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Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chock for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs - 16" to 30" Long

Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chock for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs - 16" to 30" Long

Item # FA84-00-4150
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Keep your tandem-axle trailer firmly in place with this easy-to-use wheel chock. Drop the chock into place between your tires and step down on the center to flatten out the arms, pressing the wedges into the opposing tires to hold them in place. Great Prices for the best wheel chocks from Fastway. Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chock for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs - 16" to 30" Long part number FA84-00-4150 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Fastway Wheel Chocks - FA84-00-4150

  • RV
  • Trailer
  • Wheel Chock
  • Wheel Stabilizer
  • Single Chock
  • Steel
  • Fastway
  • Red and Silver

Keep your tandem-axle trailer firmly in place with this easy-to-use wheel chock. Drop the chock into place between your tires and step down on the center to flatten out the arms, pressing the wedges into the opposing tires to hold them in place.


  • Wheel chock minimizes give between tandem-axle tires to help prevent rocking and rolling while trailer is parked
  • Quick, simple mounting and removal
    • Place folded chock between tandem tires
    • Step down on center so that arms flatten out, firmly pressing wedges into both tires
    • Pull cable handle up to release and remove
  • Adjustable length fits many applications
    • Arms can be repositioned along the outer wedges
    • Overall length can be adjusted by moving the pin and clip that hold the arms together
  • Lockable to deter theft - padlock sold separately
  • Durable steel construction
  • Zinc plating on wheel wedges resists corrosion
  • Clevis pin, cotter pin, and hex key included


  • Application: dual-axle trailers
  • Adjustable length:
    • Minimum length: 16"
    • Maximum length: 30"
  • Limited 1-year warranty

How the Fastway ONEstep wheel chock works

Easily eliminate the annoying rocking of your tandem-axle trailer or motor home with the ONEstep XL wheel chock. No more getting down on your hands and knees to position a lesser chock. With the ONEstep, simply set the collapsed unit in place between your trailer's tires. The integrated cable is long enough so that you can do this without even having to lean over. Spread the wheel wedges apart with your foot, and then step down firmly on the center of the unit. The scissor arms will flatten out, pressing the wedges into the opposing tires to effectively hold them in place. Once the wheel chock is properly positioned, a padlock that has up to a 3/8" thick shackle (sold separately) can be used to secure it. Simply insert the lock into one of the unused holes in the center of the arms, or into the top hole on the wedge.

Removal is just as easy. Remove the lock (if applicable), and then tug the cable handle upward. The arms will release, and the chock will collapse so that you can easily remove it from between your tires.

84-00-4150 Fast Way One Step Extra-Large Tandem Axle Wheel Chock

Installation Details FA84-00-4150 Installation instructions

Video of Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chock for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs - 16" to 30" Long

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Fastway ONEstep Tandem Axle Trailers and RV XL Wheel Chocks Review

What's going on, everybody Adam here, with etrailer today. We're going to be taking a look at the Fastway ONEstep XL wheel chocks. So, if you're really looking to upgrade your wheel chock game, just because you want a little bit more stable of a feel whenever you're inside. As you can see, we just have someone random wheel chocks. A lot of the times people get creative, but the bad thing about these kinds of wheel chocks, whether it's just a block of wood or an actual chock that goes on the outsides, you're still going to have a decent amount of play. I don't necessarily love that because you can only get it so tight against the outside edge.

You usually just sit there. I kick it until it gets in there. But with this, you can still use your feet, but it's a lot easier. And it's really going to use a lot of force to get a lot more stabilization out of the chock. So as you can see right here, this is basically what a normal wheel chock does.

You know, it kind of gives us a little bit of wiggle, but with this, just use that foot, instead of kicking that chock in, you stomp down like that and already you can see there's no movement whatsoever. So whenever we're working on these RVs, maybe even on the roof, or even just living on the inside, you want it to feel like home and you just want it to feel stable when you're working. So with this, this is the best way to stabilize your camper trailer and also chock it up. As far as the construction goes, I'm digging the color combo. One, just because this is going to resist against rust and corrosion over time, just cause it is powder-coated and we are going to have a zinc wheel chock.

So, that's why we didn't really want to powder coat this, just because it'll get scraped up and stuff, but we do have a zinc coating on it, so it's not going to rust away over time. And, they also thought about it with the cable. So, this is just used to pull up to disengage the chocks. And, the nice thing about that is it is coated, so you're not going to be scraping your hands or cutting your hands, whenever these start to fray. It's got a nice coating over it, so it's going to be UV resistant, and it's not going to hurt your hands.

