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Pollak 6-Pole, Round Pin, Trailer Wiring Connector - Trailer End

Item # PK11604

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Product Images

pollak wiring  6 round 6-pole pin trailer connector - end
pollak wiring trailer end connector pk11604
pollak wiring trailer connectors 6-pole round pin connector - end
pollak wiring trailer connectors end connector

In Use/Installed

wiring pollak trailer connectors 6 round 6-pole pin connector - end
wiring pollak trailer connectors pk11604
wiring pollak trailer end connector 6 round pk11604
wiring pollak trailer connectors 6 round in use
wiring pollak 6 round pk11604
wiring pollak trailer connectors 6-pole round pin connector - end
wiring pollak trailer end connector pk11604

  • Trailer Connectors
  • Trailer End Connector
  • 6 Round
  • Plug Only
  • Pollak
Establish a secure connection between your trailer and tow vehicle with this 6-pole plug. Round brass pins ensure minimum voltage drop, and pull grips enable easy insertion and removal. Lowest Prices for the best wiring from Pollak. Pollak 6-Pole, Round Pin, Trailer Wiring Connector - Trailer End part number PK11604 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Pollak Wiring - PK11604

Establish a secure connection between your trailer and tow vehicle with this 6-pole plug. Round brass pins ensure minimum voltage drop, and pull grips enable easy insertion and removal.


  • Standard, 6-pole plug connects trailer to socket on tow vehicle
  • Round, floating, solid brass terminal pins
    • Minimum voltage drop is ensured
    • Coated with dielectric (non-conducting) grease
      • Prevents corrosion and resistance
    • Easy alignment and maximum contact
    • Solid brass terminal screws
  • Die-cast housing for durability
    • Tapered design with jumbo, finger-pull grips
      • Easy hand-position pull
  • Cable lock with plated steel retainer screw
  • High-impact, ABS thermoplastic interior
    • Includes extended lip for easy removal and replacement
    • Accepts up to #12 gauge wires
    • Has key and keyway to eliminate twisting and breakage
    • Replaceable - minimizes maintenance costs


  • Volt rating: 6 volts - 28 volts
  • Current rating: 40 continuous-duty amps
  • Wiring configuration:
    • Color - circuit:
      • White - Ground Return
      • Brown - Tail Lights
      • Yellow - Left Turn
      • Red - Stop and/or Electric Brakes
      • Green - Right Turn
      • Blue - Auxiliary Circuit
  • 1-Year limited warranty

11-604 Pollak 6-Way, Round Pin, Trailer Wiring Connector - Trailer End
Replaces 30205

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Pollak 6-Pole, Round Pin, Trailer Wiring Connector - Trailer End

Pollak 6-Pole, Round Pin, Trailer Wiring Connector - Trailer End
Pollak Wiring

61 reviews

Code: PK11604

In Stock


Our Price: $5.73

  • Wiring
  • Trailer Connectors
  • Trailer End Connector
  • Plug Only
  • 6 Round
  • Pollak

Establish a secure connection between your trailer and tow vehicle with this 6-pole plug. Round brass pins ensure minimum voltage drop, and pull grips enable easy insertion and removal.

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This adapter plugs quickly and easily into your 7-way, round-pin, vehicle-end connector to convert it for use with a 6-way round, trailer-end connector. A built-in cover protects the terminals from dust and grime.

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Pollak Trailer Connector Adapter - Vehicle End - 7-Pole Round to 7-Way Blade

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  • 7 Round
  • Plug and Lead
  • 7 Blade

This adapter plugs into your vehicle's 7-way, round-pin receptacle to adapt it for use with a trailer-end, 7-way, RV-style plug. The 7-way flat receptacle includes a hinged cover to keep dirt and moisture out of the connection.

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Video of Pollak 6-Pole, Round Pin, Trailer Wiring Connector - Trailer End

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Pollak Wiring PK11604 Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number PK11604. This is the Pollak 6-Pole, Round Pin, Trailer Wiring Connector. The standard 6-pole plug is going to connect the trailer to the socket on the tow vehicle. It's going to feature round floating solid brass terminal pins. It's going to ensure that minimum voltage drop is attained. They're also coated with dielectric, non-conducting grease which is going to prevent corrosion and resistance. This is going to offer easy alignment and maximum contact.

It's also going to feature solid brass terminal screws, has a really nice die cast housing for durability, has a nice tapered designed with jumbo finger pull grips for easy disconnection. Here on the back, where your wires go, it's going to feature a cable lock system with plated steel retainer screw. See that record 00:00:49 on the inside The interior has high impact ABS thermoplastic material. It also includes the extended lip for easy removal and replacement. It will accept up to number 12 gauge wires. This is replaceable.

