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Adco Polypropylene RV Cover for Pop-Up Camper - Up to 12' Long - Gray

Adco Polypropylene RV Cover for Pop-Up Camper - Up to 12' Long - Gray

Item # 290-2892
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Adco Polypropylene RV Cover for Pop-Up Camper - Up to 12' Long - Gray Pop-Up Camper Cover 290-2892
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Polypropylene pop-up camper cover works best for short-term storage in all climates. Lightweight fabric protects against moderate sun, dust, and water. Contoured fit conforms to the shape of your camper. Cinch ropes and buckles ensure a secure fit. Lowest Prices for the best rv covers from ADCO. Adco Polypropylene RV Cover for Pop-Up Camper - Up to 12' Long - Gray part number 290-2892 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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ADCO RV Covers - 290-2892

  • Storage Covers
  • Pop-Up Camper Cover
  • 10 Feet Long
  • 11 Feet Long
  • 12 Feet Long
  • Gray
  • ADCO
  • Good UV/Dust/Weather Protection
  • All Climates

Polypropylene pop-up camper cover works best for short-term storage in all climates. Lightweight fabric protects against moderate sun, dust, and water. Contoured fit conforms to the shape of your camper. Cinch ropes and buckles ensure a secure fit.


  • Cover protects your pop-up camper from moderate rain, dust, and sun
    • Works best for short-term storage in all climates
    • Helps reduce the need for frequent washing, waxing, and exterior treatments
    • Prevents premature aging and helps maintain resale value
  • Contour-fit design conforms to the general shape of your camper
  • Constructed of non-abrasive, non-woven polypropylene
    • Breathes to eliminate moisture build-up, mold, and mildew
    • Guards against harmful UV rays that can cause cracking and fading
    • Eliminates black streaks and corrosion caused by air pollutants and rain
    • Lightweight material lets you easily lift and install over large vehicles
  • Cinch ropes at front and rear of cover remove slack and reduce billowing
  • Weighted straps with buckles secure cover under camper
    • Prevent cover from blowing off in the wind
  • Reinforced, elastic corners ensure a snug fit, reduce wear, and resist tears and snags
  • Storage bag included
  • Gray color


  • Application: pop-up campers 10'1" - 12' long
  • Dimensions: 144" long x 85" wide x 42" tall
  • 2-Year warranty

How To Measure Your Pop-Up Camper

Adco How to Measure Pop-Up Camper

To determine the proper fit, measure the length (not including the trailer tongue) and sidewall height (undercarriage to the natural roof line.) This cover is designed to accommodate rooftop accessories such as AC units and vents.

Choose Cover by Climate

Adco Climate Map

The climate where you are storing your camper will help determine which cover to choose. This polypropylene cover is designed for use in all climates located on the map above.

Adco Pop-Up Camper Cover

This contour-fit cover helps keep your pop-up camper dry and well protected when not in use. It features polypropylene fabric to protect against moderate sun, water, and dust in all climates. Elastic corners and a buckle strap system allows you to draw the cover in tight over your vehicle.

Fabric Guards Against Elements

Adco AquaShed Top

The cover is constructed from non-abrasive polypropylene that protects your camper from moderate sun, water, and dust. This high-performance, non-woven fabric is breathable to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. It beads water on contact to eliminate pooling and ice build-up that can damage your camper or cover. Additionally, the material offers moderate UV protection to reduce fading and cracking, and it protects the roof from debris and other pollutants that cause black streaks.

Straps and Elastic Corners Ensure Snug Fit

Adco Cinching System

The cover is designed to fit snugly over your camper for a clean look and better protection from the elements. Elasticized corners grip your vehicle tightly, and they are reinforced to reduce wear and prevent tears and snags. Cinch ropes in front and back remove slack and reduce billowing.

