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Empire Faucets Hybrid RV Kitchen Faucet w/ Pull Down Spout - Single Lever Handle - Brushed Nickel

Empire Faucets Hybrid RV Kitchen Faucet w/ Pull Down Spout - Single Lever Handle - Brushed Nickel

Item # EM29FR
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Clean all that tough food residue off your plates using the pull-down head on this kitchen faucet. Rotating spout can be used from all angles of your island counter. Maintenance-free ceramic disc cartridge prevents the faucet from dripping. Great Prices for the best rv faucets from Empire Faucets. Empire Faucets Hybrid RV Kitchen Faucet w/ Pull Down Spout - Single Lever Handle - Brushed Nickel part number EM29FR can be ordered online at or call 1-833-496-1390 for expert service.
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Empire Faucets RV Faucets - EM29FR

  • Kitchen Faucet
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Standard Sink Faucet
  • Single Handle
  • Pull-Down Sprayer
  • Metal and Plastic Hybrid
  • Gooseneck Spout
  • Empire Faucets

Clean all that tough food residue off your plates using the pull-down head on this kitchen faucet. Rotating spout can be used from all angles of your island counter. Maintenance-free ceramic disc cartridge prevents the faucet from dripping.


  • Faucet lets you upgrade the kitchen faucet in your RV or camper
  • Pull-down head makes it easy to get food off of your dishes
    • Toggle button switches between stream and spray options
    • Rubber spray tips are easy to clean
    • Hose weight can be adjusted anywhere along the spray hose and enables the spout to self-retract
  • Single-handle design with a lever-style handle
    • Diamond ceramic disc cartridge is maintenance-free
    • Durable, long-lasting discs create a watertight seal when faucet is turned off
  • Gooseneck spout rotates 360 degrees so you can access the faucet from any side of your island counter
  • Standard-flow aerator has the water pressure needed to clean dishes faster
  • Non-metallic ABS plastic construction with brushed nickel finish
  • 3-Hole installation
    • Deck plate and mounting hardware are included
    • Inlet shanks have standard male NPSM connections
    • Requires tile and tub caulk (not included)
  • WaterSense certified and ADA compliant


  • Flow rate: 2.2 gallons per minute
  • Overall dimensions: 5" wide x 16-1/4" tall x 11-1/4" deep
  • Base dimensions: 10" long x 2-1/4" wide
  • Spout length: 8-1/2"
  • Distance from mounting points to aerator: 8-3/4"
  • Height from countertop to aerator: 8"
  • Inlet shanks:
    • Inner diameter: 1/2"
    • Outer diameter: 13/16"
    • Distance between: 8"
    • Length: 1-1/2"
  • Water supply line size: 1/2 male pipe thread
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Pull-Down Head

Empire Faucets Kitchen Faucet Pull Down Spout

Tackle that food caked onto your plates from all angles with the pull-down head. Toggle between the stream and spray options depending on how much pressure you need or how long that food has been sitting there. When you're done using it, the spout self-retracts with a hose weight that can be adjusted anywhere along the spray hose.

3-Hole Installation

This faucet lets you upgrade the kitchen faucet in your RV or camper. Using the inlet shanks, drop the new faucet and deck plate in place through the mounting holes of your existing faucet. Then tighten the included mounting hardware. Finally, connect the hot and cold water lines. The use of tub and tile caulk (not included) is required.

SL3000N-A Empire Faucets RV Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer - Single Lever Handle - Hybrid - Brushed Nickel

Installation Details EM29FR Installation instructions

California residents: click here

Video of Empire Faucets Hybrid RV Kitchen Faucet w/ Pull Down Spout - Single Lever Handle - Brushed Nickel

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Empire Faucets Hybrid RV Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Spout Installation

Hello, neighbors. It's Brad here at etrailer, and today we're taking a look, and installing, the Empire Faucets RV Kitchen Faucet. Now this has a pull-down spout and a single lever, and it comes in a nice brushed nickel finish. Many times, having my faucet at home, it's really nice to have a spout to actually get down and clean dishes, and that should be no different in your RV. The comforts of home are really nice when you can take it on the road with you, especially when you don't have a dishwasher, and having a spout attached to it, with the ability to have a stream or a spray pattern, it's gonna make it really nice for cleaning those dishes. Now our single-lever design has a diamond ceramic cartridge, so it is maintenance free.

And now we aren't exactly hooked up to water currently, because we have this in winter mode. So, not being able to see the spray is kind of, you know, not ideal, but we do have a 2.2 gallon per minute flow. So it's gonna give you about the same as your normal faucet. And this is gonna be great if you are replacing an old faucet, or you just want to add the ability to have the spout, or you just want to update the look of your camper, this is gonna be a great option. Now, the gooseneck faucet itself, you can see, can rotate 360 degrees.

