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Andersen Rapid Jack

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andersen wheel chocks trailer chock rv
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andersen wheel chocks trailer chock rv am3620
andersen wheel chocks trailer chock rv am3620
andersen wheel chocks chock trailer rv

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wheel chocks andersen chock trailer rv in use
wheel chocks andersen chock rapid jack
wheel chocks andersen chock trailer rv rapid jack
wheel chocks andersen trailer chock rv am3620
wheel chocks andersen chock am3620


  • Trailer Wheel Chock
  • RV Wheel Chock
  • Wheel Chock
  • Andersen
Raise your trailer quickly and effectively with the Rapid Jack from Andersen Manufacturing. Simply drive your trailer onto the jack for a quick boost. Also functions as a leveler for single-axle trailers and as a trailer jack base. Lowest Prices for the best wheel chocks from Andersen. Andersen Rapid Jack part number AM3620 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Andersen Wheel Chocks - AM3620

Raise your trailer quickly and effectively with the Rapid Jack from Andersen Manufacturing. Simply drive your trailer onto the jack for a quick boost. Also functions as a leveler for single-axle trailers and as a trailer jack base.


  • Raise trailer wheels quickly and easily
    • Drive good wheel of double-axle trailer onto the jack to raise the other axle and change the bad tire
  • Level wheels of single-axle trailers
    • Place small end of jack under wheel and drive up until level
    • Will not work as leveler for multi-axle trailers because the jack is too large to fit in between tires
      • To level multi-axle trailers, use the Rapid Camper Leveler instead (AM3604)
  • Use as a trailer jack base by turning the Rapid Jack on its side and resting the shaft of your trailer jack in the molded circle
  • Includes rubber grip to prevent slipping
  • Made in the USA


  • Leveler height: 6-7/8"
  • Leveler length: 17"
  • Width: 6"
  • Constructed from recycled plastic materials (100 percent)
  • Weight capacity: 20,000 lbs
  • 1-Year limited warranty

3620 Andersen Rapid Jack

Value - This item

Andersen Rapid Jack

Andersen Rapid Jack
Andersen Wheel Chocks

84 reviews

Code: AM3620

In Stock

Our Price: $49.99

  • Wheel Chocks
  • Wheel Chock
  • Trailer Wheel Chock
  • RV Wheel Chock
  • Andersen

Raise your trailer quickly and effectively with the Rapid Jack from Andersen Manufacturing. Simply drive your trailer onto the jack for a quick boost. Also functions as a leveler for single-axle trailers and as a trailer jack base.

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Video of Andersen Rapid Jack

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Andersen Trailer Jack AM3620 Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number AM3620. This is the Andersen Rapid Jack. It's going to raise your trailer wheels quickly and easily. You just drive the good wheel of the double-axle trailer or the dually vehicle onto the jack to raise the other axle and change the bad tire. This is also going to help to level the wheels of single-axle trailers. Just place the small end of the jack under the wheel, drive up on it until it's level. This will not work as a leveler for multi-axle trailers because the jack is too large to fit in between the tires.

To level multi-axle trailers, you'll want to use the Rapid Camper Leveler instead. That can be found at It is sold separately with part number AM3011. You can also use this as a trailer jack base by turning the Rapid Jack on its side, and resting the the shaft of your trailer jack into the molded circle. If you have a caster wheel assembly, the wheel is designed, or this place here is designed to cradle the wheel. If you have a standard footplate at the base of your trailer jack, or a circular base pad, you can just rest that on the width of the Rapid Jack. The circle pad here has a diameter of 2 1/2 inches.

The rectangular shape that's going to cradle our caster wheel assembly, if we have that, is going to measure 5 7/8ths of an inch long, by 2 1/2 inches wide. This does include the rubber grip pad to help prevent shifting. It just goes right underneath the Rapid Jack. Another function that we have with this item, is we can flip it upside down and wedge this into our tire, and actually use this as a chock. Now I'd like to go over the dimensions for you. This is going to give us a height of 6 7/8ths of an inch. It's going to provide us with a width of right at 6 inches.

