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Draw-Tite Front Mount Trailer Hitch Installation - 2018 Ford F-150

Hi there, Ford owners! Today in your 2018 Ford F-150, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install Draw Tite's Front Hitch Mount.And this is what our front hitch mount looks like when it's installed. The cross tube's going to be hidden completely behind the air dam here. So you'll only see the receiver here at the front and I like that the receiver doesn't stick out further than the front bumper so you're not going to be walk by it and be hitting your leg on it and really, for the most part, unless you're standing pretty far away, you're not going to see it because you're up high enough where the bumper just kind of covers it up from any high up angle.A front hitch is great for front-mounted accessories such as load extenders, ladder rack extenders, and winches. You can get a winch mount in here as well so that way you can use it to easily put your winch on and off and transfer it around. This hitch uses a five-eighths inch hitch pin and clip. Now, one doesn't come included with the hitch, but you can get one here at and just to the front of our hitch pin hole, there's a smaller hole here and that will allow you to use a J-pin which is similar to your regular hitch pin, but one end'll curve around and poke into this little hole here and the other end instead of just being secured by a clip, is threaded so you can tighten it down and it'll draw into this hole here and press it tight against the receiver acting as an anti-rattle device.This hitch has a carrying capacity of 500-pounds and that's the force going down on top, similar to what you would call a ton weight at the back on a rear hitch and it has a winch-load rating of 9,000-pounds, and that's how much it can pull if you're going to be putting a winch in here and as always, I recommend you ensure you don't exceed any of the capacities on your vehicle.Now I've got some measurements for you to help you in deciding on accessories.

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