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Reese R16 and R20 Jaws are Hard to Operate with Excessive Loctite

Technical Bulletin

SUBJECT/Summary: Cequent R16 and R20 jaws are hard to operate with excessive Loctite.

PROBLEM: These fifth wheels may have an issue with the jaws not wanting to close completely around the king pin. We have found that there may have been too much Loctite added to the jaw bolt.

SOLUTION: If your customer is having issues with this, do the following steps:

  1. With the handle in the locked position try to move the jaws with your hands. If you can move them about 1/16" you do not have a system that has the extra Loctite. If you cannot move them freely with your hands, then you may have a system with extra Loctite on the jaw bolts.
  2. To correct the issue, remove the head assembly from the pivot beam, place upside down and clamp it down to a workbench.
  3. Remove the jaw bolts and inspect the jaws and the jaw bolts. If you see any red Loctite on the portion of the jaw that contacts the head pan or on the shaft of the jaw bolt, clean these areas and re-apply Loctite to the threaded area of the jaw bolts only. Reassemble and torque jaw bolt to 175 lbs.

Product Numbers: RP30866, RP30869, RP30870 and RP30867

Manufacturer: Cequent

Bulletin Date: 05/28/2013

Bulletin Number: TB13-02



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