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Preserve the life of your transmission and improve towing performance with a transmission cooler. Protect your vehicle's warranty or simply give your vehicle a boost with a simple to use addition to any towing set up. Push on fittings and three mounting positions ensure a hassle-free installation, while varying performance levels allow you to match the transmission cooler to your specific towing needs.

Find the correct fit for your vehicle by entering the year, make and model to the left. We offer fits for most popular vehicles, including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Honda, and Toyota.

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Derale 8000 Plate Fin Transmission Cooler Installation - 2008 Ford Escape

Today on our 2008 Ford Escape, we'll be installing the Duralli Transmission Cooler, part number D13501. To begin our install, we've already gone ahead and opened up the hood and we'll need to remove the front grill. To remove the front grill, there are multiple fasteners. Starting here at the top, we'll remove the two fasteners. Then we can pull slightly back on the grill, and locate two additional screw fasteners that secure the lower portion of the grill to the front bumper fascia. Now, once we remove both screws, one on each side, we'll need to remove two nuts that go over screw studs built into the front grill. We'll go ahead and repeat the same process on the other side.

Ford Escape Transmission Coolers Questions and Answers

  • Best Transmission Cooler Fit for the 2010 Mercury Mariner & 2011 Ford Escape
  • The best transmission cooler that will fit and works best for your 2011 Ford Escape and 2010 Mercury Mariner is the Derale Series 9000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler Kit w/Barb Inlets, # D13611. This fan measures 11" wide x 3-7/8" tall x 1-1/4" deep to provide the correct fit on your vehicles. This cooler works the best because it features turbulator technology, whereby fluids are agitated continuously, not only to facilitate heat transfer, but also to prevent any undesirable drop in pressure....
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  • Transmission Cooler Recommendation For 2011 Ford Escape
  • I spoke with Ford and they told me that there would be no problem adding a transmission cooler to your 2011 Ford Escape. You will want to check your owner's manual on recreational towing for any restrictions. The Tech told me the only restrictions might be the space that a cooler needs, but that is always the case when considering a transmission cooler on a vehicle. For your Escape, I recommend the Derale Transmission Cooler, part # D13502. This measures 11 inches Wide x 7-1/4 inches...
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  • Will Derale Transmission Oil Cooler # D15902 Fit 2011 Ford Escape
  • I was able to confirm that the oil filter thread dimensions of the 2011 Ford Escape do match the included filter thread size of 22 by 1.5 mm. If it's a clearance thing with the sandwich adapter but you have a solution that will allow it to fit I don't see why you'd have a problem. We have not had the chance to install this kit on a Ford Escape with a 3.0 though. The transmission side of the color is more of a universal style of install since it basically just installs after the factory...
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  • Larger Hose Fittings for Derale # D13611 on 2010 Mercury Mariner
  • On the Derale Series 9000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler Kit w/ NPT Inlets - Class I -Extra Efficient # D13611, the fittings that come with the unit are 1/2" NPT x 3/8" hose barb. The other option for fittings are the Derale 1/2" NPT Male x 1/2" Barb Straight Hose Fitting - 2 Piece # D15712 along with the 1/2 inch inner diameter hose # D15700 and hose clamps # D13008. This slightly larger size is the only other option for the 1/2" NPT fitting on your cooler.
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  • Transmission Fluid Needed for Transmission Cooler Installation
  • When you install the Derale Series 9000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler # D13611 a little extra fluid will be needed. The last part of the installation instructions have you add fluid as needed and then drive the vehicle for a little while and recheck the fluid level. Not much additional fluid is needed unless much is spilled when you disconnect and reconnect the lines. Normally just a few ounces of fluid is needed.
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  • Transmission Cooler Recommendation for a 2011 Ford Escape
  • I found the expert answer you referenced where Jeff said to check the owners manual for restrictions on towing. He meant that you should check to make sure your vehicle is rated for towing the trailer you are planning on towing from a weight capacity point of view. There would be no restrictions on installing a transmission cooler aside from the available space on your vehicle. You would want the to route the transmission fluid from your factory cooler in your radiator to the aftermarket...
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  • Is There a Transmission Cooler Available for the 2009 Ford Escape
  • Transmission coolers are not vehicle specific. So you will have to measure the three areas mentioned below and then find one that fits in one of those areas. 1) Mount cooler between your vehicles grille and the AC condenser core for the greatest efficiency. 2) Mounting the cooler between the condenser and the radiator still allows for ample airflow, but cuts effectiveness by 25 percent. Installation of a larger cooler unit in this position may help make up for that loss. 3) Mounting...
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  • Recommended Transmission Cooler for a 2008 Ford Escape and Location of Return Line
  • We rate our transmission coolers based on what Class of trailer hitch receiver the vehicle can use. Your 2008 Ford Escape can use up to a Class III trailer hitch so we recommend a Class III transmission cooler. We carry two that are for your Escape and they are very similar. The Derale # D13502 and # D13503. I've attached review videos of them both. The main difference is the # D13502 is slightly smaller, which can make it a little easier to mount under your hood. There isn't a specific...
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  • Will the Derale Transmission Cooler Kit Part # D13501 Fit a 2008 Ford Escape with the 3.0L V6 Engine
  • The Derale Series 8000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler Kit part # D13501 is an excellent option for your 2008 Ford Escape with the 3.0L V6 engine. The kit comes with a 11/32" diameter transmission hose that is designed to be used on vehicles with 5/16" transmission lines. When we installed this cooler on a 2008 Ford Escape with the 2.3L I4 engine, we did not need any adapter or special fitting outside of what is included in the kit as it had 5/16" transmission lines. However, it was a...
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  • Will Derale Transmission Cooler Decrease Air Flow To Radiator on 2006 Ford Escape V6
  • Air will still pass through the transmission cooler and reach the radiator, but the temperature effect on the cooling system will be minimal if at all. Since the Derale Atomic-Cool Remote Transmission Cooler Kit, # D15950, has a built-in fan, it does not have to be mounted in front of the radiator. The fan will provide sufficient airflow to cool the transmission fluid anywhere the cooler is located. As you may know, the most efficient place to mount the transmission cooler is behind...
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  • How to Tell if a 2006 Ford Escape has a Factory Installed External Mounted Transmission Cooler
  • It is possible that your 2006 Ford Escape has a factory externally mounted transmission cooler. But you usually only see that on larger SUVs and pickup trucks. A Ford dealer may be able to run the VIN and see if it is a model that came with an external cooler. If you can jack up the Escape enough you can also follow the lines to see if they to go to and from the transmission. That would be a dead giveaway that it is a cooler. It could also be a power steering cooler but considering...
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