Recommended Bike Rack for Tongue of R-Pod With Electric Tongue Jack


bike rack for 2017 R-Pod wth electric tong on front and mount for bike rack.

Expert Reply:

To mount a bike rack to the tongue of your R-Pod you will want to start out by using the Stromberg Carlson Bike Bunk Trailer-Mounted Bike Rack Carrier for A-Frame Trailers # CC-275. This will give you a 2 inch trailer hitch receiver opening for you to use a bike rack with. From the top of the A-frame of your R-Pod to the top of the cross tube is 33-1/2 inches, which should clear your electric tongue jack, and it has a weight capacity of 100 lbs.

The bike rack that I recommend using with the Bike Bunk is the Let's Go Aero BikeWing-2 # B01311. The BikeWing-2 only weighs 14 lbs so that will leave you with an additional 86 lbs to work with, which is perfect since the BikeWing-2 has an 80 lbs capacity. This bike rack secures the bikes by their wheels so it can be used with almost any bike frame (if your bike has fenders, it will not be compatible).

To help deter theft of your bike(s) from the bike rack, you can use the Deadbolt Cable Lock # CAB-10.

If you have a bike with fenders then I recommend going with the Yakima LongHaul # Y02476 which is a hanging style bike rack. The LongHaul can carry up to 4 bikes (keeping in mind the Bike Bunk's weight capacity of 100 lbs), weighs only 32 lbs, and comes with integrated bike rack and bike locks.

The only other thing you might need with the LongHaul is the Adapter Bar # Y02531, which will help keep your bikes level if they have an alternative, women's, or kid's frame without the horizontal top bar on the frame.

expert reply by:
Jon G


Jon, what about Yakima 2 bike for 2 inch hitch Y02443 to Stromberg Carlson A Frame Trailers Item CC-275 Would these two items work for my I-Pod trailer with the hydraulic Jack on trailer hitch? Thanks

Expert Reply:

The Stromberg Carlson Bike Bunk Trailer-Mounted Bike Rack Carrier for A-Frame Trailers # CC-275 is rated to be used with a bike rack that is approved for use with an RV. Since the Yakima HoldUp # Y02443 is not rated for use with an RV, this would not be a good selection.

The Swagman Escapee # S64693 is a 2-Bike Platform Rack that utilizes some of the same features as the HoldUp, and is rated for use with an RV. This is the closest option to the HoldUp that we currently offer. Just keep in mind that the Bike Bunk has a weight capacity of 100 lbs and the Escapee weighs just over 60 lbs. This will leave you with about 45 lbs for BOTH bikes if you plan on carrying 2.

expert reply by:
Jon G

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