Adco Weighted Strap

Weighted straps with buckles run beneath your vehicle to secure the cover in place. The weighted ends allow you to easily toss the straps from one side of the vehicle to the other. Once buckled, the straps can be pulled tight to ensure the cover is securely fastened so it won't blow away with the wind.

Convenient Storage

Adco Class C accessories

The included storage bag allows you to store the cover compactly in your vehicle or garage when not in use.

2892 Adco Storage Cover for Pop Up Camper - 10'1" - 12' Long - Gray

Video of Adco Polypropylene RV Cover for Pop-Up Camper - Up to 12' Long - Gray

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Adco Pop-Up Camper Polypropylene RV Cover Review

AJ: What's up everybody, it's AJ with Today we'll be checking out this Polypropylene cover on our camper. This is going to be great for protecting it from the weather, UV rays and dust. We carry a lot of different camper covers on our website, it can get kind of confusing. They throw a lot of information at you and it depends on where you live, which one's going to work best for you or how much you use your camper. It's just a lot, so I laid out three of them to show you and go over which ones work with bad situations, so it helps you out picking out your cover.First up we have the polypropylene one.

This the most breathable option and good for short term storage. So what that means is, it's good for when you're using it in that season. If you only use it once a month, but it's the summertime, you can throw this cover on there in between uses and it'll keep it nice and dry. It is the most breathable though, it doesn't have a cover on the top, so it will allow some moisture in there because it's so breathable, that's why it's not good for winter storage. When you go to store in winter, you want to get more heavy duty cover.The next cover we're going to show you is the Aqua Shed.

Now, you'll spot the difference right away. It's got a more reinforced top on this one. Our last one was made of the Polypropylene all around, this one still has it on the side, so it's still nice and breathable on the sides, but on the top, it's reinforced for rainy climate. So if you live somewhere where it rains a lot more and your camper is going to be out there, this is going to be a better cover for you. It's got three layers.

There's actually an image on the box that helps explain it.There's three layers of protection against the rain but also, it's breathable. So the rain, if it gets in there to one of the layers, it can get out and it won't ever get to your camper. That way, it doesn't get trapped in there and cause it to get mildewy or smelly or ruin your camper at any way. But with that said, if you live in the Southern United States and you're in constant humidity, this cover's not going to be good for that. That means that humidity will never dry out because the water will always be in there.