The internals are replaceable. It's going to minimize maintenance costs. To gain access to the action points, you just got to unscrew the set screw here on top. The black portion here is going to pull out. You feed your wires through there. Make your connections.

Stick that part back into the housing, reset the screw and then tighten back down the screw down here. This has a volt rating of six volts to 28 volts with a current rating of 40 continuous duty amps. When it comes to the wiring configuration, white is going to be ground, brown's going to be tail lights, yellow is going to be left turn, red is going to be stop and/or electric brakes, green is going to be for your right turn and blue is going to be your auxiliary circuit. That's going do it for our review of part number PK11604, this is the Pollak 6-Pole, Round Pin, Trailer Wiring Connector. .

Customer Reviews

Pollak 6-Pole, Round Pin, Trailer Wiring Connector - Trailer End - PK11604

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (61 Customer Reviews)

Establish a secure connection between your trailer and tow vehicle with this 6-pole plug. Round brass pins ensure minimum voltage drop, and pull grips enable easy insertion and removal.

- PK11604

by: Chip Rivers09/12/2014

These connectors were high quality by a known manufacturer. I could have bought them locally but I wouldn't have gotten the expert advice and detailed information that I was able to get from eTrailer!. I talked to several people and each one was very knowledgeable. When the parts arrived, it surprised me because they came so quickly! I would readily order from them again if I needed more trailer parts. I used these connectors to adapt a Minn-Kota trolling motor to my fishing kayak and have attached some pictures showing it installed. 150859

- PK11604

by: Ronnie04/26/2017

Purchased some new LED lights for trailer. eTrailer has good prices and a good selection. Shipping was a bit slow but that may be be eTrailer's fault, we all know how the postal service works...or doesn't. No reservations about re-ordering from this company, I like that George followed up with me afterward to make sure I'm satisfied. Order with confidence! 372786

- PK11604

by: Claude L.07/24/2017

I got exactly what I ordered, two replacement cable plugs for my tow bar from car to tow vehicle. Package included easy to follow instructions for wiring connections. The cable package from the tow bar company is pretty pricey but these plugs and the existing cable to repair cost around $10.00. I will probably order two more to have as spares. 410089

- PK11604

by: Carl H01/11/2015

Was impressed with the websites videos showing how to remove, replace and wire these fittings. When the fitting arrived the procedures were as easy as demonstrated. Did note however that the old fittings showed silicone sealant around the wire connection points and don't recall that being part of the instructions, but seemingly a good idea 168574

- PK11604

by: Ryan W.06/26/2015

I really appreciated the detail provided with each of their products. I was confident of what I was buying and that it would do what I needed to do. I will definitely be buying from them again in the future. Shipping was fair priced and very quick! Thanks a bunch,!! - Ryan 207376

- PK11604

by: Rusty07/06/2017

Works great, what I needed for the connection for my DC fuel pump to my fuel tank I carry in the bed of my truck. I have been a customer for a couple of years now and will continue to be as you always have everything I need then ship it out in a very timely matter. 402197

- PK11604

by: Ken D01/23/2016

E-trailer was great to work with . I was having trouble finding the parts I needed locally but they had them all. I received my order in only a few days. Great company to work with. I can't say enough about there support staff. A special thanks to Rebecca N. 236137

- PK11604

by: Jim D.08/19/2015

I ordered replacement side markers and was pleased to find the bulbs came sealed to the lense. The ones they replaced had twist in bulbs that would work out of the back of the lense. Better than expected product and prompt shipping. Thanks, Jim D. 220299

- PK11604

by: Bill O10/16/2014

Received product as ordered. Looks to be of good quality compared to another product I used previously. This has not been installed as of yet but I do not foresee any problems. This is going to be used with my Motorcycle Trike to connect my trailer. 156124

- PK11604

by: Jim L.12/22/2016

I received the plug/receptacle for my 2002 Chevy van promptly and it was the right fit. The videos provided on the site were very helpful in wiring the plug correctly. All-n-all, a great experience and I would recommend E-Trailer to anyone. 327205

- PK11604

by: Fritzmeister4910/20/2016

This connector was used to replace a similar no name Chinese knock-off that had corroded badly. Also, I no longer keep the trailer cable connected and left in the elements. Easy to disconnect both ends and store separately. 308936

