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Expert Answers about Powerhouse

  • Battery Boxes to Fit Group 34/78 Batteries
  • Group 34/78 batteries have generally have dimensions of 10.3-inches x 6.8-inches x 7.6-inches. You can use these dimensions as a guide to help you choose a battery box since you could have more than one. For a single battery we have the cost-effective Deka Marine-grade box # DW03189. But since there are many box types with different mounting alternatives you can use the linked page to see all options. Some boxes include solar chargers and some include mounting brackets.
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  • Troubleshooting Powerhouse Professional Series Generator That Wont Start
  • For your Powerhouse Professional Series # PH69272, I reached out to the manufacturer and they said the carborator can be found behind the inverter and they recommend taking pictures and marking wires so you can put things back properly. It is also important to make sure the pin placement is correct after cleaning your carburetor or the unit will not start. If you want to attempt to clean out your system prior to disassembly, I recommend using SeaFoam or STP in your Gas as you start...
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  • How do Powerhouse Generators Compare to Honda and Yamaha Generators
  • Our honest opinion of the Powerhouse generators including the Powerhouse Professional Series part # PH69272 is that they are right up there with the nicest generators out there but are MUCH less expensive. If you are looking for one of the nicest generators out there and don't feel like paying for a Yamaha or Honda yet want the same quality this is your only option. When compared to the Hondas and Yamahas the Powerhouse Generators are only slightly louder and use a little bit more fuel.
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  • Generator Recommendation for a Utility Trailer to Power TV, Heater and Interior Lights
  • You are trying to power a heater, TV, and some lights so you are most likely going to need a generator that can put out 2,600 watts if you wanted to use all three at the same time. For a generator that can put out 2,700 watts the part # PH69272 would be a great option. You would need to run a power strip from one of the outlets of the generator to the interior of your trailer so that can power the three things you mentioned. If you wanted to have outlets in your trailer like a house...
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  • Operation of Powerhouse Professional Series 2,700-Watt Inverter Generator # PH69272
  • Your grand kids are lucky to have a Grandmother so concerned with their happiness! The Powerhouse Professional Series 2,700-Watt Inverter Generator # PH69272 that you referenced needs to have its motor operating in order for it to power any connected AC or DC appliance. The internal battery only allows for electric starting of the generator with the key or remote control, but this battery does not store power for any of the connected devices. This unit can deliver its rated load of...
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  • Exterior Width of the Powerhouse Battery Box # PH13034
  • The outside dimensions of the Powerhouse Strap-Style Battery Box # PH13034 that you referenced is 11-1/2 inches long by 8 wide by 8-1/2 inches tall measured at the bottom of the box. The box has a slight taper to it and the width does get slightly wider at the top of the box but that should not matter since you just need the dimensions at the bottom of the box.
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  • Can Powerhouse GC2 Strap-Style Battery Box # PH13228 Hold 2 6V Golf Cart Batteries
  • The Powerhouse GC2 Strap-Style Battery Box # PH13228 holds one golf cart battery. Its internal dimensions are 11-1/4-inches long x 7-5/8- wide x 9-1/4- tall. The linked video includes these and other dimensions and also details the constructions and features of this marine-rated box.
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  • Troubleshooting Powerhouse Generator that Stops Putting Out Power and Idles
  • According to the installation details, it may be tripping the DC circuit breaker and just needs to be reset. There is a running time and load estimation. I've attached a photo but this is also in the attached installation details. I recommend putting a tester on it like # ALL648349 so you know exactly what you are getting when it seems to not put out power.
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  • Base Overall Dimensions of the Powerhouse GC2 Strap-Style Battery Box # PH13228
  • We have just what you need. Check out the part # DW03009. I went out into our warehouse to measure the base and found that it measures 11 inches by 7-1/4 inches so it should work well for you.
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  • Dimensions Of Powerhouse Strap-Style Battery Box
  • I went to the warehouse and measured the Powerhouse Strap-Style Battery Box, part # PH13035. I have attached a photo of the battery box that has the dimensions noted you can check out. The lid on the battery box measures 9-1/2 x 17 inches. The battery box bottom measures 7-1/2 x 13-1/2 inches and the overall height with the lid in place is 11 inches.
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  • What is Needed to Add Battery to Trailer to Power Lights
  • Basically it's a matter of installing a battery box so that you can securely install a battery and then running the 12 volt acc circuit of your 7-way to the positive post of it and then from there attaching the power wires of the accessories you want to run. There's really not much more to it than that. The part # PH13034 is a very popular battery box we carry that would work well. For 10 gauge wire you then would want the part # 10-1-1.
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  • Battery Box Recommendation for a 8 Volt Golf Cart Battery
  • I found that most 8 volt golf cart battery dimensions are 10-3/8 x 7-1/88 x 10-7/8 inches. The only battery box that can accommodate a battery that size would be the Tow-Rax Battery Box # TWSP12B.
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  • Recommendation for a Battery Box for Four 6-Volt Batteries
  • For a large battery box for four 6-volt batteries you can use the TorkLift PowerArmor Locking Battery Box # TLA7710R. This box is 58-1/2" long x 7-5/8" wide x 12-3/4" tall so as long as the combined length/height/width of all the batteries are within these specs this is a great option for you. If you can tell me the sizes of the batteries I can determine if we have any other options.
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  • Installing Powerhouse # PH13034 Battery Box
  • The two mounting brackets included with the # 78038 battery box would fasten to the mounting surface, using the included screws (or suitable hardware of your choosing) and the straps would be threaded through. The battery box would be placed on top of the straps, which would then be looped around the top of the box then buckled into place. Pretty easy, but I can understand why it wasn't obvious from the description photos.
