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Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System w/ 4-Point Sway Control - 10,000 lbs GTW, 1,000 lbs TW

Code: EQ37100ET

677 reviews

Our Price: $825.00


Product Specs:

Weight Distribution Hitch

WD With Sway Control

Prevents Sway

800 lbs
900 lbs

Allows Backing Up

Fits 2 Inch Hitch


Includes Shank

Electric Brake Compatible
Surge Brake Compatible


Steel-on-steel friction works to prevent and correct trailer sway in this unique weight distribution system. Sway control brackets ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. 2-5/16" Hitch ball and adjustable shank included.

Video of Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System w/ 4-Point Sway Control - 10,000 lbs GTW, 1,000 lbs TW

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System w/ 4-Point Sway Control - 10,000 lbs GTW, 1,000 lbs TW - EQ37100ET

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (677 Customer Reviews)

Steel-on-steel friction works to prevent and correct trailer sway in this unique weight distribution system. Sway control brackets ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. 2-5/16" Hitch ball and adjustable shank included.

by: KP06/22/2022

Great hitch system. Easy directions to mount and set up for my truck (F150) and Grand Design Imagine travel trailer. Hook up at camp site is much easier compared to my chain and bar system. New set up handles sway and is very stable when trucks and cars pass.

by: Kurt10/09/2022

After studying reviews on weight distribution hitches for months, I chose the Equal-i-zer. This thing is designed and built like a tank! It has made pulling my trailer so much more stress free. The sway is now totally absent, where before, the least bit of wind or uneven road surface put me into a swaying frenzy. It took me a couple of tries to get it set up exactly how I wanted it, but now, I couldn’t be happier with the performance of it. One more thing, forget about sneaking into a campground, these hitches inherently creak and pop quite loudly, and you get some really weird looks at times. I just laugh and smile, knowing it’s doing it’s job back there as designed. If you follow the instructions to a T, you should have no problem setting one up, or have a professional do it for you. You will be very happy with the outcome.

by: Wilton09/26/2019

I rate this product "good" to alert potential users to an issue I face during installation of this Equal-i-zer hitch.

As I purchased this hitch, a 2 and 15/16" ball with a 1.25" shank stud and its nut were included. That nut requires a special 1 and 7/8" thin walled socket that slips down into a cavity where the shank stud protrudes and the nut screws on. The instructions state that socket is available at Equal-i-zer dealers. Such a socket WAS NOT AVAILABLE at any automotive parts store, car dealership, nor agricultural supply hardware I contacted in the small California town I was in. The nearest Equalizer dealer to me was over 100 miles distant, and I had planned to leave the day I began installation of the hitch. The instructions also state that a shim can be used if a 2 and 15/16" ball with a 1" shank stud and nut are used. That is the ball I already had on my truck and I was fortunate to find a properly sized shim at an agricultural supply hardware that I cut to length and used in my installation. I still needed a large socket and extension to tighten the nut because the nut was deeply recessed in the cavity. The box end wrench I normally used on the nut was of no avail; however, an automotive repair shop had such a socket and loaned it to me to complete the installation of the hitch. IF you are going to undertake the installation of this hitch yourself, then be aware of the need for either the special Equal-i-zer specified socket for the ball included, OR a 1.25" to 1" shim and a deep well socket for the smaller 1" shank stud and nut such as I used. Contact customer service at Equal-i-zer if you have questions in this regard BEFORE you purchase.

Having alerted you to the installation issue I faced, I now rate the product itself as EXCELLENT in performing the job it is intended to do when towing. Once I had the hitch installed, the instructions for making adjustments so it will perform as intended are clear. Along with the hitch I purchased a Sherline trailer tongue scale and that is an accessory I highly recommend.

I was towing a 2-axle car trailer loaded with a vehicle for a total tow load of 5500 lbs.
Using the tongue scale I adjusted my load so 10% was on the tongue. I was towing cross-country from California to Michigan with a 2010 Tacoma 4 x 4 rated with a 6500 lb towing capacity. I towed at 55-60 mph and had one incident that required immediate, heavy braking and the truck and trailer stopped perfectly, as if the trailer had no been there. So keep in mind, my rating of GOOD was to draw your attention to the installation issue I faced. The PEFORMANCE of the hitch was EXCELLENT.