And it's going to give us an overall length of right at 17 inches. This is constructed from 100% recycled plastic materials. And it has a weight capacity of 20,000 pounds. Now when you use this at its full potential, and drive up on it, you can see that the gap we have here, it would be a good idea to leave your trailer hooked up to your tow vehicle. Just so, you know, hopefully it wouldn't, but we just want to make sure that that's not going to roll away. We always want to think safety. Andersen does provide a Tuff Chock, and that can be found at

It is sold separately with part number AM3605. It's custom contoured to fit the cut of the Rapid Jack, so you'd wedge that in here. And it's going to provide the extra support you're looking for when unhooking the trailer from your tow vehicle to ensure that it's not going to roll away from you. The smooth plastic surface does resist dirt, grease and oil really well, and the product itself weighs only 6 pounds. That's going to complete our review of part number AM3620; that's the Andersen Rapid Jack. .

Customer Reviews

Andersen Rapid Jack - AM3620

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (84 Customer Reviews)

Raise your trailer quickly and effectively with the Rapid Jack from Andersen Manufacturing. Simply drive your trailer onto the jack for a quick boost. Also functions as a leveler for single-axle trailers and as a trailer jack base.

- AM3620

by: Derk10/30/2017

Purchased this product to allow easier side to side leveling of our camper. Carrying boards to roll one of the tires onto to level the camper has become an issue as we age. I saw this on the etrailer WEB site and watched the video of how it worked. Awesome is all I have to say. We tried it out last week on the winter parking place on our property. It worked well. It is a different way of doing it than with boards. Because of the physics you actually have to beyond level about a half bubble and then insert the chuck and it will roll back some to the level that you need. With boards you have to guess how many boards you need. If it is wrong you have to roll back off add or subtract boards and then you have to be happy with the closest level that can be achieved with the 3/4 inch increments you get with the boards. This product allows infinite points of level and all you have to do is pull up farther or back up a little to achieve the camper level. 447353

- AM3620

by: hdlonestar07/31/2015

Haven't had a chance to use the Rapid Jack and hope I never do, however, it is heavy construction and weighs more than what I was expecting from a polycarbonate part which is a good thing. Customer service was great and shipping was fast. 215695


Fortunately, Ive never had to use the Rapid Jack yet.

hdlonestar - 07/30/2016


- AM3620

by: Ted C.08/17/2017

I bought the Anderson Trailer Leveler and the Anderson Trailer Jack at the same time. I wanted another black rubber pad that is also on Anderson's site and has an Anderson part #. I like the products I got very much, really heavy, solidly made.. But etrailer refused to go to the trouble of ordering me the extra rubber pad I wanted. They said it's not a normal stock item and would have to be special ordered. They would not special order it.. I was quite surprised.. What's the big deal ? I wasn't in a rush to receive the order at all.. I didn't get it.. But no matter, I still like the products very much and received them all in one package no problem at all.. 421328

- AM3620

by: Garret A06/04/2016

Well folks, after a year from purchase I am so pleased to announce that I have yet to actually use this product (knock on wood). My purchase from was about as smooth and prompt as possible. It is made from excellent materials, I like the color as it shows up in the storage box quickly, stows nicely. I made a six week western states run last summer and having this with me definitely took away the worry of a possible roadside tire issue. The roll on and roll off feature is excellent as it rocks as you roll onto the lift raising the problem tire and wheel. I have absolutely no complaints or concerns, would I purchase again....Yes! 257173

- AM3620

by: Ktman08/03/2016

I received everything From E-Trailer in one package, well protected. I ordered one Anderson rapid Jack and 2 Anderson chock and Levelers. They arrived faster than I had expected as well Double bonus points. Since they arrived quicker I was able to use them on a "dry run" this past weekend. I did have to trim the levelers a bit to fit between my axels 1.25 inches. I will be traveling from Mass. to Eldora speedway with three stops along the way. I Feel confident all will work well and I will be on the level. 279074

