing that with the bolt. That was just kind of a temporary little push pin to hold it up there while we we're working. So now we're just gonna pop this pin out of there again, just should just come right back out of there and we're gonna be replacing that, with the button head bolt that comes in our kit. We'll place a black flat washer on it, slide that through the hole, then on the back side, we're gonna take the silver flat washer, and then after we put our washer on there, we're gonna follow that up with another nylon locking nut. And this gonna be a little tricky, getting this on here might be easier to hold the nut and spin the bolt. It's gotta kind of figure out which is the easiest way for you there to get it started, all right, there we go. We got it started on there, well then grab a 10 millimeter wrench and a Phillip screwdriver to snug these down, and now we've got both our upper and lower fasteners in place. We'll repeat the same procedures over on the other side. And that completes our installation of weather tech mud flaps on our 2019 Ford FD50 super duty..

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Customer Reviews

WeatherTech Mud Flaps - Easy-Install, No-Drill, Digital Fit - Front and Rear Set - WT110066-120066

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (1348 Customer Reviews)

These premium mud flaps are easy to install and digitally designed for a perfect fit. Protect your vehicle and your trailer from road debris. Flaps are constructed of durable thermoplastic resin with stainless steel fasteners.


This is the 2nd return for rear mud flaps, some one is not reading your inventory correctly. I keep getting front flaps. Hopefully you will fix the problem this time.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I sincerely apologize that the mud flaps were incorrect a second time. We have checked our warehouse and it will not happen a third time.


Great product installed easily requiring no modifications to my truck. Painted them to match my truck so they look factory installed.

Tucker T.


Great. I painted them so they look factory

2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Perfect fit on my F350 SRW with OEM fender flares. I had to buy 4 longer screws for the front set but that was not a big deal. Both front and rear were very easy to install. I didn't bother with the plastic "finish protectors" that they include. Lots of places you can select to buy these but the service at etrailer is FAR better than anyone out there.



Still doing great! Survived a bunch of gravel, dirt and highway miles


These look great! They fit great! I would have given a 5 rating except.......
Weather Tech should put new fasteners in the box for the front installation. The rear came with new hardware and installation went perfect. The front "factory" screws are long enough to work but I had a hard time getting them to start and there is not much engagement into the factory clip they thread into. I will keep an eye on them as I don't want the screws to come loose and I lose a mud flap!



I have not had any issues with any of these items. All are good and I would recommend them.


Love Weather Tech products made in the USA and work great

Ford Super Duty

Totally satisfied! Both with etrailer and Weather Tech. Product shipped quickly and installed as advertised! They look great and fit perfectly. If you have a Super Duty Ford you gotta have these Mud Flaps!

2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Front flaps fit and installed as directed. The rear flaps only had the lower bolt hole line up. No hole for the top of the mudflap

Etrailer Expert

Sierra K.


Do you have factory add-on fender flares on the rear of your vehicle?



There are no flares on the truck. I believe the mudflaps I have are for flared trucks. No hole for rear upper attachment on truck for the rear flaps.

2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty

The front mud flaps went on as described easily. The rear mud flaps however required that holes be drilled (2) and sheet metal screws inserted to hold the flap on. My application? Maybe. Otherwise they are solid ,strong and good looking.

2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Rear flaps fit like a glove! I’d buy them again.
Front flaps fit snug, but the factory screws are not long enough to affix flap. I had to purchase longer screws from hardware store. I also used a hard rubber washer and snugged the two screws and that worked like a dream! Front factory screws are 1” and I bought #8 1 1/4” rounded head metal screw. That 1/4” was plenty extra to do the job right!

2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Great quality product. Rear flaps were simple and straightforward, front ones were a real challenge. Factory screws cannot be reused. I had to buy longer ones with washers for my 2019 F350. Very difficult to line up the flap with the two layers of liners on the fender wells. I ended up having to drill one to install properly.

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Fast delivery and mud flaps appear to be exactly what we ordered. Christmas present so we have not installed them yet.


Husband installed them easily. They are still functioning perfectly.


Fit great and have not changed position in a year of driving.


Look great and pretty easy to install




Great service item was shipped and received quickly. Mud flaps were easy to install.


