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Highland's main focus is on developing products to protect your vehicle from the elements and help you organize your cargo. With this focus in mind, Highland has been producing innovative and useful products for over 50 years.

  • A leader in vehicle protection and cargo management
  • QS-9000 certified (the highest level of quality)
  • Specializes in cargo organization, carrying and protection

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Expert Answers about Highland

  • Looking For Roof Cargo Bag That Does Not Require Roof Rack For 2002 Nissan Sentra
  • Yes, we do have 2 rooftop cargo bags from Yakima that do not require a roof rack or roof basket to mount to your 2002 Nissan Sentra. We have available the Yakima FarOut Pro Weather-Resistant Rooftop Cargo Bag, part # Y07173. Both of these bags from Yakima include extended straps that would run through the inside of your car, along the roof. I would recommend the Yakima FarOut Pro # Y07173 as it is a weather-resistant bag. You will want to check your vehicles owners manual as to...
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  • Cargo Bags for a 24x60 inch Trailer
  • The issue here is not how full the bags are. The biggest hurdle to overcome is that the Waterproof Roof Top Luggage with Wheels # 10396 has support bars on the bottom that will not budge no matter how full the bag is. And because the bag has a ridged bottom it can not be scrunched along its length or width. The best solution is either one larger bag that fits your trailer or two smaller bags that, combined, will fit in the trailer. We do have one large bag like the etrailer.com Extra...
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  • Ratchet Strap Recommendations to Secure a Sailboat to a Trailer
  • If the Highland Retractable Ratchet Strap, # 1154000, is not long enough to reach across your boat, then we do have a wide variety of 2 inch wide straps that are longer. I have listed a few different size straps for you to check out, as well as a link to our ratchet straps.
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  • How to Operate Ratchet Straps for Tying Down Cargo
  • Using a ratchet strap is fairly easy once you learn the basics. Play with the levers and releases before you start trying to strap something in. Learn how the devices work, and how to use it should become clear. If you think of the ratchet as a jaw, you would open it up to 180 degrees. Slide the strap through the slotted spool. Pull most of the slack out, but leave some because the ratchet will need some strap to start an even wrap on the spool. Make sure you keep the straps straight...
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  • What are the Dimensions of the Auto Floor Mats All Weather 45026
  • The Highland floor mats # 45026 measure 12 inch across at the top, 18-1/2 inches across at the middle and bottom. They are 28-1/2 inches tall overall. And 19-1/2 inches from the bottom to the apex of the bend where it gets more narrow.
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  • Will Highland Floor Mats 46042 Fit a 2013 Ford E-350 Passenger Van
  • Yes. The Highland floor mats # 46042 will fit a 2013 Ford E-350 passenger van. I have also included a link to all of the floor mats, custom, semi-custom, and universal, that will fit your van.
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  • Does the Bottom of the Highland Vehicle Organizer Open up to Empty Trash
  • Yes, you can either toss your trash straight into the organizer and empty it from the bottom, or you can use plastic grocery bags like trash can liners. If you are needing a bigger trash holder for the backseat of your vehicle, you can use the Highland Car Trash Keeper # 1932600 which installs on the headrest of the seat in front of it.
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  • Plank Width Used With Highland Ramp Kit # 07005 to Load Riding Mower
  • The Highland Ramp Kit you referenced, part # 07005 uses top and bottom ends that are a perfect fit for a 2x8 plank. Although a wider plank could be used, it would be necessary to keep the load perfectly centered on the planks as the mower is moving up the ramp, to prevent the plank from rolling and being kicked out to one side or the other. Because of that danger, using a 2x8 would be your best (and safest) option.
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  • Availability of a Cargo Net That Will Securely Hold Plastic Containers In Rear of Honda Odyssey
  • The Highland Adjustable Heavy Duty Truck Cargo Net, part # 95006, does not list a breaking strength. I went out to the warehouse to look at this product and will try to help explain the size of the straps on the net to help you figure out if it will work for you. It comes with six 1/4 inch diameter bungee cords that will attach to the four corners and the two mid points of the net. The adjustable cross straps are one inch woven nylon and allow you to tighten the net around the load after...
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  • Cargo Bag Options for a 2005 Toyota Camry Without a Roof Rack
  • We have just what you are looking for. I would recommend the Rightline PackRight Sport 1 Cargo Bag, # RL100S10. The Sport 1 cargo bag can hold up to 12 cu ft of gear and utilizes Rightlines special ZipRight zipper that resists corrosion and helps to block moisture from seeping into the bag. I have attached installation instructions as well as a demonstration video for you to check out. I have also added a link to all of the cargo bags we offer that will fit on vehicles with bare...
