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Want to give your vehicle an extra boost? Install a performance module by Edge to increase your vehicle's power, performance and fuel economy. Available easy to read monitor places everything at your fingertips, making the module easy to adapt to your specific needs. Many performance modules multi-task, so not only do you gain the extra torque and horsepower you want, you are also able to utilize the modules built in GPS and backup camera! The power levels on the performance module match fueling with any upgrades you have made, making an Edge programmer the perfect final touch!

We offer many styles of performance chips for many of the most popular vehicle manufacturers, including Ford, Dodge, Chevy and GMC. Find the right fit for your vehicle by entering the year on the left.

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Ford Focus Performance Chip Questions and Answers

  • Will the Edge CTS2 Insight Guage Display # EP84130Work with a 2013 Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback
  • The Edge CTS Insight Gauge Display, # EP83830, is compatible with your 2013 Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback, however, this item is not a programmer, it is only a monitor. The CTS2 Insight will display and track vital engine and performance data, but will not add horsepower or torque. This monitor will help improve your fuel economy if you use the Mileage Coach. The Mileage Coach will show how your driving habits affect your fuel economy and give tips on how to improve your fuel economy....
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  • How Will Edge Insight CTS # EP84130 Help Improve Fuel Mileage For 2012 Ford Focus
  • The Edge Insight CTS # EP84130 provides several different parameters of your vehicles performance with up to 8 at one time, but will not directly affect the engine of your 2012 Ford Focus as it is not a performance-enhancing product. It provides the information to you, but does not increase horsepower or torque. At this time we do not carry a programmer or tuner for your vehicle that will directly affect your engine or its performance. The way this product can improve your fuel mileage...
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