You don't want to get this cover for that one. You want our next one.The tieback cover is going to be the most heavy duty and best one for all climates. You see the material on top of this one is made out of actual Tyvec material, which is what they usually put on the side of a house before you add siding on top of it. So if it's good enough to protect your house, it's going to be good enough to protect your camper. It already feels more heavy duty than the last one and the one before that. It's going to be great. It's your long-term storage solution, so if you're putting it away for winter, this is the cover you're going to want to do. It's going to stay on there for months, protect against all the rain and the snow that come out. And not to mention, when the seasons change, you're going to have pollen. It's not going to let any particles through, to get on top of your camper itself. So it's protected against everything, it's going to be out and exposed to any elements.Do you want to hear a little bit more of the comparisons between the covers You can stick around the end of the video and watch our discussion I had with our writing team here. Along with figuring out the right type of cover for yourself, you want to make sure you get the one that's going to fit your camper the best. So it means, you probably need to measure your camper before you buy the cover. The way to do that, is you can just measure from the bottom here to the top. We did that earlier and it measures out to be about a little over 32 inches. Now we're going to measure from the back to the front. Now the same thing goes for the height measurement, is you don't do any extras on there. So you have the extra AC unit and these extra roof bars on top, don't measure those. These covers are made to have a little extra on top, so you can pull it over there and it doesn't cause any issues. So it is kind of accounted for already in the cover. Same goes for the front.So we measure all the way from the back. It kind of comes out like this at the back. So we're going to measure all the way up front, in line with this front box here. Looks about 12 feet. So it's going to be 12 feet long with 32 inch high, so that's good to keep in mind to get the right cover. This cover's the most breathable cover you can put on your camper, and that's good beause you don't want moisture getting trapped inside there and making mildew or just making it nasty on your camper when you go to take the cover off. You can still see the double stitching reinforced here on the corners, which is important because that's where it's going to get pulled on when you're pulling the cover on itself or just when it's sitting out. Those are the parts that are going to get more pressure, and it's good to see that they're reinforced.Now I can mess with it myself a little bit. You see I'm pulling on it pretty good. It's not ripping, it doesn't even feel like it's about to rip. So it's going to hold up if it's a windy day or something like that, and your covers constantly pulling and pulling on the roof rack here and catching on anything on the top. It's not going to just catch and rip, it's going to be fine. And when you're done with the cover, it's time to get the camper out. You just pull it off, fold up and put it in its own carrying case. That way, it's ready to go for next time. Now it's a pretty easy install. Let's check it out.One thing I want to point out before you do that, is that it is marked, front and rear, so you know what side to put where when you're going on there. I'm going to go start at the rear and we're going to attach one of the corners on the backside here and drag it over to the top. I also suggest maybe throwing some more of the cover on top, so when you go to pull it over, it's not hanging off the side. Throw some more of this up there, and I'll even it out as I go up. Main thing I'm going to start with, is making sure this corner gets up and under that bumper. I'll also take the bag out. You can tell the corners by the reinforced stitching here, so you know that's where that's supposed to stay. I'll come to the other side. Again, try and pull some of it over here, that way it evens out. We'll attach the other corner too.Now I'm just going to pull it to the front. Seems that door came open here. It looks like our camper is all covered. Well, let's go down and attach the straps. Take our straps here. They're sewn to the cover itself, so you don't have to worry about it coming deattached or losing it. We'll just throw it to the other side, where the other end of the buckle is. I'm going to repeat that process for the other two straps. With the buckle on this side, this one's also sewn to the cover. Just click it in and then tighten it down a little bit more, to get that slack out.Once you've done that, you can go ahead and tie up the rest of the strap and repeat the process on the other two back there. Also comes with a spare rope that you can run through these grommets on the side, to further tighten down the bottom of our camper cover. But I think it's going to be just fine without it. You can see me pulling on the