One thing I would add to this setup, that does not come with it, is a padlock. So, once you figure out exactly which configuration you need, you should be able to find a little hole that's going to be open. So what we can do is kind of fish a lock or something like that to this so it's going to prevent it from wanting to separate these three pieces. You can do that. You can lock it down a bunch of different other ways, if you wanted to do a cable lock or something, but a padlock's really going to do the best for this. So, I would definitely recommend adding that because all the other wheel chocks that we have, you can't really lock them. But with this one, you do have that option, which I like. So, comparing it to some of the other wheel chocks, one, just compare it to your basic wheel chocks. You know, if you have one on the outside, one on each side of the outside, you know, you're not really, there's no pressure being pushed in kind of like how these two are pushing against each other to give you that stabilization you're wanting with that. They're going to start shifting around and you're still going to have a little bit of movement. So, if you wanted to upgrade from normal chocks. We have these, but there's also ones where I would put in the same ballpark as the ONEstep, and that is going to be by Ultra-Fab. The Ultra-Fab is going to sit in right here. So one, you have to put it in there. You got to make sure it's not going to fall down or anything like that. And then you have to take a tool, tighten it up, and then it basically just expands in between your wheels. I don't like that as much because, one, it's a little bit more difficult. Two, you need a tool. With this, like, all we have to do is make our adjustments. You can just use your hand and the tool that they included to move these bolts, but then all you need really is your foot. So if it we're me, one, I think these are more stable. Two, it's a lot easier. I really do like the design and it's super, super easy to use and install. So I'm going to chalk this one up as a win. But, if you stick around, we're going to show you exactly how we did it. This is how the chock is going to come out of the box. It's just going to have one of these rods in here, but it is going to come with the second one, and an extra pin, but there are some measurements to take to see if this is going to be necessary or not. So, let's go ahead and put this in there as if it's already adjusted to what we want, kind of place it in like that. And as you can tell and see, it's really, really tight. And I really don't think that, stepping on it, we're really going to have, it's really adjusted right. So, I'm putting a lot of weight on there, not adjusted right. So, what we can do is we can pull this little pin right here and then slide this guy out. So we we're on this hole here. So, what I'm going to try to do is go down one hole and adjust a little bit. So, what we can do is kind of take that pin go through, just one hole over, still really not going to do it for us. So let's do the more hole down, this one, just like that. All right, perfect, we're in business. So, now once that's done, you just want to put the pin through just like this, now we can take our foot. There we go. And that's locked into place. So, you are going to have to kind of play with it a little bit, especially if you're going from trailer to trailer, it might be a smart idea to kind of mark it. If you are going to be changing it constantly. But for this right here, you just got to play with it to find the right hole and make sure it has a nice sturdy, sturdy amount of pressure, just like that. It's best, whenever you really have to put your foot on it, and put a decent amount of pressure in there, especially if you're going to be moving around and yada yada yada. So, this is about the right amount of tension. Straight out of the box, it is going to be adjustable from 16 inches to 24 inches. And, where we get that measurement is from tip to tip. So, from the very, very edge of this chock to the very, very edge of the other 16 to 24 out of the box. But, if you are using a rather larger trailer, whether you're a trucker, or you just have a massive trailer, you can use this other piece to fit in there, and that's going to get us from 24 all the way to 30 inches. And again, from tip of the chock to tip of the chock. If we are going to need to make this a little bit bigger and we're going to need to use this, just notice how this thing's set up. So, we have one bar right here, and that's what we're going to achieve on the other side. So, the only thing we really need to undo is here. Does come with an Allen key, go ahead and just put that in there. And then, we will need a 9/16 inch socket, on the other side, it is a nylon lock nut, and will take a little bit. If you have hand tools, I would use them. You don't really need to use power tools or anything like that. We just need to take this thing out real quick. Once that's off, keep your eyes on all of the hardware that I need to use all that again. So, slide this out. We're going to have two washers, our bolt, and our nut. And then, what we want to do is notice how on this side, we just have one hole. So, that is this side of our bracket. So, we're going to do that same exact thing. So, I like to put it on the same side as the other bracket. And what we're going to do is we're going to put the bolt through this bracket, put one washer on this side, and then one washer on the other. Then we can tighten this up. We do not want to tighten it up all the way. We still want this thing to be able to pivot, but we do want it to be nice and snug. So, that's one of those washers that are in there. We'll get it kind of, almost completely tight, but we do want these things to kind of just be able to swing there. See, that's a little too tight, loosen up a little bit. There you go. You kind of want it to be able to go on its own just like that. So then, we can go ahead and take our extra little piece and clip. We can put that through whichever hole is going to work. Like I said, you're going to have to mess with it a little bit to find out exactly which one's going to be best for you. And we can do those adjustments either on our bar here or on our chock. So, as you can see, we do have some other adjustments here. So, whatever is going to work best for you. You can adjust a lot of different ways. So, if you really want to stabilize your trailer or your camper, this is going to be the best way to do it. You're going to get the most amount of leverage. And regardless of what surface you may be on, this thing's not going to slide away, or anything like that. And all you really need is your foot to get it locked down and secured into place. And that's pretty much it for our look at the Fastway ONEstep XL wheel chock..