- PK11604

by: Jim O.02/24/2012

All parts delivered promptly and packaged securely. I will be mounting the 6-pin plastic wiring socket into the underside of my Honda Goldwing trunk and connecting the 6-pin connector to my Uni-Go single-wheel trailer. 32397

- PK11604

by: Larry B.11/21/2013

This item and the receiver were exactly what I was searching for. I have a motorcycle trike, with a matching motorcycle tow trailer. That is what these items were ordered for. Very happy with purchase and shipping. 108093

- PK11604

by: Wendell Harris03/11/2013

This was super easy to install. The best part was the diagrams on your webpage for each wire. They matched perfect to my F250. Your diagrams made my re-wiring process super easy and fast. Thank You All. 69940

- PK11604

by: jared,country nursery12/22/2011

good quality but found letters telling you what wires go where are hard to read on this end its a little different style on the inside than i've seen before but appears to be good product. 28577

- PK11604

by: Max07/05/2017

This worked great. It is exactly what I needed to get my TOAD lights working again. The installation was very easy. As always I got the item very quickly. 401754

- PK11604

by: S. Brown09/12/2017

Best price...excellent delivery and outstanding communication. Replacement for existing connector. Am very pleased and would buy from this vendor again. 431719

- PK11604

by: Robert M.07/25/2015

The Pollak quality is always great! I use this style plug for my trailers. They last longer than the cheap rubber plugs and are easy to maintain. 214446

- PK11604

by: Randall W.07/19/2017

This part was exactly what I needed. The order was accurate, on time and it was a pleasure doing business. I would recommend this site highly. 407950

- PK11604

by: Garry C.09/02/2014

Delivered on time with easy to use instructions. Will use trailer services when I need any of their products. Thank you for your service. 149621

- PK11604

by: Greg A04/11/2016

This was an exact replacement for my old 6 pole round connector that had been worn and corroded. Easy fix, great product. 243706

- PK11604

by: GF08/17/2017

Great website and quality products. I was glad to see that the jacketed 6-wire cable I received was made in the USA. 421820

- PK11604

by: Paulie05/19/2017

Product exactly as described, arrived undamaged and on time. e-trailer once again did an excellent job. Thanks! 382939

- PK11604

by: Russell F.09/24/2012

Well-built and solid - an excellent replacement for an old and rusty plug. Thanks for the fast shipping! 55590

- PK11604

by: Russellg908/15/2017

I found the connector I was looking for with ease. Very reasonably priced and was delivered promptly. 420751

- PK11604

by: JIMBO07/04/2015

Exactly as example and seems like very good quality, I've happy with the product- JIMBO 209361

- PK11604

by: Dave H08/12/2013

Exactly as advertised. And bonus: eTrailer is fantastic to deal with, and they ship FAST! 94697

- PK11604

by: Paul E.12/15/2016

I have ordered many times from etrailer, with 5 trailers, always excellent service. 326485

- PK11604

by: Tad Pole09/16/2017

This electrical plug is everything that etrailer says it is - great product! 433229

- PK11604

by: Rod C09/27/2016

yes, they still make some things out of metal. fast shipping from etrailer 300841

- PK11604

by: Larry H,04/28/2016

Fixed my problem. Will purchase from this dealer in the future as needed. 247264

- PK11604

by: rhhenne07/14/2016

Everything went together fine and had no problems with this product. 271887

- PK11604

by: Vern K.09/13/2013

exactly as listed and arrived quickly. Thank You. Works perfectly. 99831

- PK11604

by: dean07/28/2017

good service and prompt delivery, items are of good quality 413161

- PK11604

by: Ron T08/21/2016

Plug was exactly as advertised. Price was lowest I found. 286280


use it every weekend and have had zero problems with it.