So, that's pretty nice to be able to have that mobility as well. Now, it is pretty tall, so you might want to take some quick measurements of your camper, because from the bottom of our sink to the top, we're right at about 17 inches. So, make sure you do have clearance as ours is pretty tight here. It does have a built-in aerator to the actual spout itself, so that's gonna make cleaning dishes quite a bit easier, or even your hands. It gives a little bit of air to it, to really get that suds working up.

Now, this is a single-hole, but it also comes with the deck plate and the filler panel here, so if you have a three-hole, that's no problem. It'll work all the same on here. And now your fittings below are going to be your standard fittings that you find in campers, which are gonna be your NPSM. So, should be a direct replacement for the fittings that you have on your camper. Now, construction is out of an ABS non-metallic material, but it does have the brushed nickel finish on it, so it does feel quite good.

It's not as robust as maybe your home faucet would be, but for an RV, this is miles ahead of ones that come standard a lot of times on campers. So, this is gonna be an upgrade, not only for function and form, but having this spout is really gonna make a difference when you're having to hand wash dishes. Now, installation is pretty simple. You are going to need a Phillips head screwdriver, but other than that, all of it should be able to be done with the twist of your fingers. Now, I noticed in our camper specifically that our lines we're set up for the three-hole designs. So, no problem to get the long one, but the short one is a little bit short to get to our fittings, so you might have to extend that if yours are also set up in that three-hole, or you don't have enough slack to be able to make that connection, but overall the installation is pretty easy. And I'm gonna show you how to do it right now. Now for the installation of this faucet it's gonna be a little bit different from our previous faucet that was on here. And that's because this is a single-hole design, and we have pretty much everything feeding through this center section. And so in order to cover up our other two holes we actually have our base plate here. So, if you do have a three-hole design and you want to cover those up, first thing you're gonna wanna do, is get this in place. You're gonna want to use your keeper nuts and tighten those down. Now included is two new keeper nuts, but if you have your other ones this should be the same tread pitch, so you can reuse them, or use your new ones, it's up to you. And we're just gonna go ahead and get this kinda hand tightened on there, somewhere up to where it's gonna hold it somewhat in place, but we can still kinda move this and we can kinda have it tightened to where it's sitting. And when I have those snug, I'm gonna want to adjust this to where I'm gonna cover these lines that our previous faucet has made, and also kinda get this centered up to make sure that the holes align right where I need it to be, and also lined up so we can feed the rest of our faucet in. So once we have that set where we want it, we'll go ahead and tighten it down. Just hand tight. You don't wanna use tools here, because that'll actually put too much stress on those threads. So, just pull these down just by using you're thumbs should be just enough. So, now we're going to take our faucet, and here on our shank we actually have this retainer nut, and this is what's gonna cinch down once this is in place underneath, kinda keep this in place. So, we'll go ahead and we'll loosen this up and take it off. It does get a little bit tight here, but it's elongated to account for all of these hoses here, so just kind of work your way through here, one at a time. And as we can see here, it's kinda nice they actually labeled which one is gonna be our hot and cold. So, that's gonna make it easy knowing which one to hook up to. So, now we'll go ahead and feed this all through. Now, if the opening on your sink is a little tight, you can actually remove this weight here, just by using a Phillips head screwdriver. It's just two pieces. And that way you can slide that through and reattach, but ours does fit through just barely. Then we'll go ahead and feed the rest of it through. It might be a tight fit, so you are gonna have to kinda work them all in. Now, take your time, and these will all pass through here. Another approach if you're having trouble though, is you can actually remove this base plate and feed it that way, just to kinda get a little bit better movement and angles, and then tighten it all down. But, I am able to still do it this way. So, we'll continue moving these through. So, it might help to use the flat edge of our threaded portions of the braided line, and kinda have that on the edge. That way it's not catching on those threads. It's gonna make it a little bit easier. So, once we have those through, the rest of this should drop down. You're gonna see you do have this rubber gasket. So, that's gonna be good, 'cause once we cinch it down, it's gonna create a nice watertight seal there. Now with our sink in place, before we bound it up with our retainer nut and washer, go ahead and make sure that you can actually pull this down and that it retracts. If it's not going all the way back, that's okay, we can actually adjust the weight for that to go back properly. But when I first put this in, I noticed I was getting a little bit of resistance, and feeding through that single hole, there's a lot going on as far as the plumbing lines running in there, and so it can rub on that. So, just make sure that it's actually flowing back and forth, nice and free, not getting any binding. And if you are, I suggest kind of moving