- AM3620

by: Robert S.07/17/2013

I ordered one of these in anticipation of a new tandem axle travel trailer being delivered. That trailer hasn't arrived yet, but I used it on a single axle trailer instead of the lynx leveler blocks I was using. This thing is guessing and backing on and off blocks. Just slide it behind the low side and back up onto it until the trailer is level, chock everything, and done. It is a little on the heavy side, but it will handle enough weight to park a motor home on..... 89997

- AM3620

by: phyllis h11/17/2016

I just purchased this product two days ago - it arrived yesterday... Awesome folks at etrailer, could not believe the delivery time.. This is a Christmas present.. A friend of mine bought one, and he absolutely loves it. He has already used it and thought it was a great tool to have handy. We camp, fish etc., so we are on the go and this will certainly give piece of mind with the boat and the camper. Thanks etrailer - if I need anything else I will look you up 317298

- AM3620

by: Donald G.01/27/2015

I received my order of the Anderson Rapid Jack and a set of the Anderson Camper Levelers . The shipping was very fast and even though I will have to wait better weather to try them out, I am happy with the quality of the items! I also received a price match plus 10% with out any problems :) I would recommend and the Anderson Products. Great service, I will purchase from them again! Donald 171368

- AM3620

by: Russell D.10/30/2014

I bought this Rapid Jack for a friend after using my own as a leveler for my camper for the first time last month. These are easy to use and work great. etrailer shipped this order to me within a couple of hours of ordering since I was a returning customer. Outstanding customer service. I will check etrailer for anything I need that they may carry from now on! 158477

- AM3620

by: Dale B05/24/2011

Great idea....but If you have external fenders, like a boat trailer, the ramp/chock may catch on the fender and bend the fender. For internal fenders, like RV's, this shouldn't be an issue. If clearance isn't an issue the ramp is well designed and extremely sturdy. It's made of recycled tires/plastic. It's a simple solution that is easy to use. 15222

- AM3620

by: Bruce J.04/20/2017

Fortunately I have not had to use one to change a tire yet, but have used these as a post base, and on extremely hilly locations as a taller leveler. I like their construction, and multi-function uses. Holes make them lighter, but silver fish and other bugs like them for homes, but they are easy to clean out when storing. I would buy them again. 369966

- AM3620

by: David H07/25/2016

I have a torsion tri axle trailer. The AM3620 along with the AM 3604 makes changing a tire EZ. Have changed all the brake pads on all 6 wheels and did it faster than changing a flat the first time I realized a typical jack would not work on my tri axle trailer. Love these things. Will always carry when pulling any dual axle or tri axle trailer. 275926

- AM3620

by: randy e.07/19/2012

this is an outstanding product and tough as a pine,s real quick and easy to use,best for the money and best for quality!i had previously had to carry a floor jack ,now it stays at,s as simple as pulling forward and backing mre laying on the hot asphalt to scoot the jack under the axle. happy traveling,Randy 48571

- AM3620

by: Charles S.12/10/2014

What a great idea. I haven't been able to use them, yet. But I have "fit" one to my trailer by cutting off the tip to fit between the tires. The instructions for doing so are minimal, but effective. I called the company and got excellent support and learned, before cutting, that it's not necessary to cut off both levelers 164080

- AM3620

by: Kim11/03/2017

When researching the Anderson Leveler/chock, I found these to be just what I needed. With the Levelmatepro 2 it is so easy to level the fifth wheel. After handling and using them, I found them to be very hefty and build like they will last a long time. The are worth every penny because of the time they save on leveling. 448549

- AM3620

by: Mike F07/04/2012

My Rapid Jack was shipped promptly and arrived within the time advertised. I tried it out on my 26', dual axle travel trailer and it worked exactly as I hoped it would. The product is heavy duty and very easy to use and will make changing a tire MUCH safer than my bottle jack. Thanks for a terrific product!! 46732