Ron T - 08/21/2017


- PK11604

by: butch07/06/2015

works great solved motorcycle tow behind trailer wiring. 209837

- PK11604

by: Dewey04/08/2015

Works great for connector from Motorhome to tow vehicle. 184065

- PK11604

by: Eddie H.08/08/2014

Very well made. Extremely please with speed of shipping 145298

- PK11604

by: Terry03/01/2017

A plus is a plug. Haven't tried yet but fast shipping. 347299

- PK11604

by: Monica07/27/2011

The product came quickly and was exactly as advertised. 20368

- PK11604

by: George T03/06/2014

Just what I wanted. I have not installed it as yet. 119628

- PK11604

by: JJ05/05/2014

Don't like the open holes all the way to the back 129056

- PK11604

by: Craig P03/18/2017

Excellent high quality product, easy to install. 355273

- PK11604

by: Gary G.03/01/2012

Great product shipped fast and excellent service 32911

- PK11604

by: johnnie B10/29/2016

very good fast shipping works great tha nks 311945

- PK11604

by: MMurdock08/12/2014

Great plug, easy to install. Feels stro ng. 146174

- PK11604

by: Robert L.01/30/2016

Great product with great service 236632

- PK11604

by: Dennis M01/06/2017

Great service, shipment made timely 333024

- PK11604

by: Don C.10/16/2014

Got the part quickly and as shown. 156166

- PK11604

by: Bubba04/25/2017

Great quality and easy to install 372381

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  • How to Wire a 6 Pole Round Trailer End Plug
  • There is a suggested and common method for 6 function trailer wiring. You will have the following functions: Right Turn, Left Turn, Ground, Tail/marker, Brake, Battery. I have included a help article on trailer wiring that includes a diagram and wiring matrix that explains wire color, function, and gauge needed, among other helpful information. Also, there are pictures to the right that show how the connector and receptacle wire by color and function. And I have included a link to a...
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  • Using a 6-Way to 7-Way Adapter for a RV with 6-Way Round Socket and Trailer with a 7-way Connector
  • The Hopkins 6 Pole to 7 Pole Adapter, # 47435, does have a pin for the brake output for a brake controller. This adapter will work for your set up as long as the center pin of the 6-way plug on your RV is for 12v power and the pin in the 10 o clock position is for the brakes. You can verify this using a circuit tester like part # 3808. If the center pin on your 6-way plug is wired for brakes and the pin in the 10 o clock position is for 12v power, then you can still make an adapter using...
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  • How to Rewire an Old Cattle Trailer
  • It sounds like you are on the right track to rewire your cattle trailer. You are correct about the wire colors on the 7-way connector that you purchased. The colors that you see on the 7-way connector are typical for RV style trailers rather than utility, cargo, or livestock style trailers. The black wire should be connected to the terminal in the 7-way connector labeled black. This is the terminal in the 11 oclock position when you are looking at the back of the trailer connector (see...
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  • Why Do the Trailer Brakes Lock Up When 6-Way Connector Is Plugged Into Ford Truck
  • A 6-Way round pole connector can be wired one of two ways; with the center pole as the 12 volt hot lead, or as the brake. Having the center pole as the 12 volt hot lead is probably most common. In your case, the 6-Way round connector on your Dodge is probably wired with the center pole as the brake lead. The Ford is probably wired with the center pole for the 12 volt power. When you plug in the connector to your trailer and the center is 12 volt power it is just going to lock up the...
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  • Adapter for a 4-Way Flat Vehicle End Trailer Connector to 6-Way Round Pin Trailer Connector
  • If you only want to use the basic lighting functions provided by the 4-Way (left/right turn, brake, and running lights) then all you will need to do is plug the 4-Way end of the Adapter 4 pole top 6 pole, # 30637, into your vehicle 4-Way. The trailer 6-Way will then plug into the 6-Way receptacle on the adapter. You will also need to ground the white wire on the adapter to the vehicle frame at a clean and corrosion free metal surface. The remaining wires (blue for electric brakes and black...
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  • Wiring Color Code On Ford Motor Home With 7-Way Connector And Car To Be Towed Has 6-Way Connector
  • The 6-wire and the 7-wire connectors will have the same color codes on six of the wires. The green wire is right turn/brake, the yellow wire is left turn/brake, the white wire is the ground, the brown wire is the taillights, the blue wire is electric brakes, and the black wire is the 12v power. The 7-way motorhome connector will have an extra auxiliary wire (purple) on the center pin that is used for reverse lights, 12v power, or reverse lockout for trailer brakes. There are two...
    view full answer...

