Belt-Driven Radiator Fans

Your factory-installed fan is belt driven, meaning it functions by pulling power from the engine. Because this type of fan can deplete horsepower and diminish fuel economy, choosing the right model is of the utmost importance.

Fan Clutches

Before getting into the different models, it's important to note how belt-driven fans work. The fan clutch is an important component of most belt-driven systems. It ensures that the fan is engaged at low speeds or high temperatures to provide adequate airflow to your vehicle's cooling system. Then, at high RPM or low under-the-hood temperatures, the clutch disengages the fan to remove any unnecessary load on your engine.

Fan Clutches

There are two basic types of fan clutches:

Thermal Fan Clutch

Non-Thermal Fan Clutch

Fan clutches are vehicle specific and can be found in our Fitguide. Because a clutch will take up a fair amount of space inside your vehicle's engine compartment, certain belt-driven fans are designed to work without them, allowing most room for custom engines.

Types of Belt-Driven Fans

Race Fan

Race Fan

Flex Fan

Flex fans

Fan-Clutch Fan

Fan-Clutch fans

Fan Spacers

Fan Spacer

Because the distance between a vehicle's water pump and radiator can differ depending on the level of customization, it may be helpful to invest in a spacer for your belt-driven fan to achieve proper fan placement and, therefore, maximum cooling ability.

Belt-Driven Radiator Fan Diagram

Diagram #1

If you are installing a fan with a shroud, measure from the water pump's flange to the edge of the mounted shroud and add 3/4" for your spacer length.

Diagram #2

If the fan you are mounting does not have a shroud, measure from the flange on your vehicle's water pump to the radiator. Subtract 3" from that measurement to get your spacer size.

Please Note:

When installing your new fan and spacer, be sure that the fan has at least a 3/4" clearance from the radiator, belts, hoses and pulleys. The range of adjustability on the spacer's flange allows it to fit several differently sized water pump flanges to ensure proper fit. Spacers are available in lengths ranging from 1/2" to 3".



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