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I have a triaxle toy hauler gvw 18,000lbs. Tire size is ST225/75R15 load range E. Should I go to a larger size to eliminate blowing more tires. These are the tires that came on the vehicle. It doesnt seem to matter what speed I travel, the last one went at 50 mph.


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Special trailer tires in any given size are available in various load ranges as you noted, but they also can have different speed ratings too. Driving a tire faster than its rated speed can lead to failure just like overloading it past its weight capacity can. Both conditions lead to excess heat and that is what typically leads to a tire failure.

Since your 18K trailer has 3 axles and 6 tires each tire should be rated for approximately 3000-lbs if you routinely operate the trailer at its maximum GVWR. In your tire size ST225/75R15 the highest weight load range we offer is a LR E tire. All such tires appear on the linked page and all are rated for 2830-lbs.

The Westlake LR E radial # LHWL304 has a speed rating "L", meaning it is good to 75-mph, but the Provider # TR225LRE has a speed rating "M", which means it is rated for up to 81-mph. The same applies to the Kenda # AM10303 and to the Contender # C22515E which are also M-rated.

If you have room to move up to a larger diameter and wider wheel/tire size like 235/80-16 then you can choose tires with a LR G weight capacity of as much as 4080-lbs, such as the Provider ST235/80R16 Radial Trailer Tire with 8-on-6-1/2 Wheel # A16R80GSMHDV. This has both a weight capacity of 4080-lbs and an "M" speed rating too.

No matter your tire size, load range and speed rating, always keep special trailer tires inflated to the maximum cold psi pressure noted on the sidewall.

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Howard D.

I have a single axle boat trailer. Boat weighs in about 2400lbs. Tire size is a 205 75 R14. I continually have issues with blow outs and the tread peeling off. I dont normally run over 65 mph, especially when its hot I live in Phoenix, but still have issues. Is there a better tire for this application? I would at least like to run 70 or so so I dont get run over on the interstates..Thoughts..? 73759

Reply from Chris R.

You can stay within that same 205/75R14 tire size while still getting a pretty significant upgrade. I recommend checking out the Goodyear Endurance # 724864519 . It as more than enough capacity for your boat trailer, features a maximum speed rating of 87 mph (the highest we have), and is made in the USA. The quality of the Endurance line is closer to what you would see on a standard passenger vehicle. As long as you make sure they're properly inflated, you shouldn't have the same kinds of issues you've been experiencing. 60128

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