cover. I'm trying to pull it up, it's not coming up because the straps are attached underneath. So you can be sure that it's going to stay in place.Welcome inaudible 00:08:22 everybody. Today, we're going to go over a few of the camper covers from Adco we have set up today. We have three of them we're going to look at. The one we have installed right here inaudible 00:08:32 is the tie back one, the most heavy duty. It's the one for long winter storage. So you want this one if it's going to be out there through all seasons, when you're not using it on your off season. It's got the nice tie back material on top, just like the siding on. What they put on the side of a house before you put the siding on there. We've got the side, is polypropylene, which the other cover over here is all Polypropylene. So there's going to be the same material here, except this one doesn't have a nice top like this one has.You have the reinforced corners here too, so when you're going to put it on, if it gets caught on the camper or anything, you don't have to worry about ripping right through that part. I think that's the only parts that are going to catch. Plus, you have the tie down points where they've included rope, to tie it down and fasten it to your camper, so. Any questions so far And then you have an Aqua Shed up too, rightAJ: Yes. Yep. We'll go on the other side of that. I laid it out up here, to show you the difference in the tops of it. We've got the tie back one and the Aqua Shed one. Doesn't feel as thick. It's almost got like a. What would you say A plasticy feel, kind of. Speaker 3: Yeah, a thicker plastic on the tie back. And then the Aqua Shed one, kind of just feels like a slightly thicker polypropylene. AJ: Yeah, this feels more like cloth material, I guess. Speaker 3: Yeah. AJ: So you can feel the difference for sure. And this is the one that has the three different layers, so it lets the water out. But as you told me earlier, it's not good in humid areas because it's just going to hold all that humidity. Speaker 3: Yeah. Yeah. I looked into it a little bit more and it looks like, if you're in a wet or rainy area, you probably want to. I don't know. I'm thinking Seattle, it's the only place I can think of right now that's super rainy, is getting the Aqua shed. But if you're in an area where it's rainy, but also can get really hot and humid and have more of a well-rounded, I guess climate, then probably one of the other two would be best. It would be better. I am curious though too, because I know the Tyvec is supposed to be. They mention the descriptions, it mentions a lot. It's good. AJ: inaudible 00:11:13. Polypropylene one, sorry. That one's more for when you're not using it in the summertime, where we're not supposed to leave it on there very long. It doesn't fully protect it like these do. So the propylene one is just mainly if you just want something quick that you don't. I guess it's the cost-effective one that you. And you don't need it for too long. AJ: Yeah. Okay. AJ: That's kind of what we we're thinking. Yeah. Yeah. I kind of pitched it like yeah, maybe you move somewhere there's not really a winter season, so you don't need the heavy duty ones, with no winter to put it away for. This is a nice cover that protects it from the sun pretty much. Doesn't really do much to protect it from the rain or anything, I think it'll go right through. But super breathable though, so that's what we said. That was the positive thing we said about it. We we're kind of being a little negative about it, if that makes sense. And they all attach the same way. I can fasten it down somewhere. If you want to look at the buckles, we can look at the buckles next. inaudible 00:12:35 Can you see under here stillSpeaker 3: Let's see. Let me get down on the ground here. Okay. AJ: So you just throw the buckle underneath here to the other side. This is sewn on to the opposite side, so you don't have to worry about these being unattached or losing them. So that's kind of cool that they're always there. Just clamp it like that, and then pull it tight. I was having a little trouble with the straps for whatever reason. I don't know if you can see it clearly. Yeah. AJ: But instead of it running through two different parts, this open triangle part lets it move around a whole bunch. So as I was trying to pull it, it would bunch up in here because the straps not being held down. Usually, you'd run it through two little gaps that keeps it in line. But this one, the strap kind of travels everywhere when you're trying to tighten it down. So installation then is pretty easy and straightforwardAJ: Oh yeah. It was quick. We just threw it over the top of it. It was stretchy enough to go around the whole thing. We didn't have to pull at it or struggle. Aiden helped do the front and I did the back, which I could have done the whole thing, but by the time we we're done, I was like, oh, I probably could have done that myself. But I mean, it was quick. Yeah. Okay. AJ: And the other thing we got to check, we're definitely going to touch on in the video, is measuring your camper to see exactly what