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  • Dimensions Of Powerhouse Battery Box
  • I pulled a Powerhouse Battery Box, part # PH13228 from our warehouse and took a couple of measurements for you. The outside dimension of the battery box without the lid is 11 inches long X 7-3/8 inches wide. With the lid on, this box measures 14 inches long, 9-1/2 inches wide, and 11-1/2 inches tall.
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  • Battery Box To Mount On Flatbed Trailer
  • We have battery cases that are used for either a breakaway battery that is too small for the dimensions of the battery you said you have, or battery boxes for larger batteries that may be too bit. One of the cases that you may want to check out is the Powerhouse Strap Style Battery Box, part # PH13228. The inside dimensions for this box is 11-1/4 inches long x 7-5/8 inches wide x 9-1/4 inches tall.
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  • How to Power Interior Lights of an Enclosed Trailer
  • The best way for you to power the interior lights of your enclosed trailer is with a mounted 12V battery. To do this, mount the battery with a battery box like # PH13035 and use a junction box # 38656 to tap into your 7-way. You will also need ring terminals # 44-5310A, and wire # 12-1-1 to run to each light. You will also want a light switch such as the Pollak rocker switch # PK34308 or toggle switch # PK34571. You will be able to charge the battery when the 7-way is attached to your tow...
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  • Will Powerhouse Professional Series PH2700PRi Inverter Generator Run 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner
  • The Powerhouse Professional Series PH2700PRi Inverter Generator # PH69272 referenced in your question has a running power output of 2,600 watts, which will be sufficient for running a 13,500 BTU air conditioner. This is a very nice, portable generator that features a remote, electric start. It also provides a relatively quiet operation that will not drown out conversation and includes a 2-year warranty. I have attached the installation details and a video review on this product for...
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  • How Does Internal Battery of Powerhouse 2700 Generator Charge
  • I attached a picture I took from the owners manual of the Powerhouse 2700 part # PH69272 which covers charging the internal battery.
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  • Noise Generated by Powerhouse Professional PH2700PRi 2,700-Watt Inverter Generator # PH69272
  • The Powerhouse Professional Series PH2700PRi 2,700-Watt Inverter Generator # PH69272 will generate a sound level of 67 decibels at full load from a distance of 23-feet. Normal room conversation is about 60-decibels. The generator's sound level is quieter than a typical vacuum cleaner. Please refer to the linked video and written instructions for more information.
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  • Powerhouse Professional Series Inverter Generator Troubleshooting
  • When any motor won't start, including a generator, you need to check for fuel and spark. If you have fuel getting into the cylinder itself and if you have spark. To check spark, remove the spark plug cap and clean any dirt from around the plug. remove the spark plug and install the spark plug into the plug cap. Attach the plug side to any grounded metal, and pull the recoil starter, sparks should jump across the gap. More instructions are available in the installation details on...
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  • Overall Exterior Dimensions Of The Powerhouse GC2 Battery Box For Golf Carts
  • The Powerhouse GC2 Strap-Style Battery Box for 6V Golf Cart Batteries # PH13228 has overall exterior dimensions including the lid of 14 long x 9-1/2 wide x 11-1/2 inches tall. This polypropylene plastic battery box will protect your battery from damage and your golf cart from battery acid if the battery fails.
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  • Generator Will Shut Off After Running for a Minute
  • There are a wide variety of things that could be causing your generator, like the Powerhouse # PH69272, to shut off after a minute of running it. The common things to check for are making sure it has enough gas, that the gas is not old, how long it has been since the generator was started, if the battery is strong, and if you have a plugged fuel line. If it has been a while since the generator was started or if the gas is old it could have plugged a fuel line or gummed up the carburetor....
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  • Can Battery Box be Cut to Better Fit Battery on Trailer
  • The Powerhouse Strap-Style Battery Box # PH13034 that you referenced in your question is designed to hold Group 24 batteries. If you are having some difficulty fitting your battery inside the box, then technically the boxes can be cut if you wish to do so. Just keep in mind that battery boxes like these are designed to secure and protect the battery from damage and exposure to the elements. If you cut or alter the box in anyway, its ability to protect the battery will be compromised....
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  • Generator Option for Charging Trailer 6 Volt Batteries
  • You could use the PowerHouse Professional Series part # PH69272 and then use a battery charger like the CTEK part # CTEK56191 which is designed for 6 volt batteries. This a quiet generator that has an inverter which would allow the use of the charger mentioned. If the batteries are wired to produce a total of 12 volts then a charger like the part # CTEK56864 could be used to charge both at the same time.
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  • Availability of Strap For Battery Box
  • Powerhouse doesn't offer the strap as a separate item, but the BoatBuckle Gas Tank Tie-Down Strap, part # IMF05352 would work fine for you although it's going to be a bit longer than you need. You'll probably need to trim some of the length. To keep the nylon from unraveling, use a flame to melt the end of the strap. The strap measures 1-1/2 inches wide by 6 feet long.
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  • How to Permanently Mount the Powerhouse Strap-Style Battery Box to Trailer
  • If you were looking for a more permanent install method for the Powerhouse Strap-Style Battery Box # PH13034 that you referenced you could easily drill through the bottom of the box and attach it to the cross members of your trailer. It looks like you have a very similar box already mounted on your trailer. The install method you used for that box would most likely work just as well for this one.
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