The thin walled socket needed to install the hitch ball is available as a Related Item here at etrailer. Equal-i-zer offers such a socket as part # EQ70-00-4800
Thin Walled Socket for Equal-i-zer Hitches
. We have also found that the Powerbuilt 1-78 Inch Thin Walled Socket, part # ALL643216
1-7/8" 12pt Thin Walled Socket - 3/4" Drive - Chromium-Vanadium Steel
, works well with the Equal-i-zer system.
-- Etrailer Expert Victoria B - 10/08/2019
My Equal-i-zer hitch continues to perform as I had wanted and described in my review. It has an unstated safety benefit. I tow long distances without a load on my trailer. I keep the Equal-i-zer hitch fully installed but adjusted so there is only mild tension transferred forward. That keeps the receiver ball housing on the tongue of the trailer constantly pressed against the hitch ball. If for any reason the ball coupling lock should fail or have not been set, the trailer would remain coupled to the truck.
Wilton M - 09/27/2020

by: Richard P.06/04/2018

I received this hitch a few short days after placing my order and as soon as it arrived I unpackaged it to admire the contents. Everything was intact and ready to assemble, just as expected. I also ordered the special thin walled socket, which I am glad I did since my mechanic friend that did my torquing didn't have a socket that would work for this hitch ball. I know it is expensive but I wanted everything done right.

I installed the hitch and set it up following the directions in the manual, and everything turned out perfectly. I think from start to finish it took the wife and I less than an hour and a half. Easy, and according to my measurements and a visual everything looked perfect. None of this is rocket science, and the installation is truly easy.

Well, time to try it out, and what great timing, we left Saturday morning in a 40 MPH headwind for 20 miles, and then another 25 miles with the wind quartering at us on a busy highway. This hitch worked flawlessly! I was tickled with the whole ordeal, and today coming back with no wind at all it wasn't much different than the day we had the wind. You know what wind means, right? WINDY IN ND. Yep, we get our share. This hitch served us very well, and I am extremely pleased with my purchase and the ease of installation and set up. I would order it again in a heartbeat.

My tow vehicle:

2018 GMC Sierra 1500 with max trailer tow package. 6.2 L with 8 speed transmission.

My travel trailer:

2016 Jayco Octane SL, weighs in loaded at 6100 lbs with a hitch weight of 910 lbs.

A whole year has gone by, and Im still extremely satisfied with my equalizer hitch. I hear the squeaks when I make my turns, I know people talk about this hitch being slightly noisy, but every time I hear it I smile. I know its back there, doing its thing, and it does it extremely well. I would buy this hitch again in a New York minute. I am very pleased. Did I say Im VERY pleased? Lol. Its that good.
Richard P - 06/04/2019

by: Tony09/06/2018

Just received and put together my Equalizer hitch but not set up or used with our new travel trailer yet. The quality of the parts are amazing. I have used other weight equalizing hitches and have 5th wheel hitch systems. This system is heavy duty and a pleasure to put together. Etrailer did a great job on the website describing, illustrating and proving support to make my decision so easy. Thanks Etrailer. Going to pick up new travel trailer today with new hitch system.

I am pulling a 34 foot travel trailer that weighs 7,280lbs. I am very comfortable and feel secure while towing with the equalizer hitch system. There is absolutely no sway even when tractor trailer pass by. I have used other sway control products and systems where I encountered sway and white knuckle rides. I highly recommend the Equalizer 4 point sway control system to anybody thinking about a new or replacing a current system.
Tony - 09/06/2019

by: Richard07/18/2022

I borrowed a torque wrench to tighten the ball and shank bolts as mine only goes to 250 ft lbs. After tightening the ball onto the hitch, I installed the Equal-i-zer WDS in about an hour by myself. The directions are straight forward and easy to follow.