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  • Fat Bike Rack Recommendation for Carrying 4 Bikes with 5 inch Tires
  • I have a solution for you, but the Let's Go Aero BikeWing 4 bike rack, part # B01458, does not have wheel straps large enough for 5 inch fat tires. Instead the Saris Freedom SuperClamp part # SA4026 is also a very simplistic bike rack that would work great with the fat tire adapter # SA4419. This rack also has great clearance for clearing the back of a vehicle as it has 12 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the nearest wheel tray. You will not be able to fold the rack...
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  • Floor Mat Recommendation for 2016 Gulfstream BT Cruiser Motorhome
  • Yes, the Highland Floor Mats part # 46042 that you referenced are a confirmed fit for your 2016 Ford E-350 Gulfstream BT Cruiser Motorhome.
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  • Universal Pet Barrier for a 2003 Ford Expedition May Need the Extension
  • The Universal Pet Barrier - Minivan SUV, part # 20045, will expand to 45 inches H X 65 inches W to fit a variety of vehicles. However, if your vehicle is larger than that, you will need the Pet Barrier Extension, part # 2004600. The extension adds and extra rung and 9 inches to the height of the pet barrier. You will need to measure the inside of your vehicle to see if the extension will be needed.
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  • What Locking Hitch Pin Can be Used with the Highland SportWing Bike Rack on a 2010 Honda CR-V
  • The anti-rattle locking hitch pin that I would recommend for the Highland SportWing Bike Rack, # 1370400, on your 2010 Honda CR-V is the Softride Anti-Rattle Device and Lock, # SR25219. This anti-rattle lock will only work with hollow shanks. I have attached a video of this locking anti-rattle hitch pin for you to check out.
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  • Wheel Net Tie Down Recommendation for a 26 inch Tall Tire
  • I believe your best solution that we offer would be the # EM58522 as it confirmed to fit tires that are up to 29 inches tall. Since your tires are 26 inches tall this should work well for you.
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  • Using a Pet Barrier as a Cargo Barrier
  • The Universal Pet Barrier - Minivan SUV, part # 20045, could be used as a cargo barrier. It is not designed for that purpose, so if the weight of the cargo is too heavy the barrier may fail to contain the items in the rear. If you are planning on hauling cargo stacked higher than the seat backs you would be better off using a barrier system designed for that purpose. We do not carry a load barrier for use inside the vehicle at this time.
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  • Weight Capacity of Highland Tri-Fold Aluminum Loading Ramps Part # 1121500
  • I have checked with Highland, and have found that the distributed capacity of the Tri-Fold Aluminum Loading Rampw is 1600 lbs, and the point load capacity is 400 lbs. A distributed load is what the ramps would experience with a piece of equipment like a snowmobile on it. The point load capacity describes what would be experienced if a load was placed on one small portion of the ramp.
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  • Auto Floor Mats All Weather Center Hump Mat Dimensions
  • The dimensions of the Auto Floor Mats All Weather - Center Hump Mat, item # 46041, are 33 inches x 16 inches. It is a universal floor mat that can be cut down to fit different vehicles.
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  • How many Boards Will The Ramp Kit For 2x8 Boards Complete One or Two
  • You get all the hardware needed to complete two 2 inch x 8 inch boards to make a pair of ramps in the ramp kit, part # 07005.
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  • Locking Bikes and the Sportwing 4 Bike Rack # 1370400 to the Vehicle
  • The best way to secure the Highland SportWing Aluminum Hitch-Mounted, 4-Bike Carrier for 2 inch Hitches, item # 1370400, and the bikes is to use a cable style lock. The DeadBolt Locks 10 foot Long Cable Lock, item # CAB-10, is a great choice for this application. By running the cable through the safety chain loop on your trailer hitch and then through each bikes frame and/or wheels you can secure the whole system to the vehicle. The Rear portion of the SportWing can be secured also....
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  • Universal Fit Cargo Mat for Use in a 30 x 40 Inch Cat Litter Box
  • I do have something that I think might work though it will need to be cut. However, it is designed to be cut so I think it would work well. Take a look a universal cargo mat # 45045. It starts out at 34 x 48 inches and can be trimmed in 1 inch increments. All of the other mats are custom fit so finding one that is perfectly rectangular AND has the dimensions you need is not likely.