- AM3620

by: John J06/05/2017

Great design. Have it for when we boondocks in the mountains and might need a lil more lift to level out. So simple to use it's not funny. Communication,correspondence, shipping,price,selection, etc. from etrailer is top notch! Happy to do business with them and will continue to do so. Great job crew 388919

- AM3620

by: Chuck01/18/2013

Haven't used the product yet, but quality appears good. The non slip surface on the bottom was held on with several screws. Only experience will show if that will hold up. Ordered on Sunday. It was shipped Sunday and received on Wednesday with regular shipping. Excellent service by Etrailer. 63450

- AM3620

by: DAVID S.02/25/2013

I was really impressed with how fast I received my trailer jack. Only 2 days! The product looks a little worn though. It must be made from recycled material. As long as it works is the main thing. I would definitely order from e-trailer again(plan to do so in the next few weeks) 67688


The jack is indeed made out of 100 recycled plastic materials, right here in the U.S.

-- Patrick B - 03/04/2013


- AM3620

by: Easy to Use05/18/2014

I have not used this product in a real emergency, only to try it out. It works as described as it lifted the 2nd wheel high enough to rotate and/or change a flat if needed. It appears to be well made and they include a strip of rubber to help prevent slippage, which is nice. 131153

- AM3620

by: Chris04/13/2016

Product is made of high quality material. Haven't had to use as a jack for tire repair, though use everyday to distribute weight of trailer stand as not to punch a hole or divot finished driveway. After a year only wear is the color, a bit faded. Very solid. 244143

- AM3620

by: Delbert09/05/2015

Right out of the box, looks very sturdy. Will use these, in lieu of the 2 x 12 boards we've been hauling around for for leveling purposes. Saves on weight and doesn't take up much space. Will put them to the test on next trip in two weeks. 224171

- AM3620

by: Frank C06/27/2014

I recently use a friends Anderson Rapid Jack while on the side of the road to change a flat tire, it worked great. Now I have one in my trailer just in case. 137912


how do you use it to change a flat tire? The wheel is sitting on the jack.

-- comment by: beecroft - 11/14/2014


The Rapid Jack # AM3620
Andersen Rapid Jack
can be used on an adjacent wheel to take the load off the flat tire, so that it can be changed. This is especially handy for use on multiple axle trailers. I have had to use them a time or two and must agree, it works great!

-- Rachael H - 11/14/2014

- AM3620

by: Clark W06/24/2017

The Andersen Tuff Chock, Rapid Jack, and Camper Wheel Chocks and Leveler are great products, the quality appears to be good. They are easy to use just like the videos on YouTube. I would recommend these products to others. 400907

- AM3620

by: Lonny08/14/2017

Ordered it last week, already used it to raise wheels on 5th wheel to check and tighten the wheel bearings. Worked great and I didn't have to worry about trailer falling off a jack. Loved it. 420330

- AM3620

by: Bill M.05/21/2012

Very ruggedly built. Simple design that is perfect for dual wheel trailer and much safer than a jack. Has a place to grab and hold with one hand so it's easy to use. I recommend to anyone. 41132

- AM3620

by: James10/27/2017

Looks very strong. Hope I never have to use it. I will know for sure how it works when I try it out in my driveway. Had to buy the chock for it separate, but it was inexpensive. 446558

- AM3620

by: Tom G06/02/2016

The picture and the item received look great. I haven't used it yet but the way it is constructed I have no doubt that will do the job when it is time to use the product. 255670

- AM3620

by: Tom. T.07/20/2016

Arrived quickly. Tried it out first thing. It works great. Easy to use. Very sturdy. I'm impressed. Not to sure yet how it would work on uneven ground...we'll see. 274136

- AM3620

by: Shawn M.06/13/2017

This device is going to be very helpful. It's very well made and strong. I hope I never have to use it but if I do, I have total confidence that I'll have no trouble. 392808