I did a short 40 mile pull on a fairly windy day afterwards and I am very satisfied with the anti sway ability of this system. Substantially better than the entry level hitch I bought years ago with my first camper. We are now on our fourth camper and having sold our fifth wheel we bought our third pull behind!!! I tried using my old entry level WDS with chains and a friction brake for anti sway and was nervous the entire 8 hour trip because of sway.

The Equal-I-zer WDS has settled my nerves and loosened my grip on the steering wheel! You can find cheaper WDS out there but you will get what you pay for. If you are experiencing a lot of sway with your current set up, it’s time to upgrade to Equal-I-ler!

by: Ellen 08/15/2022

The system works great once you can figure out the instructions. I feel the weight distribution is quite right but the system definitely keeps the trailer from swerving every time a larger truck passes me or if need to pass a larger truck.

by: Mark04/05/2020

Fantastic piece of gear. Super heavy-duty. Made my truck and trailer ride so much smoother, brought the back end of my 3/4 ton truck back up to level, and completely eliminated the the swaying I would get from time to time with my dump trailer. Instruction manual that came with the kit was very detailed and well-written. One minor complaint: it would be nice if the ball came mounted to the hitch assembly because most of us don’t have a torque wrench that goes to 430 feet pounds. Beyond that, an excellent investment.

by: Al06/21/2018

Ordered this product for the built in sway control. My last hitch required another device to achieve this, but I didn't care for the additional work when backing up or on wet surfaces.

The order shipped quickly and arrived intact in 2 separate packages. The smaller of the two, contained the hitch shank and main body. It's heavy, so it was expected that the box would have a hole. The other larger package was sealed and intact. All parts were present.

Setup was straightforward, documentation excellent. Particularly the places to annotate measurements. The manual was small but effective. The ball mounting requires a thin walled 1 7/8 socket. I didn't buy this, my RV dealer torqued my setup for nothing.

Very satisfied with this hitch thus far. Will update when I have had a chance to put it through the motion.

by: EDDIE CROSS03/13/2017

The Equalizer Wt Dist W Sway Con And Ball
Gtw, 1000 Tw. Was recommended for my application and works great. [Local retailer] in New York did the installation on my New 2017 Starcraft ultra light. The product has a clean look on the trailer. The Equalizer is a great product for tight turns and backing into parking slips. No need to remove sway controls, because its incorporated into the Patented Design. I've used other styles in the past but this is the product for me.
Thanks Etrailer for the on time shipping of the Equalizer.
Did you Equalize your trailer today!!

by: Raymond Leger 09/29/2018

I towed my camper over 250 miles with the equalizer hitch. Set up and install was very easy. Very little to no sway at all with passing semi trucks.

Purchased last year year best sway control Ive owned. Easy hook up and disconnected from camper. Highly recommend.
Raymond L - 09/30/2019

by: Toni07/10/2022

Took the sway away for the most part. Would be better if you could order it without the drop ball hitch (part that slips into receiver) since I had to get a longer one anyway for my setup.

by: Shawn M.08/30/2017

Just bought a new Travel Trailer, had been using a Reese Weight distribution set up with traditional sway bar. This system worked well but had the tractor trailers pushing me around and on windy days I had to reduce highway speeds dramatically. So, I chose to upgrade to the Equalizer for the new TT. I had the Professionals install it since it was raining but the videos and information on etrailer make me confident I could have done it with the correct tools. The Equalizer was fantastic on the 75 mile ride home in the rain with heavy Tractor Trailer traffic. Had little to no sway. Very pleased with my decision. This is a heavy duty system and is easy to hook up.

I ordered by calling etrailer because I had a question about shipping and delivery since I needed the new set up for delivery of my new TT. Lisa was more than helpful answering my questions and getting the hitch to me on time.