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Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chock for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs - 16" to 30" Long - FA84-00-4150

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (36 Customer Reviews)

Keep your tandem-axle trailer firmly in place with this easy-to-use wheel chock. Drop the chock into place between your tires and step down on the center to flatten out the arms, pressing the wedges into the opposing tires to hold them in place.


Fast delivery! Came the same week order was placed. Emily was a great help. I wanted to try these to help reduce the rocking of our travel trailer when parked as people would walk around inside. I like the ease of installation, just place them between the wheels and step in the middle. They snap into place securely. Removal is just as simple, pull up on the cable and carry them away to storage. I have a Passport trailer with the axles that are spaced farther apart than most. The XLs have plenty of adjustment with room for more. Don't expect total elimination of movement due to tire flex but they certainly lock the wheels in place


These really work! They are easy to use and make such a difference in eliminating excessive movement and shaking of our camper. We even use them with camper levelers by putting them on top of a flat row of levelers between the wheels!


I read the reviews for these wheel chocks and, based on the positive comments, decided to purchase a pair. Since we have a Keystone Passport with the wide spaced axles we had to purchase the XL set. The initial setup was simple and putting them in service was equally easy. I used one set on each side and our trailer did NOT budge. I might add that our first use required them to be used in gravel/mud and they worked just fine. I would HIGHLY recommend these to anyone looking for a great wheel chock.


The product is just as advertised. Adjusting the chocks was not difficult, however there are so many 'holes' in which to insert the pins that a bit more detail on the 'best fit' might be helpful. E-trailer without question is a great company to deal with. I have used them in the past and they have always been customer friendly.


Great product, multi adjustable as advertised.
Super heavy duty built to last for a lifetime of use. Easy enough for any age or gender to use.


Very sturdy, well built!


As usual I am very pleased with the service & the product. I just tried it on our trailer & it worked great !


Installation pictures


Very quick. Should work fine.


Works as advertised


easy to setup got rid of the plastic chocks trai seems more stable




Does well but need to readjust each time you use them because of tralier axle shackle movement. Distance from tire to tire changes. Its ok now i know that. But i just thought you set them at one length and forget. Yes i use them everytime we stop over night or disconnect. Sometimes only 1 can be used because of leveling blocks under one side.


Once adjusted they work very well! They secure both tires with a quick step down on the device. Easy to unhook with the wire loop!
Excellent purchase.


I really like the way the chocks wedge themselves between the double axle tires. Very secure and very well made.


I purchased this pair of wheel chocks, and I'm very happy with the quality, and how easy it is to install and remove them. Simply step on the center to lock inplace, and pull up on the cable to release. These are really heavy duty, nothing cheep about them. They will work well even if your coach is up on leveler blocks. I have ordered from etrailer various times before and I have never been dissapointed with the quality and the fast shipping.


easy to adjust and place. think they'll do the job just fine.


Excellent product! We have been rv'ing for over 20 years and could never solve the issue of "traditional" chocks slipping on gravel. The "One-Step" chock solves this issue. I have used them on concrete and gravel on our 30' travel trailer, absolutely no wheel chock slippage or rv movement. Releasing the chock using the pull cable takes a little effort, however much easier than fighting a chock hung up under a wheel. It is important to order the correct spacing, I needed the extra wide for our 2021 Whitehawk wide stance axles.


They work very well on all surfaces. Grass, Gravel, or Asphalt. Rugged and durable and they look good too. Trailer customer service is second to none. I use these on a 2018 ATC 28 foot toy hauler.


I got theses all set up and ready to go. Great instructions and have them adjusted for the trailer. I plan to use them on our next trip!


These are the ultimate Wheel Chocks! Deploy with your Foot and remove with a pull on the Cable. Beats all of the other Chocks bar none.


Spotted this chock design and thought I would give them a try. It is really important to secure the camper from moving when unhooked from the truck, bad things can happen as many have found out. Never trusted the plastic chocks that are hard to position and do not stay put. Shipped/arrived fast, easy to adjust for wheel distance, and strong enough to do the job. My toy hauler has an unusually wide distance between the tires, so I was not sure they would work. Ended up having plenty of adjustability to reach as needed. Slide into place and step down, seem very tight on concrete floor inside of building. Would like to update the review when I actually use them while camping.


These worked as I expected. I have used a different kind of compression wheel chock in the past & they were hard to use. This one is easy.