it around, finding that spot to where it's catching, and see if you can't orientate it a little bit better, but I was able to get ours to move freely without doing any modifications. Now, you're gonna want to grab a washer and then our retainer clip here, which this is threaded. So, it's going to pass through all of our lines that we have, and then we can actually tighten this up. Now, you're gonna see that there are two bolts here, with Phillips heads on there. So, have a Phillips head screwdriver ready, because once we put this all on we're gonna tighten this up as much as we can, and you can actually use these to kind of rotate it. It's gonna be hard for you guys to see, but once we get that tightened as much as we can with our hands, putting a little bit of extra pressure on these screws is gonna help cinch that down and make it a nice, tight fit. So, go ahead and grab your line here, that goes to the spout, feed that on, and you are gonna see this is oblong, so that's gonna help kinda be able to feed some of those through. So, just work through it. You're gonna have to be a little bit patient trying to get all of them to fit, but eventually you'll be able to get up to that thread and it should be good. So let's feed this up. So again, we're gonna just kinda feed these up. And again, it is kinda tricky to get them all through, so, I would do your washer first, and then that retaining clip. Like I said, I kinda had to bounce it around, making sure I was getting one at a time through, but eventually you get to threads. And then we'll just go ahead and tighten this down. Getting that to seat properly can also be a little bit tricky, but got it kind of on there. I may end up needing to hold the actual faucet while I tighten it, so it doesn't rotate on us. So, tighten this down as much as you can with your hands, and then I would try to get it into a spot where you're gonna be easily accessible to those screw. It's gonna make it a lot easier for giving it that final tightening touch. And once you're happy with where the screws are, go ahead, take your Phillip screwdriver and tighten those down. So now at this point, we're ready to hook up our plumbing lines by just twisting these onto the fittings. Now, something that I've noticed with our particular camper, is since this was set up in a three-hole orientation, rather than the single-hole, our lines are actually gonna be a little bit short, and I don't have enough play to make my attachment point as is. So, I'm gonna actually have to go back and cut our braided line, add a barb extension, that way I can reach that. So while that's not ideal, that's something that hopefully you guys take into consideration. Check your lines before purchasing a sink, and determine if that is gonna be something that you may have to add on. And it's not, you know, necessarily something that's gonna stop you from getting this installed, but it is one more step that we'll have to do. Now our other one, that's gonna attach, no problem. We just have our hot side here that's not going to reach. So other than that, once we attached these though, you just have this single line that's gonna go to your spout. Now, this just simply pops in on that white plastic. You just push that up. You're gonna hear a nice click, give it a quick tug, just to make sure it's actually attached. And then at this point, assuming you have your water lines hooked up, you're ready to turn the water on to the actual RV. Now, you're gonna wanna check all your fittings to make sure that there's no leaking occurring, before actually turning on the faucet. And if there is, shut that water off, and you're gonna want to go back and reseat those, just to make sure that they're not leaking. So now, once you have your water lines all installed, you've done a leak check on it, you're ready to use your faucet. So, whether you're replacing your old faucet that's not working, or you wanna upgrade the look of yours, or you just want some better functionality, that you might have at home, in the comfort of your RV, this faucet might be the option for you..

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Customer Reviews

Empire Faucets Hybrid RV Kitchen Faucet w/ Pull Down Spout - Single Lever Handle - Brushed Nickel - EM29FR

Average Customer Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars   (10 Customer Reviews)

Clean all that tough food residue off your plates using the pull-down head on this kitchen faucet. Rotating spout can be used from all angles of your island counter. Maintenance-free ceramic disc cartridge prevents the faucet from dripping.


The connector for the spray wand blew off spraying water all under the counter.

It's mostly plastic.

Luckily, this faucet comes with a warranty. I have sent that information along to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 07/26/2022


Instillation was easy and everything seemed to be working fine. Not even a week in the sprayer hose came off and sprayed water everywhere. After putting it back on it thankfully stayed. A few months later the sprayer is stuck on spray mode and has been like that for months now


Still Trying to Figure Out How to Install It?

I recommend viewing the video installation in the link below.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 04/15/2022


I was amazed on how fast I received the orders; I was pleasantly surprised that they were far better than I was expecting


Haven't installed yet. Mostly plastic, but seems to be decent construction.


Looks good, now to get it installed. Thanks for the tip UPS left it by my garage door vs front door. Your email prompted me to go forth and seek.


This is a great faucet! The video about the faucet was a huge help!





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