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Dexter Service Bulletin #014

Date: November 16, 2021
Subject: Product Maintenance - Light Duty As the winter months approach and trailers are being prepared for storage, we would like to give a friendly reminder that routine service and inspection are essential for the safe and reliable operation of Dexter's running gear products. Dexter recommends that users utilize the time and mileage schedule and service procedures as outlined in Dexter's Operation Maintenance Service Manual. Proper maintenance begins by working safely with the right tools and an adequate mechanical experience level, paying particular attention to all warnings and cautions that outline hazardous actions or potentially critical steps. If you are not mechanically inclined or not familiar with trailer maintenance, please enlist a qualified professional to perform trailer running gear maintenance.
CRITICAL PROCEDURES - All of which can be found in Dexter's Operation Maintenance Service Manual.Bearing maintenance - proper bearing and seal inspection are critical to ensuring long life. Please review procedures for your individual bearing type as Dexter offers several types of bearing lubrication.
  • Standard grease lubrication: pages 49-59
  • Optional E-Z Lube® grease lubrication: pages 49-59
  • Optional Oil bath bearing lubrication: pages 49-59
  • Optional Nev-R-Lube® bearings: pages 60-64
Brake Inspection - Brake inspection is critical to stopping performance. Please review the procedures individual to your braking type.
  • Electric drum brakes, manual and Nev-R-Adjust®: pages 12-23
  • Hydraulic Drum brakes: pages 24-27
  • Hydraulic Disc brakes: pages 28-45
Annual inspection should also include a review of the break-away system, wiring, plumbing, actuation and attachment. Additionally, owners should inspect proper brake attachment. Each time during service the fastener torque of the brake to the flange should be verified. (see table below)
Brake torque chart
Suspension Inspection - Many components of a leaf spring suspension are wearing components and require replacement due to use.
  • Leaf Spring suspension: pages 66-69
  • Torflex® suspension: pages 70-72
Due to ongoing stress, suspension component evaluation and torque checks should be performed during an annual service.
Suspension Fastener Torque Values
Wheel & Tire Inspection - wheels and tires are a very important and critical component of your running gear system. Consult your trailer manufacturer for suitable inspection and replacement information to be used with your unit. Wheel and tire information relative to your Dexter axle: pages 72-77.Wheel Nut Torque - Always remember to follow proper torque recommendations when reattaching tire and wheel assemblies onto your unit.
Wheel Torque Requirements



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