cover you need so you don't get one that's too big or too small, because there's a lot of different sizes out there. Yeah. AJ: And what we went by is, measuring from the bottom of your camper to the natural roof type, which that doesn't include. This guy has a roof rack on his camper actually, and the AC unit over here, you wouldn't measure that. You'd just measure to the roof here. And then from the natural back of it, to the back of the front, not including any accessories at the front. This would be the natural front of the camper. Okay. I guess I'm also wondering, for the larger size motor homes and stuff in campers that you would put one of these covers over, because I know a lot of them have the ladders or other things sticking out either in the front or the back. I don't know if you know this, but would you include those with measurements or no Okay. AJ: I don't think so because it's got. It gives you a little bit of elastic. As you can see, I can pull it out a little bit more. Okay. AJ: Covers that. Most of them, I think that they say it's 10 to 12 or something like that. Speaker 3: Yeah. AJ: crosstalk 00:15:35 I think they take into account that it's supposed to stretch over sides. Speaker 3: They had a lot more wiggle room than I was expecting. And it still fit really well, because this is a 12 foot camper with a 12 foot cover, but there's still a lot of room to kind of go around the front end and over the rooftop accessories. AJ: Yeah, because I can pull it here, It's not really moving. I'm not starting to pull it off or anything, that's going to knock stuff off top of this. Speaker 3: So I'd imagine it'd be the same with the larger covers, if they're anything like kind of how this one was all measured out. And height, you said height is important too, rightSpeaker 3: Yeah. So on the page, it says to measure from the natural bottom of it to the natural roof. Okay. Because I noticed too, because in the facets they only have a facet for the length. You have rather than the height. And I'm just now wondering if it would be beneficial to add that. Speaker 3: I think length is the most important measurement. It seems like, from what we looked at on the other pages and all that, that's really the main factor that kind of changes between these, at least with the pop-up campers. Okay. Speaker 3: And there's plenty of room height-wise. I don't honestly see that being a big issue, but we're just kind of going off of what the page said and how to measure the dimensions of the trailer. AJ: You got a little extra underneath, so if it was a little taller, wouldn't be that big of a problem Okay. And kind of going back to the breathability, because I know. I think Bob mentioned that in his comment before this meeting. So I guess, of the three, how would you rank that Which is the most breathable, which is the least breathableAJ: The most breathable would be the propylene one here. Okay. AJ: And that's because it doesn't have one of these, not a hard top, but a different material top-Speaker 3: The reinforce-AJ: I think it takes away from the breathability. Speaker 3: Yeah. AJ: This is all this material, so I guess it just breathes all around. This one is definitely the most. I guess, the layered one for Rays, since it's three layers and it lets the water out better, would be the second most breathable. And then this would be the least. The tie back Okay,AJ: Yeah. Because I guess when you're putting this one on in the winter or storing it for a long time, you don't want anything getting in there and getting moldy or anything. Right. The only other question I really had is, I didn't know if you've installed covers of other brands. I was just curious as to. Seeing as, again, I haven't had much chance to work on this product group yet. But I didn't know what. How these Adco ones differed from the classic accessories covers or the Camco covers. AJ: I'm not sure if I've done a Camco. I think I've only done Adco once. I did a couple. I haven't been on video for them yet, but I have done a shot of a few of the RV ones. But I think they we're Adco ones, so I'm not quite sure how they compare to the others. Oh, I was just curious. AJ: Your RV ones are certainly way more involved to put those on. I know that though. Yeah. AJ: You have to climb up on top of them to do that, and that gets pretty crazy. Yeah. I can imagine. They're a lot taller and longer and yeah. Yeah. Okay. I think that's all I had, unless you had anything else you wanted to add, or if Haley or Adam wanted to add any questionsHaley: Nope. I'm good. AJ: Cool. Adam: I'm good, too. Okay. AJ: I think that's all I got. Okay. All right. Thank you so much. Speaker 3: No problem. Thanks, guys. See you later. Haley: Thanks, guys. Bye. AJ: All in all, I think it was a pretty easy install. It took me 10 minutes to do by myself. If I had a friend here with me, probably would've taken five minutes. That way I didn't have to jump back and forth on either side, we could kind of pull it over there together. But it's installed, our camper is ready to be put away. That does it for, our look at this cover. I hope this helped..

