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Expert Answers about 3M

  • Wiring a Side Marker Light to the Running Light Wire on a Trailer
  • You can run a jumper wire to T-off from the main running light wire to the side marker light using something like a quick splice connector, # 562. Or you can use a butt connector, # 05732-2. In one end, place the wire from the trailer connector and in the other end insert the wire from the side marker light and the wire to the tail light. You would need to cut the brown wire at some point to wire it in this manner. And yet another option is to run the side marker wire all the way...
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  • New Trailer Wiring, Connector, Junction Box, and Battery Box for a Trailer
  • We have 7-wire strands but no 5-wire. What I recommend is to use duplex wire # 10-2-1, sold by the foot, for the brakes and bonded 4-wire, # 16-4B-1, also sold by the foot, for the lighting functions. For a junction box you can use # 38656. I have linked a couple of videos showing installations featuring these products for you. For a 7-Way trailer side connector you can use # H20046 with the wiring listed above. For the junction box you will also need some ring terminals. For the trailer...
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  • Quick Splice Connector Recommendation for Tapping Subaru Reverse Light Circuit for Backup Camera
  • Sounds like you are looking for a quick splice connector. The one you'll want is the part # 804C. This fits gauges of 14-18 which is where your reverse light wiring will fall.
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  • Are The 3M Scotchlok Quick Splice Connectors Weather/Water Proof?
  • The 3M SCOTCHLOK Quick Splice Wire Connector - Blue Gel - 14-18 AWG (Qty 1) # 804C is weather proof and water tight, but not waterproof. The connector is filled with a weather protecting gel similar to a dielectric grease that protects the splice from water and debris. As long as the gel remains as a protective layer, you won't have issues.
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  • Replacing 5-Pole Trailer Connector with Unusual Number Of Wires on Boat Trailer
  • Are you speaking of a 5-pole flat connector like part # 20017? Your description of the plug itself seems to match, but the number of wires on each pin sounds pretty unusual. I've provided a diagram of the usual wire functions on a 5-pole. As you can see, there's nothing unusual about the right turn, left turn and the two wires for the running lights on the driver's and passenger side of the trailer. Having more than one ground wire or more than one wire for the brake solenoid is...
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  • New Side Marker trailer Lights are Very Dim
  • It sounds like a bad ground connection. Ground problems normally show up when there is more draw on a system such as when you have the running lights on and then use another function like a turn signal or brake light. But can also appear when changing out lights. Make sure that the vehicle side and trailer side connectors are clean and free of corrosion inside and out. The main connector grounds should be attached to clean and corrosion free bare metal surfaces. The light grounds...
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  • Wiring Reverse Light Circuit to 7 Way Connector on 2016 GMC Terrain
  • The center pin of a 7-way is typically the reverse light circuit. You'd need to tap into the reverse light circuit of your 2016 GMC Terrain to activate it. For a quick splice for 14-18 gauge wire you'd want # 804C or for 10-12 gauge wire # 562. I'd recommend strongly that you run the 12 volt power wire back to the positive post of the battery and not to a 12 volt outlet to prevent shorting out that circuit.
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  • Quick Splice Connector Recommendation for Tapping into Stoplight Switch Circuit
  • We don't have that info but I would almost guarantee it's a 16 gauge wire. The good news is that the part # 804C is a quick splice that fits gauges between 14 and 18 so it should work the best.
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  • Orange Square Displaying on the Peak Performance Digital Wireless Backup Camera Part PKC0RB
  • I called my contact at Peak Performance and they stated that the reason you are experiencing the orange square in the middle of the monitor on your Peak Performance Digital Wireless Backup Camera part PKC0RB is that there is a communication issue between the camera and monitor. What you will want to do is check the splice on the vehicle's reverse wire where the camera is attached in addition to the ground wire coming from the camera itself. I find it best to use something like part # 804C...
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  • What is Purpose of Fifth Circuit Of Trailer Wiring that Runs to Reverse Light Circuit
  • The circuit for the trailer is what allows your trailer to be backed up without the brakes locking up. When that circuit is active it prevents the surge brake actuator from being able to build pressure and activate the brakes. You want to have it connected to your reverse light circuit on your truck. On the tailgate/rear door you'll need to look for a rubber grommet with that has wires in it. In that wiring bundle will be a circuit that carries the reverse light circuit. Tap into it...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Brakes that Lock Up in Reverse with One Truck but Not Others
  • Sounds like your trailer has surge brakes and the 7-way of your truck does not have the reverse light circuit complete which is preventing the reverse lockout from functioning properly. What you would need to do is run a wire from the center pin of the 7-way on your truck to the wire of your reverse lights that goes hot when you put the vehicle in reverse. Once you do that the reverse lockout solenoid will function properly. You'd want to use a quick splice like the part # 804C to tap...
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  • Availability of 3M Quick Splice that is Same as 560B-BOX
  • Actually for a quick splice that is more like the 560B-BOX that you have you would want the part # 564 as it has the exact same shape but is just different colored. The part # 804C would still work for you but it is a different style.
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