- AM3620

by: spenc07/01/2011

this thing is great!! a must have for ANYONE pulling a trailer. It makes changing a flat, or just working on the trailer at home so much easier and safer. 18383

- AM3620

by: Peter J09/26/2011

Great product. Need to be careful if you trailer is close to the ground, I need to put a piece of wood under the other tire in order to remove the jack. 24582

- AM3620

by: Joe L07/16/2017

Had a flat on my fifth wheel product didn't raise It high enough to lift tire off ground. Had to use my jack. Great idea just not enough hight. 406562

- AM3620

by: Jaime S09/23/2017

I was amazed by the quality of this product and it eliminates have to carry a heavy jack to change a tire. Customer service was excellent too. 435712

- AM3620

by: Mark W.04/18/2017

We love these levelers and it makes it so easy to level our camper. I would recommend these to anyone who doesn't have a self leveling system. 370137

- AM3620

by: Dave, Ontario Canada08/13/2016

Received, looks to be well made. Will try this week. Package arrived quickly! Best price compared to other sites ! Happy customer! Thanks Dave 283373

- AM3620

by: Mary Beth06/10/2015

This product was a birthday present requested by my husband. He's really happy to have it! And you sent it so promptly - I'm happy, too! 202369

- AM3620

by: John05/30/2013

Product arrived as expected. It was just as I wanted, and was convenient to use as hoped. I am glad to have it, but hope I never use it 82492

- AM3620

by: Alex2110/29/2012

Awesome shipping on Etrailer's part! Product is very heavy duty and works like a charm! first time I have a flat this will pay for itself! 58259

- AM3620

by: Peter07/21/2017

Quality product that works as described. Did help to see how they work on you tube. Was able to level my rv on my own the first time. 408763

- AM3620

by: John T06/01/2017

Got 3620 Rapid Jack and 3605 Tuff Chock. Both came quickly. Hope to never need them, but good to know they're in the equipment box. 388314

- AM3620

by: Michael McDaniel08/04/2017

I haven't needed to use this product yet but it seems very well built. Heavy almost indestructible plastic. I'm very happy with it. 414834

- AM3620

by: Mark B.11/27/2014

Awesome service... package was at my door in no time, shipped about an hour after I placed my order. Highly recommend this product! 162666

- AM3620

by: David04/06/2017

Haven't use this yet and hopefully never do !!! But seen it used by another guy at the campground obviously it's a must have . 363472

- AM3620

by: Earl S02/28/2015

Haven't tried these yet; however very fast delivery. Product looks good and prior reviews were very positive - hopes are high! 176443

- AM3620

by: Robert M.06/19/2016

This chock/wheel ramp has been very useful for changing a tire on our tandem axle RV. It reduces the need for a bottle jack. 262623

- AM3620

by: Weston H.09/01/2017

Very solid and lightweight product. eliminated taking a floor jack along! Oce again shipping was above outstanding. 427590

- AM3620

by: Steve P08/01/2012

Shipped on time and came when indicated and custermer service was excellent would recommend other to use etrailer 50079

- AM3620

by: Lawrence Jernigan09/18/2011

Andersen Rapid Jack - AM3620 worked as described. On the negative, I still had to change the tire. 24178

- AM3620

by: Jermaine04/05/2012

Item look strong and durable have not used it yet but have no doubt this will hold up over time.. 36278

