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Absolutely fantastic. I placed my order Saturday afternoon, and got a confirmation Monday that it had been shipped. UPS Ground arrived Wednesday afternoon, and I could track it all the way. When it arrived, EVERYTHING was there. No back orders. And the quality was outstanding. My son was impressed with the merchandise and service, and will be ordering his own receiver soon. I rate this 5 stars! Thanks.


Ponchatoula, LA

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  • How to Measure Hub Bore to Determine Fit of Bearing Buddy Grease Cap
  • Bearing number 30205 is not a bearing that we offer and after doing some research it seems its dimensions do not match with any bearings that we currently carry. This is not unusual with imported trailer products. There is a way to measure your hub's outer bore to determine if there is a Bearing Buddy bearing protector to fit. Use a precision digital caliper like # 301-17068 to measure the hub's outer bore. The you can use the linked page that displays all Bearing Buddy parts to select...
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  • How to Measure Trailer Spindles and Hub to Select Correct Grease Seal
  • Grease seals are generally best measured to the nearest thousandth of an inch, such as 1.234-inches, using a precision caliper like # 301-17068 or # PTW80157. This is because no ruler or measuring tape (and few human eyes) can be this precise. The actual dimensions of a trailer spindle and the correct grease seal for it usually differ only by a few thousandths of an inch. A grease seal for a trailer hub has two dimensions that matter, the inner diameter (I.D.) that needs to fit the spindle's...
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  • How to Identify Correct Replacement Hub Based on Bearing Part Number or Spindle Dimensions
  • The bearings in trailer hubs are measured to very precise dimensions, to the nearest thousandth of an inch, such as 1.234-inches. To find a suitable replacement hub to fit on your existing trailer spindles either the bearing part numbers or these precise measurements are needed to ensure you select a hub that fits on the spindles. The new hub must use the same bearings as the original. If you refer to the linked photo you'll see how these part numbers typically appear on bearings. If...
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