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  • Recommendations of Ratchet Tie-Downs with Coated Handle for Use on a Kayak
  • I would also recommend a tie-down strap that has a nice handle to tighten the kayak down. Also, a nice feature to have is the retractable, ratcheting tie-downs with the push button release. The Highland Retractable Ratchet Strap with Push Button Release, part # 1154000 is a nice tie-down strap that has all of the features above. It is 2 inches wide x 10 feet long. It has a push button release that allows you to push the button and pull out how much strap you will need. Also, if you...
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  • What Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bags Are Available With Wheels
  • The picture on the product page of Highland Waterproof Roof Top Luggage with Wheels, # 10396, is showing two bags strapped to the red SUV. The size of the duffel is 34 inches long x 16 inches wide x 14 inches tall. That is the only roof cargo bag that I have with wheels. I do have some larger weatherproof roof cargo bags and I am including a link to a product page that will list all of them.
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  • 4-Bike Carrier Recommendation For A 28-Foot Tandem Axle Travel Trailer
  • We do have a 4-bike carrier that is rated for an RV, but it is not the Highland SportWing Bike Carrier # 1370400 you referenced as it is not meant to be used with an RV or camper. I recommend the Swagman Hitch-Mounted RV and Motor Home Bike Rack # S64940. It can carry up to 4 bikes with cradles that rotate left to right to accommodate many womens, childrens, and alternatively-framed bicycles by keeping wheels level to improve ground clearance. You will need to ensure your trailer...
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  • Sun Visor Organizer that Utilizes both Sides of the Visor
  • Although we do not offer an organizer that surrounds both sides of the visor, I may have something that would work for you. Since most visors contain a mirror on one side that would be unusable if an organizer were used on both sides, Highland came up with the Visor Organizer, # 1933000, which offers an outer flap. It is kind of like having three organizers in one and would still allow you to use a mirror on the visor. This type of organizer would offer the additional space that you were...
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  • Recommended Cargo Area Liner for 2009 Toyota Venza
  • We have a large assortment of front seating area, rear seating area and cargo area mats for your Venza, which you can see by clicking the provided link. From a price versus durability standpoint, I really like the mats offered by Husky Liners. They offer a rear cargo area mat in Tan as part # HL25043, Gray as part # HL25042 or Black as part # HL25041.
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  • Availability of Highland Cargo Mat to Fit 2012 Honda Pilot From Second Row Seats to Back of Vehicle
  • The Highland cargo mat that will fit your 2012 Honda Pilot from behind the second row of seats to the back of the vehicle is the Highland Universal Cargo Mat, part # 46045. This cargo mat is black and is a universal design mat. I also have two custom fit cargo mats for your vehicle. The WeatherTech Cargo Liner, part # WT40378, in black and the Husky WeatherBeater Cargo Liner, part # HL24361, in black. They will also cover from behind the second row of seats to the back of the vehicle.
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  • Roof Mount Cargo bag for 2010 Honda CRV
  • Yes, the Highland KarPak Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag, item # 10396, will work on the roof of your 2010 Honda CR-V. Another bag you may want to consider that is recommended for your vehicle is the Yakima FarOut Rooftop Cargo Bag, item # Y07173. Be sure to clean the roof of your vehicle and the bottom of the bag before each installation. Finally, the HitchMate Adjustable TireStep, item # HE4040, would be a good item to make loading and unloading the bag much easier.
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  • Availability of Second Row Floor Mats for 2012 Ford Edge to Match Highland Floor Mats # 46022
  • The second row floor mats for your 2012 Ford Edge to match the Highland Floor Mats, part # 46022, is the Highland 2 Piece Floor Mats, part # 46031, or the Highland 3 Piece Floor Mats, part # 46040. The # 46040 3 piece floor mats can be connected together to give the appearance of a 1 piece design. I also have a cargo mat for the 2012 Ford Edge which is the Highland Universal Cargo Mat, part # 46045. All of the mats mentioned above are black.
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  • Replacement Padding Option for Upright Bars of Highland Sportwing Bike Rack
  • We don't have replacement foam padding for your Highland Sportwing but I do have a solution for you. We had a customer come back and say they were able to use 1-3/8 inch inner diameter foam padding with there Sportwing to add additional padding so you could do the same to replace the pads of your rack.
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