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Ask the Experts about this Andersen Wheel Chocks
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  • Choosing Between Anderson Camper Levelers AM3620 and AM3604
  • The only silly question is the one unasked. You can use just one of the Anderson Rapid Jack # AM3620 on your single-axle trailer. This leveler is USA-made from 100-percent recycled materials. If you have a multi-axle trailer then instead use # AM3604.
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  • Easy Way to Lift Tandem Axle Wheel Off Ground to Change Flat Tire
  • The Ultra-Fab Ultra Scissor Jacks # UF48-979002 can be used on up to 6,500 lb trailers as stabilizer jacks, but they do not have the lifting capacity to actually lift a 6,500 lb trailer off the ground. Attempting to do so could damage the jack and potentially damage your trailer as well as hurt someone attempting to change a tire with this jack. For a tandem axle trailer a much easier way to lift a trailer to change the spare would be to use the part # AM3620 instead. I attached a review...
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  • Can Camper Leveler Be Used On Class C Motorhome
  • I spoke with my contact at Andersen about your Motorhome and getting it level. They told me that there would be no issue with the tires being 1 inch wider than the Andersen Camper Leveler, part # AM3604. This provides 4 inches of lift for your motorhome and includes a chock to make sure the wheel stays in place once you find the level you are comfortable with. They did recommend using these on the inside wheel which would make it a bit more stable.
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  • Recommended Wheel Jack For Tandem Trailer For Changing Flat Tire
  • The best way to change a wheel on your fifth wheel trailer is to use the Andersen Rapid Jack, part # AM3620. You will pull the vehicle up on the # AM3620 so that the other wheel is about an inch off the ground. I have attached a link to a video that shows how the # AM3620 jack is used. It is always a good idea to use jack stands like part # PTW41021 as well. Having the jack stands under the frame while you change the wheel gives you added security.
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  • Comparing Anderson Rapid Jacks # AM3620 and # AM3604 For Trailer Leveling
  • The difference between Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 and # AM3604 is not only the height but the length. The Rapid Jack # AM3620 is 17 inches long whereas # AM3604 is 15 inches long. This small difference means that the longer one will not fit as a leveler of multi-axle trailers. Otherwise they are pretty much the same. Another option is to use Ultra-Fab leveling blocks # UF48-979051. There are 10 included and each is 7/8 inches tall. This will allow you incremental leveling. I have included...
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  • Can Anderson Rapid Jack # AM3620 be Used to Level 2005 StarCraft Travel Star with Dual Axle
  • The Anderson Rapid Jack, # AM3620, could be used to level your 2005 StarCraft Travel Star with dual axle but the Andersen Camper Leveler, # AM3604, would be a much better option. The proper way to level a dual axle trailer would be to put a leveler under both wheels. The Rapid Jack, # AM3620, is too long to fit between the two tires so you would be limited to using it on the front or back axle only, not both. You would also need to add Tuff Chock, # 3605, since one is not included. The...
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  • Comparing the Lift of the Andersen Rapid Jack and the Blaylock EZ Jack
  • Both the Andersen Rapid Jack, # AM3620, and the Blaylock EZ Jack, # EZ-JACK, will come in handy when encountering a flat tire on your tandem axle trailer. The Andersen Rapid Jack is made of 100 percent recycled plastic and will provide an 8 inch lift. The Rapid Jack includes a rubber grip to prevent slippage when the jack is in use. It is recommended using the Andersen Tuff Chock, # 3605, with the Rapid Jack for extra protection when the jack is in use. The Tuff Chock will sit under...
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  • Will Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 Fully Lift Tires on 2016 Forest River Travel Trailer off Ground
  • I spoke with my contact at Anderson and he estimates that the Rapid Jack, # AM3620, will work for about 98 percent of the trailers out there today. Take a look at the video that I have attached where you will see that by using the Rapid Jack on the front tire, the back tire is raised just far enough to change the tire. The remaining 2 percent of trailers have an independent suspension so raising one tire will not raise the other. You can easily test this by pulling up on a large/thick board. Although...
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  • Trailer Jack to Lift Horse Trailer to Change Tire
  • We have a couple of options that you might like. First, you could use what is called a farm jack, # RP7033400. This is a stand alone jack meaning it does not get attached to the trailer. But farm jacks have many uses and will work well to help lift the trailer to change a tire. A similar device that is more compact is a bottle jack, # ALL640407. This jack is easier to store since it is smaller than a farm jack but is still very versatile. And for a bonus third option, if the trailer...
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  • Wedge Shaped Trailer Jack Recommendation for Changing Flat Tire on Tandem Trailer
  • We have just what you are looking for. The Andersen Rapid Jack part # AM3620 is a wedge shaped ramp that you can roll your trailer wheel onto to fix a flat or use it upside down as a chock.
    view full answer...