Customer Reviews

Adco Polypropylene RV Cover for Pop-Up Camper - Up to 12' Long - Gray - 290-2892

Average Customer Rating:  4.0 out of 5 stars   (53 Customer Reviews)

Polypropylene pop-up camper cover works best for short-term storage in all climates. Lightweight fabric protects against moderate sun, dust, and water. Contoured fit conforms to the shape of your camper. Cinch ropes and buckles ensure a secure fit.

- 290-2892

This cover lasted 8 months before the top turned into sun baked dust and disintegrated into pieces. During the short life of the cover I had no other issues with it and was pleased with the fit and coverage of my trailer. Manufacturer warranty states that damage from the elements is not covered, and if you manage to convince them to replace your cover, you still pay shipping at almost the cost of a new cover. So bottom line is this - if this cover were to cost less than a Jackson, I would purchase a new one every year with the expectation that it will only last one season. However, at the current price it is not worth purchasing one every year to replace the rotted out cover you will have shortly after purchase.

- 290-2892

Just put it on my 10' Coleman Fleetwood pop up camper and, although it's a bit baggy in places, it fits snugly at the corners and the straps help pull it all together. The one I bought was for 10-12 feet, but I wonder if I should've got one size smaller. My camper measured almost 12' from back bumper to the front of the camper, so I think a smaller one might have been too small.

- 290-2892

After one year I will say I’m impressed with this cover. We get pretty tough winters with a lot of snow but also rain and ice and it held up very well.

- 290-2892

The pop up camper cover was as described. Fit for appropriate size ordered.

- 290-2892

The ordering process was very easy. The covers shipped within a day of ordering.The quality of the cover is great and the price is very reasonable. Superb service and a great product.

- 290-2892

The product arrived quickly, was well packaged, and exactly as desired. There is room for a larger camper than we have, ours is 10x7, but not so much access that it drags or anything like that. Very happy, happy with the sales happy with the service happy with the product.

- 290-2892

Good fit. Great value for the price. We will see how well it holds up to Colorado high country elements.

Holding up well, had a few tears because of sharp points on the trailer corners, but came with a patch kit. I use it in the summer as well as in the winter.
Randyman - 10/14/2020

- 290-2892

The trailer cover is a great value, but nothing in comparison to the outstanding customer service I have received from

- 290-2892

Well made, good fit, with great service as usual by etrailer. I expect that it will last about as long as the last two I've had; material degrades gradually in sun so that a couple of years is max use. But hey, that's life in the fast lane.

- 290-2892

Good product for the price. Heck even Amazon didn't have any in stock so you know the brand is good. Little hard to pick the right size with the 2 ft variance but I bought a bit bigger than I needed for a utility trailer and it covers it great.

- 290-2892

so far it fits fine!

- 290-2892

Don't waste your money! The cover didn't last a year The very elements (water, wind and sun) that the cover is supposed to protect against destroyed the cover inside of a year. The cover deteriorated and became thin and after a windy day the cover shredded and completely fell apart. While I didn't expect it to last for many years - less than 1 year is ridiculous. If it wasn't such a waste of money it would have been funny how it completely fell apart with the remains flapping in the breeze. It's now taking up space in a landfill.

- 290-2892

Maybe as good as can be expected for a breathable cover exposed outside, but some holes/ripping after a year. It should make two yrs but I think that's it. UV does the job on these things. Replaced a cheaper model with this, there are some advantages to this one (better vertical coverage, longer fit) but uncertain about economics.

- 290-2892

I was surprised how fast the cover got here. Very happy with the product and how timely you correspondence was from ordering to shipment to making sure everything was correct!

- 290-2892

- 290-2892

- 290-2892

- 290-2894

Review from a similar PopUp Cover in RV Covers

This cover is perforated material the Sun shines right thru it . It dose not provide any UV protection . Its more like a mesh than it is a solid canvas or tarp like material .When on you can See Right Thru it and read the printing on the side of the rv. rain goes right thru it . So No UV protection or rain protection ..Perforated mesh like material with NO Sun Protection and NO rain protection ..Very Disappointing

Thank you for your review. This is breathable to prevent mold. This also protects against moderate dust, rain, and sun.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 07/13/2021

- 290-2893

Review from a similar PopUp Cover in RV Covers

Great camper cover. It's thicker than those I ordered elsewhere in the past. It cleaned up nicely and was able to store in the included bag for the summer. The 14' fits perfectly on our 12' popup with a bike rack on the front. I'm able to cover the rack as well, which is great. Nylon buckle straps are solid for connecting under the camper, and it includes rope to cinch the front and back. I would buy this again in a couple years when the first one wears out.

- 290-2893

Review from a similar PopUp Cover in RV Covers

I recently received and fitted our camper cover. It seems to be a good quality product and I feel it was fairly priced. It fits our camper well, and I like some of the little touches like the weighted straps to secure the cover, the nicely grommeted connection points where the cover can be adjusted as needed. I also appreciate that "front" and "rear" are clearly marked - makes it easier to get oriented, especially if you're trying to work with it in the wind.

