Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2009 Ford F150

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How to Install a Brake Controller for a Trailer on a 2009 Ford F150

Today we are going to install a Prodigy Brake Controller, part number 90185 on our 2009 Ford F-150, and we are going to use the accompanying brake control adapter and show you how it gets installed. This is a little bit different from previous models. The plug for the brake controller is actually behind this tray right here. What happens is, this panel comes off, and then we get behind the tray - unscrew the tray - and the connection is right behind it. All right, what we are going to do first is go ahead and just take off this panel right here. And it is actually pretty easy. Just give a gentle pull on the bottom and just work your way up. And start on the right-hand side, so that way you can pull it out from underneath this piece here. When you do pull on this, this little panel here will come back toward you, too, and give you a little bit of extra room to pull it out.

There is a wire harness back here for the four-wheel drive, and you have got to disconnect that plug. There is a simple tab on top you just squeeze it down just like a tail light assembly. This compartment here gets unscrewed from here and here. We just undo these two screws and pull the whole thing out. OK, pull this out. You do not have much slack, but there is our connection right here, built into the back of the tray. Unclip it, and then we can install our brake control adapter. You can take the whole assembly and actually run it behind the plastic down out toward the bottom of the dash, where we are going to install our brake controller. And at this point we are going to put our trim panel back together.

We can mount our brake control down on the bottom now. There a few different ways to install the brake controller. You can mount it on the dash, like so. There is also a little edge on the bottom here. It is kind of on the low side, but it does keep everything a little bit out of the way, too. It is personal preference on this one. We are going to mount it on the bottom. We will mount our brake controller bracket up to this plastic and then we will just run our screws into it. We will go ahead and snap in our brake controller. All right, our next step is to go ahead and take our wires and hide them up underneath of it. All right, and the install of the brake controller is complete.That covers our install of a Prodigy brake controller, part number 90185 on our 2009 Ford F-150.

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