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Hide-A-Goose Installation Kit (4434) U-Bolt Interference

Custom Fit Gooseneck

Technical Bulletin

Subject:Installation Kit 4434 U-Bolt Interference with Overload Leaf Springs

Problem:The lower leg of the U-bolt may interfere with the vehicle overload leaf spring when there is a load on the vehicle. This problem applies to 4434 kits that were manufctured before July 2008. Any kits made after July 2008 are not affected.

Solution:When installing 4434 kits manufactured before July 2008, you must trim the lower leg of the U-bolt to eliminate a possible interference with the leaf spring. Leave at least 2 (two) threads of U-bolt showing after the nut has been torqued to the proper specification.

leave at least 2 threads showing after trimming lower leg of U-bolt

Product Number:4434

Manufacturer:Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch and Reese

Bulletin Date:10/22/2008

Bulletin Number:08-0107



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