Review of Dexter Axle Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension - Spring Mounting Hardware - K71-448-00

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Dexter Axle Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension - Spring Mounting Hardware - K71-448-00 Review

Michael.: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're taking a look at a potential solution. For those of you with tandem axle trailers, for wanting to add some leaf springs to your trailer. This is the Dexter heavy duty suspension kit. It's going to include all the hardware that you need to get four, one and three quarter inch double-eye leaf springs added to your trailer's frame.

Keep in mind, this kit does not include the springs themselves, so you'll have to purchase those separately. If you don't already have some, I recommend checking out our inventory here at We've got lots of different options for you. This kit is also going to assume that your tandem axle trailer already has hangers. If your trailer doesn't already have those hangers, you can find some here as well.

You're going to need six of them to get this kit mounted.What this kit is going to include are these two equalizers. These are what's going to Mount in between your leaf springs. Your springs are going to attach to either side there with the included hardware. This is what's going to allow that transfer of motion so that you're taking pressure off of each actual individually and sharing it between those springs. Your equalizer is going to have a zerk fitting on the top and you can see here, this is going to make it a lot easier to keep our joints lubricated so that we're having that nice fluid motion.

They're not binding up or anything like that. We are going to use, what I'm calling, these dry step bolts, as opposed to the wet step bolts that have the zerk fitting on them. All of our bolts have this ribbing or ridges to them. That's to keep our bolts in place when we have it mounted, we'll get it as far as we can and then we'll hammer this in that that ribbing grabs hold of our equalizer, and we'll keep our bolts in place.To connect our springs to our equalizer, we're going to use these shackle links. You can see we've already got four partially assembled.

They come this way. It's going to include our shackle strap here and two of our wet bolts already hammered into place. So it's going to save us a step. Our wet bolts have the zerk fitting on the outside. And then you can see we've got a hole here in the middle of the bolt that the grease is going to come out and keep those lubricated as well. That'll just slide onto our equalizer there, and we'll be able to use the other shackle strap to mount that in location, and then use our flange nuts to hold those all together. So that gets our leaf springs onto our equalizers.We'll use the dry bolt to get our equalizer mounted on to our trailer. And then the other side of the springs, we're going to have these bushings. These are going to be inserted into the spring eye to help maintain function, ensure proper sizing of our suspension bolts. And then we'll use the four wet bolts to mount the spring onto our trailers, hangers. These being a bronze bushing, and it's going to help resist corrosion, keep our system working longer. Our wet bolts, again, they have the ribbing. So they're going to work the same way and we can use our zerk fitting to make sure that our connections are lubricated. Our equalizers are going to be a four inch height, and that's going from the center line of our two bottom bolts up to the center of our top bolt right about four inches tall. And then from the center of our mounting bolt to the other bolt, it's about six inches wide.Our shackle straps from center to center are right about two and a quarter of an inch wide. This kit is going to come with the five-year limited warranty from Dexter. And I think it's going to be a great solution for those of you who already have your hangers on your trailer. You're just wanting to get those leaf springs added on to help reduce some of that strain on your axles. It's going to do a good job holding up very well for you. One thing to keep in mind is rather than replacing just your bushings or any one of these components, having them all wearing at the same pace is going to prevent you from having to replace each one individually, one year, move on to the next one, the next year, they're all going to wear it at the same pace. So it's going to make it a lot easier for you. As far as maintenance, that's going to wrap up our look at the Dexter heavy duty suspension kit..

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