The only down side are the instructions. They could really be improved a LOT. When you open the box, the part with the cable attached is installed upside down & has to be reversed. Then there is an extra part that I assumed needed to be used. For my trailer, it did not need to be used. The instructions should mention that.

etrailer was great to work with as usual.


These lock my Airstream trailer axles down, very well built (Not plastic)

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  • How Many Chocks Come With the Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chock FA84-00-4150
    The Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chock for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs, part # FA84-00-4150, that you referenced comes in a quantity of 1. If you are needing 2 you will need to change the quantity when ordering.
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  • How Is Wheel Spacing Measured for Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chock
    For the Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chock # FA84-00-4000, the 16 inch to 24 inch wheel spacing is measured from end point-to-end point of the wheel chock. Since the chock is adjustable, the smallest it will measure is 16 inches, but it can be adjusted out to 24 inches. If you need a chock with larger spacing, you can use the ONEstep XL # FA84-00-4150. This chock can be adjusted form 24 inches to 30 inches.
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  • Measuring Fit of Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chocks
    You simply measure between the tires about an inch off the ground to determine what Fastway chocks are the best fit for your application. We have the Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chock for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs - 16" to 24" Long # FA84-00-4000 and the Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chock for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs - 24" to 30" Long # FA84-00-4150. This will actually adjust down to 16 inches if you move the Allen bolts into the different holes according to the manufacturer so if you are...
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  • Would Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chocks Slide On Concrete
    The Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chocks for Tandem Axle Trailers and RVs # FA84-00-4150-2 that you referenced would not slide on concrete even with a slope. The weight of the trailer tire on the chock provides enough pressure to provide all of the traction needed.
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  • How to Choose Correct Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chocks
    The distance you'll be measuring for fitment of the Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chocks is where the chocks will actually be installed as you can see in the attached photo. If that distance is between 16" - 24" then use part # FA84-00-4840 but if that distance is increased past 24" (but no more than 30") then you need the XL version # FA84-00-4150-2. It's worth noting the only difference between these 2 kits is an extra bracket piece that comes with the XL version. Attached is a review video...
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  • How To Confirm Fit of Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chocks
    In order to determine the correct Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chocks, part # FA84-00-4150-2 or part # FA84-00-4840 you'd need to measure the distance between the tires where they meet the pavement. The former works with a spread of 16"-30" and the latter works with a spread of 16"-24". In regards to using them with levelers, this I cannot recommend.
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  • Can I Use Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chocks On My Triple Axle Trailer
    Yes, you can use Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chocks for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs part # FA84-00-4840 on your triple axle trailer. You would need 2 sets. The chocks adjust from 16" to 24". You do want to make sure the wheel spacing between the tires is between 16" and 24". To determine this measure on the ground from the contact point to the other contact point of each tire. I have attached a photo for your reference. If your wheel spacing is 24-30" you need Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chocks...
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  • Best Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chock For 23-1/4 Inch Measurement
    For your tandem axle trailer with a 23-1/4" measurement, you definitely want to go with the ONEstep that will work with distances up to 30": - Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chock for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs - 16" to 30" Long # FA84-00-4150 The 24" model may not be a firm fit since you mentioned there could be a slight difference, so the 30" # FA84-00-4150 is what will definitely work for you; since the arms can be adjusted it'll be a tight fit for sure. Then when the chocks are in place,...
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  • Can I Wire a Toggle Switch on My Breakaway System
    There would be no way to install a toggle switch on a breakaway system to activate the circuit at your leisure. The circuit is normally open until the breakaway pin is pulled and then it becomes normally closed which causes power to be sent to the brakes. This all happens inside the breakaway switch and I cannot recommend you modify this for your application. I guess you could then pull the breakaway pin each and every time you tilt the bed of your trailer but this would wear out the pins...
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  • What Size Lock Is Needed for the Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chocks
    In order to lock the Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chocks part # FA84-00-4150-2 you can use any pad lock with a shackle thickness up to 3/8". For this, the Master Lock Laminated Steel Padlock part # ML1KA will be a good option and it can be keyed alike so you can use one on both sides of the trailer. In order to install the pad lock simply insert the lock into one of the unused holes in the center of the arms, or into the top hole on the wedge.
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  • Recommended Wheel Chocks For Travel Trailer Parked on Incline For Storage
    You can store your travel trailer parked on an incline for storage, and it does not have to be perfectly level; you wouldn't want to use leveling blocks as the trailer would slide. On a big incline I highly recommend using heavy-duty rubber chocks behind the tire, and a wheel chock and lock in front. What this does is give you protection from the tire moving in two different spots, and here is what I would use in this situation: - Buyers Products 10" Wheel Chock # 337WC1086UWH - Trimax...
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