I strongly recommend The Equalizer and etrailer for your towing needs.

by: David01/21/2023

I bought this to use on a boat trailer. It works very well and does not diminish the surge brake significantly.

by: Timothy09/13/2018

Product arrived on time and in good condition, I ended up having to purchase another shank with maximum 6" drop. The description I found of the standard shank on your web site stated Maximum drop: 3" from top of hitch receiver opening. I interpreted this to mean the shank at it's lowest setting would allow the top of the ball to be 3-inches from the receiver height. Actually at the lowest adjustment the top of the ball is approximately even with the top of the receiver. Just spent another $116.95 which I was not counting on. The standard shank that comes with the package is non-returnable by itself

Fits: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
Tongue weight: 600 lbs - 1,400 lbs
Overall length: 12"
Maximum rise: 7" from top of hitch receiver opening
Maximum drop: 3" from top of hitch receiver opening
Incremental adjustment: 1-1/4"

by: Shirl09/20/2017

I ordered this to pull our camper, it came the very next day. It pulls the camper no problem doing 60mph. You do have to get a special socket for the ball, but asked my local RV dealer if they could tighten it for me and they did. I couldn't be happier with this system! You won't be sorry with this hitch system or the company!

by: Jeff01/16/2021

pulling a 24 ft. car hauler with 4 sleds across South Dakota. The hitch made a noticeable difference. Usually pulled with a 3/4 but was using a 1/2 ton last time. I'd estimate it was 75% better in reducing the cross wind effect and the effect of going under overpasses and passing trucks. probably maybe even better if i had been using 3/4 ton as in the past.

Great. It is a game changer especially in a cross wind. Takes a bunch of stress out if driving.
Jeff - 01/17/2022

by: Paul03/17/2018

I was quoted it would cost $900 for a local camping shop to put on the weight distribution hitch. I looked into eTrailer and found one much cheaper. It was delivered quickly and with free shipping. Through talking with them via email and watching the instructional video, I easily installed it myself in a couple hours.
The electric jack was also purchased through eTrailer and installed in 20 minutes.

by: Donavon08/02/2019

From the first moment I called this was a wonderful experience. William B was the gentleman I got on the phone and he was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about the product. He helped me order the right size hitch and it arrived in three days. I installed the hitch and while yes it’s noisy as other reviews say it is the best hitch I could’ve purchased. I own a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 and am pulling a 20’ enclosed V nose trailer. I can do 70 with no problem or any seaway whatsoever. Thanks again Will.

by: Former Blue Ox Owner06/27/2022

The E4 is worth its weight in gold. This hitch has completely changed our 1/2 ton’s ride quality

by: Anthony 08/21/2017

I towed a 37" Grand Design from Brainerd Mn to Kansas City using my 2008 single cab F-250 without any problems.

Worked great

We still have it and it’s been working great. If I need anything else, I will definitely let you know. I had a very tight timeline and you guys made sure I received it before picking up the new trailer. Thanks again
Anthony - 08/21/2018

by: Bruce 09/02/2022

This product is very heavy duty and has done well with the camper we use.

by: Mason07/01/2020

World of difference, my wife's truck is our tow pig (2500 yukon) and the nose barely rises even with 750+ lbs on the tongue (~1/2"-3/4"), but you can feel a huge difference with/without WD and sway control. Steering is significantly more positive and responsive due to more weight on the front axle and the trailer handles the wind much better. Excellent product that is easy to install WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE BALL. I recommend going to an RV place to get the ball put on the head (and I am a VERY handy guy) if you don't already have a massive torque wrench and the random thinwall socket. Not worth the hassle.