I was apprehensive about buying these as the weather tech company said they would not fit. My vehicle has power running boards and 22” wheels..I researched forums and took a chance. They fit…no problem. See attached photos and video.


Fit my 2020 Honda Ridgeline perfect! Easy to install with easy to follow instructions. Match oem black plastic great. Really complete the look of truck. Very happy customer.


Good service and product from etrailer, and the mud flaps fit was exact, no issues and easy to install.


Delivery was quick. The mudflaps were very easy to install it took me about 15 minutes. Extremely happy with the way they look and no more rocks and debris flying up from my tires. Definitely recommend.


I ordered a set of weathertech no drill mud flaps for my new 2022 Colorado and they fit great and easy to install. Well after a couple of weeks I put on GM flares so I had to order another set for flares. Same thing excellent fit and easy install. Quick shipping and good service.


Look great! Look OEM. Wish all the hardware was black. And in the front the two screws you pull out both sides, trash go get something a little longer and more girth. etrailer was great the arrived earlier then expected.


Received fast, easy too install and min. Tools needed to attach. Purchased for the 2023 Ford F350 dually . Looks great. Front and rear are very secure onto body of truck.


This is a good investment. First, etrailer is a great place to get what you need for supplies! The weathertech mud flaps are a great addition to a raised F-250 with larger tires that pulls. This will provide the rest of the protection I need as well as cut down on debris that the tires throw up at other cars/trucks. Very easy to install and if I want to remove them then I have all the pieces necessary except for the push grommets which I can get anywhere. I think I will leave them on for a while....not bad looking either.

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  • Will the WeatherTech Mud Flaps Work with Aftermarket Fender Flares on a 2017 Ford F-250
    I wish I had a more definitive answer for you but WeatherTech does not do testing on vehicles equipped with aftermarket products therefore, there would be no way to confirm that the WeatherTech Mud Flaps part # WT110066-120066 will work with your aftermarket fender flares. The best option I have for you is a photo of them installed so you can use this to see if they would interfere with where your aftermarket fender flares are attached. The other option would be to try them out and if they...
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  • Does the WeatherTech Mud Flaps Work with Tremor Wheel Flares?
    I have a great solution for your mud flaps. I called WeatherTech, and they confirmed that the WeatherTech Mud Flaps # WT110066-120066 will not fit with any aftermarket wheel flares. However, a great alternative is the Rock Tamers Heavy-Duty, Adjustable Mud Flap System for 3" Hitches # WT110066-120066. The Rock Tamers allow you to install on the hitch receiver so that you can easily attach and remove when needed.
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  • Fit of WeatherTech WT110065-120065 No-Drill Mud Flaps on 2019 Ford F250
    The # WT110065-120065 is a fit for a 2019 Ford F250 without added factory fender flares. Take a look at the provided photo, which shows an example of a truck without the add on flares. As you can see, the flares are molded directly into the quarter panel with no seam between the flare and the panel. If the truck had the factory add on flares, there would be a seam where the flare meets the quarter panel. If you did have the add ons, you'd use # WT110066-120066.
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  • Recommended Custom Fit Bug Shield and Mud Flaps for 2020 Ford F250
    I checked with WeatherTech and the WeatherTech # WT50271 is a confirmed fit on your 2020 Ford F-250 SuperDuty. This bug deflector will mount into the existing holes on the hood of your vehicle and is the product you were looking for, but has only recently been confirmed as a fit on the 2020 models of the F-250. Since you're also looking for mud flaps, the WeatherTech # WT110065-120065 are a great option for F-250 without the fender flare add ons. If you have the factory add on fender...
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  • Front & Rear Splash Guard Mud Flaps For 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty w/ Single Rear Wheels
    We do indeed have front and rear splash guards/mud flaps that fit your 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty with single rear wheels. They are from WeatherTech, and the correct fit is going to depend on if you have the factory add-on fender flares or not. - WITHOUT Add-On Fender Flares: WeatherTech Mud Flaps - Front and Rear Set # WT110065-120065 - WITH Add-On Fender Flares: WeatherTech Mud Flaps - Front and Rear Set # WT110066-120066
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