- 290-2895

Review from a similar PopUp Cover in RV Covers

Good cover, but ripped on the corner as soon as I put it on. Could use some corner reinforcements.

I will have our customer service team reach out to you. The cover does have a 2 year warranty.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 11/03/2021

- 290-2891

Review from a similar PopUp Cover in RV Covers

We love our camper cover. We are first-time customers and are very impressive with your selection of covers, the quality and the great prices. Plus, it was shipped the same day that I placed the order and arrived ahead of schedule. Thank you for GREAT service.

- 290-2894

Review from a similar PopUp Cover in RV Covers

Fits well, priced right and easy to put on. The straps are much better than cinch strings on other covers. Delivered as promised!

- 290-2893

Review from a similar PopUp Cover in RV Covers

I was under the impression it was going to be water proof. The interior of trailer was destroyed.

This cover mostly protects against UV Rays, water pooling, and streaks from pollutants on the top of your pop-up. This is made from a breathable polypropylene fabric to eliminate moisture build-up, mold, and mildew. This cover is not waterproof like a tarp would be. I apologize for the misunderstanding.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 11/09/2021

- 290-2894

Review from a similar PopUp Cover in RV Covers

perfect size, had a little extra room pulled tight all good. This is my first year using it.

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  • Best Cover In High Humidity for a 1995 Dutchmen Pop-Up Camper 1204
    For your 1995 Dutchmen Pop-Up Camper 1204, I recommend using the Adco Polypropylene RV Cover part # 290-2892 which is designed specifically for climates with high humidity so it will be perfect for you. The polypropylene top and side panels will work to bead water on contact while also allowing it to breathe that way you don't have any issues with mold or mildew. I called Adco and they stated that the cover is water resistance but did not use the term self-wicking directly.
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  • Cover For 2018 Coachmen Clipper 806LS Pop-Up Camper With AC Unit & Spare Tire
    The Adco Pop Up Camper Cover # 290-2892 does well with pop up campers even if you have a AC unit on top. You can either put put the cover over your spare tire, or you can get the CE Smith Spare Tire Cover # CE27430. I recommend covering all of your tires. Check out AJ's review video on his pop up camper to see how it fits!
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  • Recommended Pop-Up Trailer Cover for 32 Inch Tall 1993 Coleman Fleetwood Chesapeake Trailer
    The Adco Pop-Up Camper Cover - Gray - 10' to 12' Long # 290-2892 has dimensions of 144" long x 85" wide x 42" high. This cover has grommets to allow you to use rope for additional tightening around the bottom of your trailer for a more custom fit. This cover will help with some ground clearance, but utilizing the rope will be important to have a good fit. To keep animals from utilizing it as a shelter you may need to use some spray to deter them as they will seek shelter anywhere...
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  • Recommended Storage Cover for 2007 Coachman Clipper Sport 106
    You don't need to add the air conditioner height to your cover as the manufacturer accounts for the additional height of the AC shroud in their dimensions. I recommend the Adco Polypropylene RV Cover for Pop-Up Camper - Up to 12' Long # 290-22892. This has reinforced corners and a cinching system to remove slack. This cover will be breathable and protect against UV rays, dust, and weather. If you will be storing your camper in a more wet climate (rain/sleet/snow) then I recommend...
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  • Pop Up Camper Cover Recommendation for 2012 Viking Epic Model 2109
    The pop up cover you would want for your 2012 Viking Epic model 2109 that measures 130 inches in box length would be the Adco Polypropylene RV Cover for Pop-Up Camper - Up to 12' Long - Gray # 290-2892 as it fits campers up to 144 inches. The width of this is 85 inches and the height is 42 so it would fit in those dimensions as well.
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