A year into ownership, this thing is even better than I originally thought. I will never consider towing heavy of towing largewind affected trailers without this setup. This hitch makes what is a terrifying experience even at 45mph towing our 32+foot travel trailer in heavy winds trust me, Ive tried with a regular hitch setup into a stress-free experience up to 65mph in the same conditions. Awesome piece of kit no true tow rig should be without!
Mason - 07/02/2021

by: Ray S01/15/2016

After many hours of reading reviews and research on this weight distributing hitch I am very impressed with the quality of this hitch and the fact that is American made in the USA. I have a new 34' 2016 Tracer travel trailer which I will be using this hitch with. I have been using a easylift spring bar hitch with the brake pad type sway control. Never was that satisified with it. This equalizer is a very impressive hitch. The staff a e-trailer was very helpful in suggesting and recommending this hitch. I talked to a different sales person on 3 different calls and they all gave me great information. E-trailer has one of the most informative advertising and videos on the internet.They met a price match of another offer with no beating around the bush. I would highly recommend them and plan to use them in the future.Order was shipped on Friday and I received it the following Wednesday.Thank you E-trailer and staff...

I am very pleased with the hitch and its operation. I dont miss the old chain style hook up.This is so much easier to connect to more important is its performance while towing. I highly recommend this hitch.
Ray S - 01/15/2017

by: Scott S.07/12/2012

I have a new 2012 F150 Ford XLT which does NOT pull my trailer as well as my old truck. I was not comfortable with the amount of sway and could not go over 50mph. On Sunday night after returning I purchased the Equal-i-zer. On Thursday it arrived and we literally had to look at the instruction book once. After 30 minutes the installation was completed and no extra parts...

I merged onto the highway to test the equipment. I reached a cruising speed of 70mph and had absolutely NO SWAY. The fact that I now have a piece of mind knowing that the Equal-i-zer is less than that of a life when you are towing without the proper equipment.

Other products may be available but research was extensive before I purchased the Equal-i-zer. The shear strength is visible and the product is very well made. The fasteners are heavy, the hitch is heavy, and the stabilizer bars are heavy. This is a 5 star product and every trailer owner should own the Equal-i-zer.

The best thing about all of this is it was a product that was sold without a gimick and does the job well.

Hat's off to you!!

Scott S.

I have bought a F150 2013. having simular issues do you know the weight of your trailer I have apx. 5500 lb trailer tongue weight about 550 to 600 lbs
-- comment by: mark b - 11/24/2013

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  • Comparing Equal-i-zer and Blue Ox Weight Distribution Systems With Sway Control
  • Right off the bat the Equal-i-zer # EQ37100ET has an advantage because it has a larger Tongue Weight (TW) range of 600 lbs - 1,000 lbs as opposed to the 750 lbs - 1,000 lbs TW range of the Blue Ox # BXW1000. The flip side of that is if you get a heavier or lighter trailer then you would need to change out the whole Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution (WD) system whereas the Blue Ox systems use the same head so you would just need to swap out the bars. This is much more cost-effective than purchasing...
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  • Comparing Curt and Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Systems for 6,000 Pound Travel Trailer
  • When it comes to sway control, the Equal-i-zer will be a major upgrade when compared to the Curt you have now. Your current WDH is like the Curt # C17062. This means your current setup only has a single point of sway control. An Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System like the # EQ37100ET has 4 point sway control. With the Equal-i-zer you are getting the best sway control along with a high quality weight distribution system. This does not use lift chains, the spring bars move freely....
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Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control - Trunnion - 10,000 lbs GTW, 1,000 lbs TW

Code: FA92-00-1000

550 reviews

Our Price: $614.65


Product Specs:

Weight Distribution Hitch

WD With Sway Control

Reduces Sway

800 lbs
900 lbs

Allows Backing Up

Fits 2 Inch Hitch


Includes Shank

Electric Brake Compatible
Surge Brake Compatible


Two points of steel-on-steel friction work to prevent and correct trailer sway in this weight distribution system. Sway control brackets help to ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. Adjustable shank included.

Video of Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control - Trunnion - 10,000 lbs GTW, 1,000 lbs TW

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control - Trunnion - 10,000 lbs GTW, 1,000 lbs TW - FA92-00-1000

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (550 Customer Reviews)

Two points of steel-on-steel friction work to prevent and correct trailer sway in this weight distribution system. Sway control brackets help to ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. Adjustable shank included.

by: Anthony12/06/2020

etrailer service is great and the customer service is awesome. The only gripe is the packaging and is not really etrailers fault. UPS ans Fed Ex beat the living daylights out of thier shipments. I am lucky to have all the parts and the hitch was scratched up pretty bad from the abused shipping. Maybe if the boxes were shrink wrapped they would hold up better in shipment. Very fast shipping and I will be using etrailer in the future!

by: Steve04/12/2018

Very happy with the product quality, instructions, and performance of the hitch system. I would highly recommend to anyone needing this type of hitch.

