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How to Install Lippert Bolt-On Shock Mount Kit with Heavy Duty Gas Shocks for 3 Inch Axles


Hi, could you tell me how these are installed?


Expert Reply:

I will be happy to explain how to install the shock kit # LC281281. In addition to the instructions below I have also included a picture of the actual instructions.

1. Raise trailer and jack up the axle to release pressure on the springs.
2. Remove old u-bolts and tie plate.
3. Install new tie plate with the longer side facing outward and torque the u-bolts to the specs in the instructions. NOTE: Do NOT reuse old components.
4. Compress the shock and make a mark on the inner shock where the outer shock stops.
5. Release compression. Measure the stroke and make a mark on the inner shock that is one half of the stroke length.
6. Measure the shock length when the shock is compressed to the halfway mark made in Step 5.
7. Lower the trailer back down onto tires and level so the equalizer(s), if equipped, are parallel to the frame and there is a full load on the springs.
8. Make a measurement perpendicular to the shock mounting lip on the tie plate that is the same distance measured in Step 6 + 2” and make a mark on the I-beam parallel to the shock mounting lip on the tie plate. NOTE: Mount shocks pointing outwards (away from the shackle kit, equalizer and/or center point) to get the best performance from the shocks. NOTE: Dry fit the shock to be sure it does not exceed a 45 degree angle or it will not function.
9. Align the bottom of the extended portion of the upper shock mounting bracket to the mark made on the I-beam in Step 8 and drill 11/32” pilot holes.
10. Use the 3/8” self-tapping bolts to secure the upper shock mounting bracket to the I-beam.
11. Remove nut, washer and rubber grommet from both sides of the shock.
12. Place the shock into the shock mounting lip on the tie plate and compress it to fit into the upper mounting bracket.
13. Apply the rubber grommet, washer, and nut (in that order) and tighten to secure the shock.
NOTE: Do NOT over-tighten. Tighten until the rubber grommet increases diameter equal to the washer.

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Thanks for the input, full steam ahead


I purchased lc281281 universal sHock kit ,was getting ready to drill my trailer i beam and my neighbor engineer said are you sure you are supposed to drill that i beam? Wont it severly weaken it? Now i am not sure what todo? Any help or reassurance please.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Drilling into the I-beam isn't something you want to make a habit of, but doing so to utilize hardware for the shock's mounting bracket won't negatively affect the frame's capacity. It's been tested and rated appropriately by the manufacturer. Also keep in mind that you will be filling in that hole with a bolt and technically strengthening the surrounding portion with the bracket itself, so it's just not something you need to be concerned with.

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