  • Which Wire is the Ground Wire on Sundowner Horse Trailer 6-Way
  • Between those two color choices the black one would most likely be the ground wire. However, if you hook it up with the black as the ground and it does not work I would recommend trying the red wire. Also, you should trace both of these wires back on the trailer to see where they terminate. The ground wire should be connected to the frame of your trailer. Whichever one connects to the frame is the ground. The ground wire should be wired to the 12 o clock position terminal on the Pollak...
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  • Installing a 7-Way Trailer Connector on a Trailer with 6 Wires
  • You can certainly add a 7-way trailer connector to your trailer with 6 wires. You would simply have 1 pin on the 7-way connector that did not function. I recommend adding a 7-way molded trailer wire connector like part # H20046, and a junction box like part # 38656. We do this on all of our trailers and our customers trailers and it will make future wire maintenance much easier. I have attached an installation video of these two parts for you to check out. Once you have all of your parts,...
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  • Installing a Brake Controller on a 2012 Harley Davidson Motorcycle for Towing a Aspen Sentry Trailer
  • I spoke with Aspen trailer to get some details for you, they recommend a time delayed brake controller for their trailers with electric brakes. The representative there said that many of their customers have excellent performance from the Activator IV electric trailer brake controller by Draw-Tite, # 5504. The advantage of a time delayed brake controller on a motorcycle is that it can be positioned in any way, so you can easily find a mounting location that is out of the way but still...
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  • Troubleshooting Running Light Malfunctions on a Kaufman Trailers Mini 5 Car Hauler
  • If the other lights are working correctly, the most likely cause would be a bad ground. Ground issues may not be apparent until a larger load is placed on the circuit, like when the taillights are activated. It is also common for tilting, folding tongue trailers, and trailer with lots of moving components, like your car hauler to have grounding problems due to the moving components. These moving components, prevent full continuous contact of the metal surfaces, and interrupt the ground...
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  • How to Tell if Trailer Has 6-Way or 7-Way Installed
  • It sounds like you have a 7-way blade connector on your boat trailer as that is a very common connector on boat styles. This connector has 6 pins around the outside of the connector and a center pin for a total of 7. Part # A7WCB would be what a 7-way would look like. If you had a 6-way it would look like part # PK11604.
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  • Wiring Magnetic Tow Lights to a 6-way Round Connector on a RV
  • It sounds to me like your 6-Way connector has been wired for some alternate wiring situation, and that is most likely why the adapter does not work properly with the Magnetic lights. I would use a circuit tester, item # 3808 if you need one, and check all of the functions in the 6-Way connector on the RV. Draw a diagram and label each circuit. You will need the stop, turn/brake, tail and ground functions out of the 6-way connector to operate the functions on the 4-way connection of the...
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  • How to Wire a Replacement 6-Way Trailer Connector Onto Old Cattle Trailer
  • Typically, the connector wires as follows: Brown wire: tail lights Green wire: right turn and brake Yellow wire: left turn and brake Red wire: brake output voltage Black wire: auxiliary If this does not match up with the way your trailer is wired, you will have to wire it by function, not wire color. The best way to do this would be to use a car battery and apply power to each circuit on the trailer wiring harness. Ground the negative battery terminal to the trailer frame,...
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  • Troubleshooting Wiring When Running Lights Are Not Working on New Trailer
  • The first thing you will need to do is troubleshoot to determine if the problem is with the vehicle or the trailer. To check the wiring you will need a circuit tester, like Quickee Circuit Tester, part # 3808. You would start by checking the vehicle side. If this was installed aftermarket you will have to test the Modulite or converter. Make certain you have a good ground by attaching the ground on the tester to the same place the ground wire on the vehicle side of the converter...
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  • Can a 2017 Kia Sportage be Towed Behind a Motorhome Using a Tow Dolly
  • If your 2007 Kia Sportage is a 2WD then you can use a tow dolly to tow it per the owner's manual. If you have a 4WD version then it will need to be towed with all 4 wheels off of the ground. I recommend verifying which ones you have before purchasing a tow dolly. We have 2 different options for a Tow Dolly from Roadmaster. Part # RM-2050-1 is the more basic version and is rated for 4,250 lbs while part # RM-2000-1 features self-steering wheels and is rated for 4,380 lbs. Both are equipped...
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  • Brake Controller for Towing a Trailmaster Trailer with a Harley Electra Glide Classic Motorcycle
  • I have spoken with small tent trailer manufacturers about which brake controllers are best for their trailers with brakes and found that they recommend using a a time delayed brake controller for their trailers. They said that many of their customers have excellent performance from the Activator electric trailer brake controller by Draw-Tite, # 5100. The advantage of a time delayed brake controller on a motorcycle is that it can be positioned in any way, so you can easily find a mounting...
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  • Adapting a 6-Way Trailer Connector to a 6-Way Square Connector
  • Your best bet would be to remove the square connector on the camper and replace it with a 6-way connector, item # PK11604, to correspond with the connector on your truck. If you do not wish to do this, you could fabricate an adapter using a 6-Way Trailer End Connector, part # PK11604 and a 6-Pole Square Trailer Wiring Connector Kit, part # 37995. You will want to make sure to wire the connector so that the vehicle and trailer side are wired identically. LOCATE WIRES BY FUNCTION ONLY White...
    view full answer...