Great, no complaints, durable, and reliable, used my 3/4 drive socket set for installation
Steve - 04/15/2019

by: Daniel03/19/2013

They work great. It took awhile to find a wrench big enough to install the 2 5/16in ball hitch and the parts associated with this system. I didn't have any sockets that size. But, after about two hours, everything was working great.

by: Kenneth10/28/2020

I am very pleased with my Fastway Weight Distribution System. This order was delayed due to the supplier having problems delivering the product but Noahe kept me informed during the hole process. I will definitely purchase items from etrailer in the future.

by: Pat 11/30/2021

Ease of installation

by: Eric Morris10/11/2019

Excellent - Works great and etrailer is a excellent company to deal with. Appreciate the customer service!!

by: Tate 10/29/2020

etrailer had always been great to work with. When the package tracking hadn’t updated in a few days the CS at etrailer assured me everything was good. Sure enough that same day the tracker showed that my package was only 3 hours away and would be here the next day.
The e2 hitch is really easy to set up and I’m very pleased with my purchase and would go through etrailer agin to purchase it.

by: Peter11/23/2018

Love it! Easy to follow install instructions. Simple / quick hook up and removal.
Fortunately we recieved all parts as the box was completely blown out upon arrival with bolts, washers, and trunnion bars falling out across my driveway. UPS really does not care about the cargo they carry, but I know if parts were missing that etrailer would make it right!

by: Mark J.07/06/2016

Fantastic hitch but make sure you take some time to get it set up. I had to assemble/disassemble/reassemble it a few times to get it set up correctly. Also, I had to go to my local trailer shop to properly torque the hitch ball. Not only did I not have a 1 7/8" socket, but I couldn't torque it to 450ft lbs.
Now that it is installed and dialed it it works great.

by: Ronald06/06/2021

Would not pull a trailer without it. Easy to install, easy to use. No sway with this hitch.

by: Pat06/28/2018

Excellent customer service and very helpful in making a decision about the correct hitch. Delivery was fast and followup by Madison was perfect. Pat R

by: Jason 01/13/2022

Fixed my dangerous sag issue on my Tahoe. Would recommend!

by: Matt L. 08/30/2018

Works great. Leveled out my 1/2 ton pickup pulling my Ice Castle. Installs rather easily. Excellent product.

by: Jacob wes09/07/2018

Customer service was excellent and helped with questions I had. The hitch was exactly as described.

by: Nathan Skinner 03/31/2019

Great product! !! Easy to install and made towing the vehicle a lot easier.

by: Aaron F10/08/2012

Very happy with the product so far, very easy to assemble.

by: Darius11/15/2019

Been using this for about a year, no issues at all. It is a little loud, but i understand most of them are. great product.

by: Andrew 09/02/2022

by: Eric11/12/2020

Great help ordering and quick shipping!

