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etrailer Generators - No Inverter - 333-0005 Review

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Review of etrailer Generators 333-0005

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to take a look at the etrailer 4,500 Watt dual-fuel portable generator with the electric start. Now, this 4,500 Watt generator will provide electricity for home, work, or play, and it's a very easy electric start. It does offer dual-fuel capability, provides flexibility during trips or in an emergency. The four-stroke engine uses standard unleaded gas or propane, and there's no need to mix gas and oil. Has a nice cast iron cylinder sleeves in the engine to help ensure long engine life. And the electric start engine will offer easy push-button startup.

Right here, you just push that button to start it.If you need to use the handle here, it has a nice ergonomically designed recoil handle to reduce the effort to pull-start the engine if that need arises. Now in the front here, it does include three outlets. I'm going to go over each one. The first one here is a 120 volt, 30 amp, L5-30R twist lock outlet. This'll power your large household appliances and tools.

And the one in the middle, that's going to be 120 volt, 30 amp, TT-30R outlet, which'll provide an RV connection point. And the very end one, you can see it's going to be two of the 120 volt, 20 amp ground-fault outlets to power household appliances and tools. And if you notice, each outlet has a nice rubber cover that goes over it to help keep out any moisture or debris.Right above it, you'll see two buttons here. Those are push-to-reset circuit breakers that'll stop the power flow to connected devices if an overload is detected. Right next to that is a three-in-one Data-Minder which'll monitor the voltage, frequency, and running hours.Now, if I swing this over here, right here you can see it uses a Whisper series muffler to ensure quiet operation, won't drown out your campground conversation.

And it does use a USDA, Forest Service certified spark arrester to prevent any release of flammable debris.This does use safety features, which promote accident-free use. They have a light-up indicator, which'll turn on when your low oil level is detected. But also, the engine will automatically stop if the oil level's too low for safe use. Does have an AVR or automatic voltage regulator, which'll help minimize voltage fluctuations.Right at the very top here is a large capacity five-gallon fuel tank. Has the cap here that's attached.

And also, right on top of the fuel tank is a fuel gauge, which is very easy to read, so lets you know when the gas level is low.The eight-inch flat-free tires and this nice fold-down handle over here are included for easy mobility. It's all connected to a strong, tubular steel frame. The engine is a clean-running engine. It does meet the CARB and EPA standards.Now, this does include everything I laid out here on the table, the generator itself, the battery right here is all included. They do give you a 18-ounce bottle of oil for it. They do give you the oil funnel, and you can see it's a nice long one, 'cause your oil filler's right down there. They do also give you a toolkit, which will include a spark plug wrench, and then two double open-end 10 mm and 12 mm wrenches. Also included is this five-foot long propane hose with a regulator on it that'll connect right here to the LPG inlet. And they also give you a nice large owner's manual to describe how to operate it, and also just the quick reference guide to show you quickly how everything works.Now a few specs on this. The starting surge power output on this for the gas is 4,500 watts. For propane, it's 4,100 watts. The running rated power output for gas is 3,600 watts. The propane is 3,300 watts. Continuous runtime at a half load is about 14 hours. The noise level on this, now normal conversation is about 60 decibels. This, when it's running, when it's measured at 25 feet away at a quarter of a load in standard mode, is about 67 decibels. So it's very quiet.The engine type on it is a Firman seven horsepower Max-Pro Series, 208 cc single cylinder, air cooled, four stroke overhead valve. And as we mentioned, the fuel type can either be gasoline or propane. The fuel tank capacity is five gallons. The oil capacity is 0.6 of a quart. The oil type is a standard SAE 10W-30. And power line frequency on this is 60 Hz.Few dimensions on this. Overall length is going to be about 25 3/4 inches long. Overall width is going to be about 21 3/4 inches wide. And the overall height from the bottom to the very top is going to be 21 5/8 inches tall. Dry weight on this is about 119.5, so almost 120 pounds. Just a note on this, now gas generators do produce carbon monoxide, which is poisonous. So for your safety, always be sure to operate this gas-powered generator outside.But that should do for a review on the etrailer 4,500 watt dual-fuel portable generator with the electric start.

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Can you add remote start
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Rachael H.

This item does not currently have accommodations for a remote start. But our other generator listed as part # 333-0005 does. This is a gas or propane 3,600 watt generator and is equipped with a remote start feature. Please see the links below for more information.

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