  • Running Lights on Trailer Stay On All the Time
  • This sounds like the problem could be a short or possibly ground related but based on what you have said a ground is much less likely. Look for any pinched or frayed wires on the trailer and fix as needed. This could cause a short resulting in constant power draw. Ground problems normally show up when there is more draw on a system such as when you have the running lights on and then use another function like a turn signal or brake light. Make sure that the vehicle side and trailer side...
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting 6-way Trailer Connector on 1999 Ford F350 Flatbed Truck
  • There are actually two different accepted methods of wiring a 6-way trailer connector. The center pin on a 6-way trailer connector usually carries the 12-volt accessory circuit that is used for any trailer mounted accessories that might need a power feed, although sometimes it can be wired so it carries the output voltage from the brake controller to the trailer brakes. If you take a look at the FAQ article I have linked you to, you can see a wiring diagram showing how a 6-way should...
    view full answer...

  • Testing the Trailer Wires for Function Using a Circuit Tester on a Horse Trailer
  • My suggestion is to test the wires for function with the trailer connected to the tow vehicle. You will need a circuit tester, like the Quickee # 3808, or a multimeter if you have one. You can start with any function, but I recommend starting with the left turn signal. It would help to have someone sit in the tow vehicle and engage the functions while you test the wires on the trailer. With the left blinker on, probe the wires until you find the one that carries a signal in unison with...
    view full answer...

  • How to Convert a Military Wired Trailer to a 6-way Civilian Trailer Connector
  • I wish we had an adapter that would allow you to tow your military trailer with your vehicle that has a 6-way but we do not. What you could do is cut off the military connection and then wire up a 6-way in place of it. For that you would need a Pollak 6-Pole # PK11604 and taillight converter # 118158. Before you cut off the connector you will want to pick out the following wires from the back of the military connector and label them somehow. Masking tape and a marker would do well. J,...
    view full answer...

  • No Running Lights On Trailer With 6-Pin Connected To 2003 Dodge Ram With Factory 7-Way
  • If you tested the trailer lights and everything is working then the problem is from the 6-Way connector back to the truck. You will want to use a circuit tester like, # 3808, to test the 7-Way connector attached to the 2003 Dodge Ram. First test the pin on the connector that would be the running lights and see if you have power coming out of the connector. If there is no power coming out then test the wire on the back of the connector that is for the running lights to see if you have...
    view full answer...

  • Solution for Trailer Connector that Has No Ground Wire
  • Sounds like your trailer wiring does not have a ground circuit for it's connector. The easy solution for that is to run a wire from the ground pin of the connector to the trailer's frame. Your trailer electronics should work a little better now as previous to this it was grounding through the ball mount.
    view full answer...

  • Tow Dolly Recommendation For 2014 Chevrolet Spark Being Towed Behind Motorhome
  • I did some research and found that your 2014 Chevrolet Spark with an automatic transmission cannot be flat-towed behind your motorhome. In order to tow your Spark you will need to either use a transport dolly or use a tow dolly. I recommend the RoadMaster Tow Dolly with Electric Brakes, part # RM-2000-1. This dolly has a capacity of 4,380 lbs and has electric brakes. This dolly also has an adjustable axle and ramps which will allow it to fit almost any vehicle. And the tow dolly...
    view full answer...

  • How to Rewire Trailer for 6 Way Connection with Separate Turn Signals and Brake Lights
  • First you will want a new 6-way like the Hopkins 6-Way Molded Connector, # H20036. Installing the 6-way plug will be made easier by using a junction box such as # 38656. This box mounts to the trailer frame and serves as a connection point between the trailer's original wiring and the new 6-way. Also you will want some Deka jacketed 2 wire, 10 gauge, brake wire # 10-2-1 to run the brake output circuit from the junction box to the brake assemblies as well as some Deka 16-gauge bonded 4-wire...
    view full answer...

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Info for this part was:

Installed by:
Joe V
Photos by:
Theodore B
Expert Research:
Michael L
Written by:
Tyler C
Expert Research:
Michael H
Expert Research:
Jeff D
Expert Research:
Reno H
Expert Research:
Jameson C
Expert Research:
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Expert Research:
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Video by:
Kathleen M
Video Edited:
Dustin K
Installed by:
Cole B
Photos by:
Amber A
Expert Research:
Rachael H
Expert Research:
Jeffrey L
Video by:
Alan C
Test Fit:
Shane H

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