by: Joseph07/13/2022

Review from a similar e2 in Weight Distribution Hitch

I purchased Model 92-00-0600. My tow vehicle is a 2016 F150 with the eco-boost 2.7l engine. My trailer is an R-pod 195. Loaded weight of truck and trailer on the scales is 10,400 lbs. Tongue weight is 540 lbs. The wait for arrival of the Fastway e2 was frustrating in that I had a trip planned. etrailer shipped quickly but the shipment never made it to my door. For some reason, the product was shipped back to etrailer when it was only 50 miles from my home. I talked to my UPS driver, and he suspects that the original box suffered a major failure. I believe that after reading some of the posts stating that the shipping box was totally inadequate for a product weighing in at nearly 100 lbs. Finally, after about a week, the 2nd shipment arrived. It was double boxed and "bear proof". I think etrailer finally got the idea to pack these things for rough handling. I watched the videos several times (definitely watch the videos because they take the mystery out). With my measurements in hand, I went to work installing the hitch. My biggest problem was not having a flat driveway or large garage, so I found a nice, paved, flat, and level parking lot for my work. Installation went very smoothly, and I was able to get within 0.1 inch of my "line A" measurements. Actually, my front wheel well measurement was 0.1 inch low (meaning over-adjustment). I took the truck/camper rig on a long test drive in the wind with 35mph gusts. The hitch made a world of difference in driving. My truck and trailer are level and I think the ride has improved. I am pleased and satisfied with what I have. You do need a good torque wrench for installation. My local wheel alignment shop tightened down the trailer ball nut to the hitch head (guessing at something close to XXXft lbs.). Torgue (XXX ft-lbs.) on the two 3/4-10x5" bolts was an estimated. I first tightened them to 160 ft-lbs. (max on my torque wrench) and then used a 2-foot breaker bar to get them as tight as I could.

by: James G.11/20/2021

Review from a similar e2 in Weight Distribution Hitch

This appears to be an excellent weight distribution/sway system. I'll test on a long haul later this year but short 30 minute trip went without a hitch (no pun intended).Installation was not hard and the instruction manual was really good. I rated only 4 stars for several reasons. First, buying a 2-5/16" trailer ball is not a problem but finding a RV shop with a torque wrench capable of 450 ft/lbs is really tough. Have you priced a 450 ft/lb torque wrench lately? Most will lie and just use a pneumatic impact gun. I feel that all manufacturers and/or their dealers should sell the proper size ball and offer to attach at no charge if they feel the torque value is that important. By the way, you need a 1-7/8 inch THIN-WALLED socket to attach the ball. You will also need a 3/4, 1-1/8, and 1-1/4 inch socket for the installation. The next highest torque value was 250 ft/lbs. I do find the videos a great job aid!!! Each installer does things slightly different sometimes so it's good to watch several videos nd compare all the tips and tricks. If you don't want to invest in additional tools, find a reputable RV shop that is willing to install the system correctly.

After one year, I would recommend the FASTWAY-weight distribution hitch. The trip to west Texas encountered high winds on I-10 around Sonora and plenty of big truck traffic yet no problems whatsoever with sway. So far, I am happy with my purchase.
James G - 12/12/2022

by: Casey03/03/2022

Review from a similar e2 in Weight Distribution Hitch

When I received the item the original box and styrofoam were absolutely shredded and dumped into a larger box. I was pretty nervous that I would be missing items but, luckily, everything was in the box and the instructions were clear. It took a while for me to install because I had to buy a ball with a 1" shank (you need a special socket if you want to use a 1 1/4" shank ball which can only be purchased via etrailer which I think is a little shady), but at least the adapter for a 1" ball was in the parts bag. I also had to move an electrical line and the propane tanks which was a hassle, but that has more to do with the design of my trailer than anything else (2021 Hearltand Mallard M27).

The thin walled socket part # EQ70-00-4800
Thin Walled Socket for Equal-i-zer Hitches
will make it easier to install the hitch ball onto the head of the weight distribution system.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 03/10/2022
I have no complaints. I took my trailer on quite a few trips last summer and even traveled on days with winds at 20 mph and did not feel any sway. I feel like the hitch takes a lot of the bounce out of bumps and saddles in the road, The hitch and sway control were fairly simple to set up with two people I think it took us an hour or so. The most important thing to consider when installing this yourself is to follow the directions and be sure that you have large enough sockets and wrenches.
Casey - 03/08/2023

by: Kean08/31/2020

Review from a similar e2 in Weight Distribution Hitch

Installed the Fastway E2 hitch on an 2019 F150 to tow a 19 ft travel trailer (E-Pro 19FD) which has 480 ibs tongue weight, trailer loaded is about 3800 lbs. I towed a few trips without a WDH and there was an annoying "bounce" or teetering at the hitch point (on roads that were not perfectly smooth) and a small amount of sway at highway speeds. I Just finished testing and the hitch reduced the bounce and sway and improved overall handling. I did have a problem with the UPS delivery and Nicol T at etrailer immediately got it straightened out and I called customer support with an install question and they were also excellent. My truck already had the timbrem SES rear suspension kit and I needed to know if that changed the install process (since the bed of the truck will not go down once the bumpers is on the axel - about 1 inch). Anyone installing this hitch - watch the install video along with the instruction manual...

