Setting Up the Tekonsha Primus Electric Trailer Brake Controller # TK90160


Is it possible for you to mention the sequence of adjustments on my primus hidden hitch system, having trouble understanding it completely. Example: 1 Unit is plugged in and on .c setting 2 Drive on flat surface 25mph and slowly break 3 Based on trailer feel use blue slide knob to delay or advance trailer breaking.... after that Im pretty much lost...I dont understand the Blue power wheel other than allowing more voltage to the trailer breaks.. the boost is the 3rd setting that seems to rely on the differences of weight between the trailer oan tow vehicle....really 3 settings...

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The initial set up involves connecting the trailer to the vehicle, starting the engine, and then fully engaging the manual override lever. While the lever is fully engaged, set the power wheel knob to 6. You will then start doing the driving/braking test and then adjust the power wheel accordingly.

The power wheel does adjust the amount of power sent to the trailer brakes like you have said. More power (rotating the knob toward the front of the vehicle) will set the brakes more aggressively and the opposite is true when rolling the wheel back toward the rear of the vehicle. You want to set to a point where just enough power is sent to effectively brake but not lock up the trailer brakes.

Once you have the brakes set the way you want, you can move on to the boost setting. A reading of .c indicates no boost. Keep pushing the button to change the boost setting. A setting of .c or b.1 is good for a trailer that weighs less than the vehicle.

If the trailer weighs the same as the vehicle, I would go with b.1 or b.2.

If the trailer weighs between 25 and 40 percent more than the vehicle, a more aggressive setting of b.2 or b.3 should be used.

If the trailer weights over 40 percent more than the vehicle, go with the b.3 setting. The boost settings are pre-set and require no additional changes after you choose the boost setting you want for your towing situation. I have included a link to the installation details for the Tekonsha Primus, # TK90160, for reference.

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