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Radiator Fans

Derale 5 inch Tornado Electric Fan - 315 CFM

The radiator fan is one of the most critical elements of your vehicle's cooling system. Without it there would be little or no airflow to your radiator, meaning that it would be unable to effectively transfer the heat put off by your vehicle's engine, and no cooling would take place.

Why should I change from my factory-installed belt-driven fan?

If you simply use your car to get from point A to point B, and you aren't often stuck in stop-and-go traffic, you probably don't need to alter your radiator fan. If, however, you race or simply have a need for speed, or if you are rebuilding and finding that your vehicle's engine compartment is looking a bit cramped, or if you simply get stuck in traffic jams on a regular basis, a new fan is a great idea.

Even if you are comfortable with your current factory model and have no desire to replace it, you should know that your vehicle's cooling potential can be greatly increased by mounting additional fans. As long as there is room inside your engine compartment, and the new fan or fans are installed on the same side of your radiator as the primary fan, you can add as many fans as you like.

Belt-Driven Fan

Electric Fans vs. Belt-Driven Fans

Belt-Driven Fans

Your factory-installed fan is belt driven and functions by pulling power from your vehicle's engine, as opposed to its electrical system. Simple and affordable, these fans are ideal for basic replacements and engine swaps or rebuilds. Their compact, low-profile design fits tight spaces, so you can have sufficient cooling power even with a big engine.

  • Compact construction - ideal for tight applications
  • Multiple designs for customized fit and function
  • Economical alternative to more expensive, electric models

Electric Fans

Your other option is replacing the belt-driven model with an electric one. Since a belt-driven fan relies on the engine to turn, when your vehicle's RPM drop, the fan slows down. Of course, when the RPM drop, so does the amount of air being forced through your radiator from the outside, creating a situation where overheating is almost inevitable. This problem can be avoided by investing in an electric fan.

Electric Fan

Because the fan functions independently of your engine, you will always have sufficient airflow regardless of the RPM. And since it pulls power from your vehicle's electrical system only, the horsepower previously used by your factory fan will be restored to the engine, thereby increasing both fuel economy and overall performance. If you are concerned that your vehicle's cooling system may not be receiving enough airflow - which is almost certainly the case if you spend a lot of time in traffic - and you have the room to mount a fan assembly, then an electrical model radiator fan is perfect for you.

  • Ideal for stop-and-go traffic
  • Operates independently of your engine
    • Provides airflow regardless of RPM
    • Reduces load on engine by pulling from electrical system
    • Increases fuel economy and horsepower

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Last updated: 6/25/18



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