Excellent, I now have taken a few long trips towing the trailer, total 8000 miles. 90 of driving conditions are excellent. Highway driving when there is a lot of truck traffic, trailer is jumping around and swaying and you have to slow down to 60, which is dangerous with the trucks passing At 75..
Kean - 09/01/2021

by: 07/23/2021

Review from a similar e2 in Weight Distribution Hitch

Things to know. Things noticed on first trip:

1. This unit is heavy. The hitch itself is probably 40 pounds. The swaw bars are probably 10-15 pounds each.

2. Unless you have some large wrenches and sockets, you may be getting this put together by a local shop. The hitch ball most assuredly will need to be put on by a shop or someone with a lot of heavy duty tools.
3. Taking measurements on the hitch and fender heights is easy. Making final adjustments can be a bit challenging. Just understand that adjusting the sway bar L brackets and the number of washers should come before moving the hitch up or down on the shank.
4. All but a few websites misstate what is happening with weight distribution. Weight is NOT being transferred to the front axle of the truck from the camper hitch. Weight is being reduced on the back axle of the truck, and is transferred to the tongue bars and I beams of the camper. This puts more (not all) hitch weight on the camper axle(s) and tires and less on the hitch. This, the truck resumes a level pitch. Imagine your arms are the friction bars. Hold them straight out stiff and press down on a table. Notice your body pushes up (like the hitch), and know the table is pressing harder to the ground. Your arms distribute Newton force on the table, and the Newton’s in your body are reduced. That’s weight distribution.

This is important to understand when adjusting the system. And it plays into lowering or raising the L brackets, and adding or subtracting washers. Those washers may seem small, but they make a big difference near the friction point on the L brackets. There is a Goldilocks point of perfection with the system, and you will be making adjustments to perfect. Just be patient, and watch the latest trailer video on installation. And, review Newton’s Third Law, seriously, to understand how forces (Newtons) interchange.

With regard to use, hitching is hitching. Snapping the sway bars into the locks is easy, just make sure they click in their receivers and are secure. I have to use the pry bar to raise them onto the L brackets. You’ll need some strength there, and keep your hands clear of pinch points. Taking the bars off is actually harder. I use a rubber mallet to get them off.

Drove it on hills, over narrow bridges, around dunes and curvy roads, in a stiff wind, and in heavy traffic. Best ride ever. Camper stays true in direction. Truck and camper now ride flat, only 1/4” difference on front (well within instruction guidelines), and 1/2” down on back (again, within specs). Easy to back up, in fact made backing easier because, again, the camper direction stays true. Not noisy, but it hasn’t been wet yet.

One important point: Since more weight is on the camper axle(s)!and tires, I would suggest a top of the line tire with full fiber reinforced walls, not just rubber walls. I installed GoodYear Endurance tires after a miserable blowout from a cheap Made in China tire that came with the camper. With the added weight, make sure you think the whole thing through.

After a year, perfect operation. Put 5,000 miles on the system. Florida to the UP of Michigan and return, and Florida to Big Bend National Park and return. No problems with the system whatsoever.
Patrick o - 07/24/2022

by: Denis01/25/2022

Review from a similar e2 in Weight Distribution Hitch

Hitch looks good some nuts and bolts missing .
Package was delivered damaged believe it was shippers handling.
Note trailer fault
Shipping was fast two days earlier than expected

I will have our customer service team reach out to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 01/26/2022

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