Can the VIN of a Boat Trailer be Used to Determine Age of Trailer


I just bought a commodore aluminum boat trailer whose markings are all missing. How and where can I get info on this trailer i.e. trailer age, GVW, replacement parts.


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Typically the 7th digit of a trailer VIN is the year the trailer was manufactured.

I attached a picture that shows a VIN decoder for trailers for you to check out as well.

You can also give the VIN to the trailer manufacturer and I am sure they will be able to fill you in on all of the details as well.

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Jameson C

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Youre exactly right Chris! I dont really know how much more simple things can be or be explained for them to understand what Im trying to accomplish. Im stuck between a rock and a hard spot! 72181

Reply from Chris R.

I wish I had the solution! I'm not sure how it would translate to your particular situation, but another option that can be pursued is to try and have a new VIN assigned to the trailer. This is typically done for homemade trailers but it's also done on older units where the original VIN is simply lost. The state would essentially treat it as new, give it a full inspection, and assign a new VIN so it can be registered. It's worth at least bringing up the next time you head to the tag office.... 59196


I purchased a new pontoon boat and new trailer with it but, when I went to get the tag for the trailer I was informed by the tag office clerk that I couldnt get the trailer registered in my name. Therefore, I couldnt get a tag for it either. Reason being is that the VIN on my trailer, which I verified through purchase documents and comparison to the data plate on the trailer were correct, was previously registered and tagged in someone elses name. The company I purchased the boat and trailer from is saying it isnt possible. But hey, were all human and we all make mistakes and this very well could be a typo with only one number or one letter by the person entering the information into the computer on either end. Its been 3-½ months since I purchased the unit and Ive yet to be able to legally tow my boat to the lake and use it with my family and our friends. They seem to be sitting, as my Papa use to put it, Like a Bump On a Log on their Stool of Do Nothing and doing nothing about it. I dont know what else to do or who I can contact about this to light a fire under these folks to get this mess straightened out. Right now we have a beautiful, $30,000 yard ornament sitting in the yard thats meant for the water. If I wanted a yard ornament I would have bought a rose bush or a flowering bush to look at and saved a ton of money. Does anyone have any suggestions for what my next move should be? I often think about going back to the dealership but we got it while on vacation in another state 1st huge mistake but, if I do that I may end up getting a history lesson and an up to date lesson on the local Judicial System in the town we bought it at. And they not the boat & trailer are worth that to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks, 72036

Reply from Chris R.

Wow - just reading this made me angry, I can't imagine how you feel. I'm honestly not sure what your next step is here. I would definitely try to go up to the tag office again (if you haven't already) to talk with somebody else if possible. You might also try to get the trailer dealer and office together (via phone) to see how this can be resolved. You clearly purchased the trailer legally, and by all accounts the dealer sold it legally - so it seems like something that can be worked out's just taking the scenic route to get there. 59043

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