  • Anderson Rapid Jack Compatibility With Changing Tires
  • The Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 is only able to be used to change tires on a trailer that has tandem axles because of the way the equalizer and springs function. It can help level single axle trailers and vehicles, but it will not assist with tire changes on a single axle application.
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  • Can Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 be Used on Tandem Axle 5th Wheel RV to Change Flat Tire
  • When it comes to the Andersen Camper Leveler, # AM3604, this was designed for use with single axle trailers. A tandem axle trailer would require that you use a leveler on the front and rear axle to properly level the trailer. Due to the leveler being 15 inches in length, a tandem axle trailer typically doesn't provide enough room between the two tires in order to use the leveler on the rear axle. As for the Rapid Jack, # AM3620, I spoke with my contact at Anderson and he estimates...
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  • Leveler Recommendation for a Tandem Axle Cougar 5th Wheel Trailer
  • The Andersen Rapid Jack, # AM3620, when used on tandem axle trailers is only meant to be used as a jack, not a leveler. For tandem axle trailers, I recommend Ultra-Fab levelers # UF48-979051. This kit comes with 10 levelers so you can raise the trailer in 1 inch increments. I have linked a video review of this kit for you.
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  • Will Andersen Rapid Jack Work on Trailers with Long Distance between Front and Rear Axles
  • Most likely the Andersen Rapid Jack Item # AM3620 would not offer enough lift on a wide track trailer with a longer distance between the front and rear axles. What I recommend is Powerbuilt Unijack Bottle Jack with Built-In Jack Stand - 21" Lift - 6,000 lbs Item # ALL620471 because it is small and easy to store and this model has 21 inches of lift. I have linked a video review of this jack for you.
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  • Using Andersen # AM3620 Rapid Jacks Under Wheels of Itasca Navion Motorhome
  • My contact at Andersen tells me that there would be no problem at all with using the # AM3620 Rapid Jack under the front wheels of your motorhome. Click the provided link to see a product video.
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  • Recommendations for Leveling the Front of a 1994 Vectra Motorhome
  • If you need 8 inches to allow your 1994 Vectra Motorhome to sit level the part # AM6320 would be the correct product. If you need a different amount of height you would instead want the part # UF48-979051 as it is adjustable. I attached a review video for the # UF48-979051 for you to check out.
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  • Andersen Rapid Jack Compatibility with Travel Trailer Leaf Springs
  • The Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 is designed specifically for trailers with leaf springs and tandem axles to change tires or for single axle trailers with or without leaf springs for leveling. The only issue some people have had with their tandem axles is that the spacing is sometimes too close to fit the jack, however, you can trim the unit to work in those situations. This is not intended to be a leveling option for multi-axle trailers. If that is what you need, I recommend the # AM3604...
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  • Why Would Only One Andersen Leveler Ever Be Used on a Trailer
  • It wouldn't be a bad idea to have both the part # AM3604 and the # AM3620 for differing leveling situations as the # AM3620 is a bit taller, but you really would only ever need to use one at a time. It can only raise one side of the trailer. Raising both would defeat the purpose and only one axle would need to be raised.
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  • Will One Tire be Off the Ground on the Same Side the Anderson Rapid Jack is Used
  • Trailers tend not to have a suspension that travels 8 or more inches, which is the amount of lift provided by the Rapid Jack # AM3620. If the axles are far enough apart or the ground is not level it could be an issue though. That's why its tough to beat a good ol' bottle jack such as # ALL640407.
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  • Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 Recommendation for a Swift Kontiki 659
  • The Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 would work great as a jack for your Swift Kontiki 659. We do offer this product, check out the link below to see the price and for more info. I also attached a link to the review video for this product as well.
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  • Race Ramp Lifts for 10K-lb Tandem Torsion Axle Trailer to Allow Tire Changing
