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WOW! I am impressed! I called to place my order and real person answered, spoke perfect English, albeit a slight southern accent, and my order was sent within a day, shipped quickly and I had it a few days later. I saved over a hundred dollars over local and installed it my self. I cant imagine how that they could do any better. THANKS!


Cedar Springs, MI

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  • How to Choose the Correct Replacement Hub
  • To ensure that you get a hub that fits your spindle correctly you will want to use a Digital Caliper # 301-17068 and measure points B, C, and D (see attached picture) of your spindle to the 3rd decimal place, for example 1.750. These measurements will help us to determine what bearings sizes and grease seal that the replacement hub needs for it to be compatible with your spindle. From your description I can tell that you have a 5 on 4-1/2" bolt pattern on your hub, but I am not quite...
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  • How to Determine What Bearing Buddy Will Fit a Hub
  • The easiest way to choose the correct Bearing Buddy kit is to measure your hub bore. What you will want to do is use a Digital Caliper # 301-17068 and measure your hub bore (the opening in the hub) to the 3rd decimal place. I have linked our selection of Bearing Buddies for you to filter through once you have measured your hub bore. You will simply need to choose which Bearing Buddy matches up with your hub bore measurement. For example; the Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors part # BB1980A-SS...
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  • Determining Correct Replacement Bearing
  • Since your bearing L44848 is not a typical bearing number the best way to know what replacement bearing will work is to use a Digital Caliper # 301-17068 and measure the inner and outer diameters of your bearings and grease seal. You can measure the inner parts by measuring the B, C, and D locations of your spindle in the attached picture. You will then just need to measure the corresponding locations on your hub for the outer diameter measurement. Once you find those measurements you...
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  • How to Measure Hub Bore to Determine Fit of Bearing Buddy Grease Cap
  • Bearing number 30205 is not a bearing that we offer and after doing some research it seems its dimensions do not match with any bearings that we currently carry. This is not unusual with imported trailer products. There is a way to measure your hub's outer bore to determine if there is a Bearing Buddy bearing protector to fit. Use a precision digital caliper like # 301-17068 to measure the hub's outer bore. The you can use the linked page that displays all Bearing Buddy parts to select...
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  • Can Trailer Brakes be Added to a Trailer for a Tiny House
  • You can actually add brakes to any trailer axle, all you will need to do is run wiring for the brakes and then install a hub that is compatible with the spindles on your axle and use a brake that is compatible that hub. I have attached a helpful article about adding electric drum brakes (which are some of the easiest to maintain) on a trailer that you can check out. Please note that if they planned on only using the trailer once they might have used a mobile home axle. If that is the...
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  • Replacement Double-Lip Grease Seal for EZ Lube Hub on 2005 TrailStar Boat Trailer
  • Part AD2528E is a double-lip grease seal from NOK that cross-references to National seal part 470460. My research shows this seal has an inner diameter of 1.688-inches and an outer diameter of 2.560-inches. The nearest item we have is part # 168255TB which has an I.D. of 1.687-inches and an O.D. of 2.561-inches. If you have a digital caliper like # 301-17068 you can measure the spindle diameter where the seal rides and the hub bore where the seal installs to confirm the inner and outer...
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  • How to Measure Trailer Spindles and Hub to Select Correct Grease Seal
  • Grease seals are generally best measured to the nearest thousandth of an inch, such as 1.234-inches, using a precision caliper like # 301-17068 or # PTW80157. This is because no ruler or measuring tape (and few human eyes) can be this precise. The actual dimensions of a trailer spindle and the correct grease seal for it usually differ only by a few thousandths of an inch. A grease seal for a trailer hub has two dimensions that matter, the inner diameter (I.D.) that needs to fit the spindle's...
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  • How to Identify Correct Replacement Hub Based on Bearing Part Number or Spindle Dimensions
  • The bearings in trailer hubs are measured to very precise dimensions, to the nearest thousandth of an inch, such as 1.234-inches. To find a suitable replacement hub to fit on your existing trailer spindles either the bearing part numbers or these precise measurements are needed to ensure you select a hub that fits on the spindles. The new hub must use the same bearings as the original. If you refer to the linked photo you'll see how these part numbers typically appear on bearings. If...
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  • Is the Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Storage Stand # 301-13989 for Pets Bumping into It
  • It would take your dogs hitting the bike and the Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Storage Stand # 301-13989 pretty hard to knock it over. The rack is very stable.
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