  • Thank you for clearly explaining your intended use for the ramps you want for your 10K tandem torsion axle trailer. The highest-rated ramps we offer have a 6000-lb capacity. All are shown on the linked page. These vary in width, length and lift. Since your entire trailer weight will NOT be on the ramps you could just get by with the 6K rating. In terms of an overall match to your requirements, the Race Ramps # RR-30 is the item closest to your description. However, axle spacing can...
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  • Recommended Wheel Stabilizer for Single-Axle Trailer with 32 Inch Tires
  • The Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 referenced in your question will work great for leveling the 32-33 inch tires on your trailer. This is a really great, easy to use product that is designed to work with any size tires. You will simply place the small end of jack under the wheel and drive up until you are level. It has a total length of 17 inches and a height of 6-7/8 inches. I have attached a video demonstration on this product so you can see exactly how it works.
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  • How Much Does Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 Weigh
  • The Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 that you referenced weighs 8 lbs. I attached a review video for this for you to check out as well.
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  • Can Andersen Levelers be Used on 5th Wheel Tandem Axle Trailer with Minimal Space Between Tires
  • The Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 referenced in your question measures 17 inches in length. Since you are wanting to use this type of stabilizer on your tandem axle trailer, I recommend going with the slightly shorter model # AM3604. This leveler measures 15 inches in length. It will provide leveling at any increment from 1/2 inch to 4 inches. I have spoken with my contact at Andersen in the past regarding using these for tandem axle trailers where there is minimal space between the...
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  • Will Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 Fit Tandem Torsion Axle
  • We had a customer with a dual torsion axle trailer like yours come back and say that the Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 worked well to get the trailer high enough to change a wheel so it would work well for you.
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  • Availability of Andersen Rapid Jack AM3620 & Wheel Chock and Leveler System AM3604
  • We do offer both the Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 and the Andersen Camper Wheel Chock and Leveler system # AM3604. The leveler includes both the Rapid Jack and the Tuff Chock # 3605 in one kit.
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  • Comparing Andersen Rapid Camper Leveler AM3604 and Andersen Rapid Jack AM3620
  • For leveling a tandem axle trailer the Andersen Rapid Camper Leveler # AM3604 is the better choice. The Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 will not fit with tandem axles due to its larger size.
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  • How to Find Replacement Disc Brakes and Wheel Bearings for Rocket Boat # C2610B Trailer
  • To do what you're wanting to do, you'd need to contact the manufacturer of the trailer with the VIN. If you could provide me with the diameter of your rotors, their wheel bolt pattern, and the reference numbers from your inner and outer wheel bearings as well as the reference number from your grease seal, I'd be happy to recommend some replacement parts for you. If you can't make out the reference numbers, you can use a digital caliper to measure the journal surface on the spindle where...
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  • Does Blaylock EZ Jack Match Curve of Andersen Tuff Chock
  • You definitely want to put some sort of chock in the wheel that's still on the ground when raising a trailer. The Blaylock EZ Jack # EZ-JACK is not the same radius as the Andersen Tuff Chock # 3605. The Tuff Chock does match the Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620.
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  • Comparing the Anderson Camper Levelers AM3620 and AM3604 for Use on a Chrysler Town and Country
  • The Andersen Rapid Jack # AM3620 and the Andersen Camper Wheel Chock and Leveler # AM3604 are pretty similar with the main difference being that part # AM3604 will provide between 1/2" to 4" of height but part # AM3620 will provide 6-7/8" of height. Because of this I recommend going ahead and getting the one that can provide you with a great height, part # AM3620. It does come with the rubber grip pad that will help to prevent slipping but it it would be wise to go ahead and get the...
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