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Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle
Air Lift

Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle

Part Number: AL57113
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Vehicle Suspension
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5,000-lb Capacity. Designed to upgrade your rear suspension, LoadLifter 5000 air springs provide high-quality, full-time load support. They level your vehicle, improving braking and ride comfort and reducing the strain on your factory suspension. Great Prices for the best vehicle suspension from Air Lift. Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle part number AL57113 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Air Lift Vehicle Suspension - AL57113

  • Air Springs
  • Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Air Lift
  • Heavy Duty

5,000-lb Capacity. Designed to upgrade your rear suspension, LoadLifter 5000 air springs provide high-quality, full-time load support. They level your vehicle, improving braking and ride comfort and reducing the strain on your factory suspension.


  • Provides your vehicle with up to 5,000 lbs of load-leveling support, reducing strain on your rear suspension and improving both safety and ride quality
    • Designed for heavy-duty applications such as 3/4-ton and 1-ton pickup trucks, motor homes, and commercial trucks
  • Keeps your vehicle level when you are hauling a heavy load
    • Improves steering and braking performance
    • Helps to maintain safe headlight aim
    • Keeps your tires from wearing unevenly
  • Lets you manually adjust air pressure to get the even load distribution and support that you need
    • Level your vehicle front to rear
    • Inflate each spring independently for side-to-side leveling of off-center loads
  • Reduces the strain on your OEM suspension caused by extremely heavy loads
  • Improves overall stability and ride quality
    • Diminishes sway and absorbs road shock for a smooth ride
  • Comes with Air Lift's exclusive upper and lower roll plates
    • Increases the load capacity of the air springs
    • Protects springs from damage, extending the life of your air spring suspension
  • Constructed of 2-ply, fabric-reinforced rubber
    • Endcaps are made of high-strength Zytel nylon, which is lighter, stronger, and more corrosion resistant than steel
  • Mounting brackets and hardware are included for installation
  • Manual inflation valves and air lines are included
    • Manual valves are typically mounted on bumper for easy access
    • Compressor system with in-cab gauges (sold separately) can be added to monitor and automatically adjust air pressure
  • Made in USA


  • Load-leveling capacity: up to 5,000 lbs
    • LoadLifter 5000 springs will not increase your vehicle's weight-carrying capacity. Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit.
  • Adjustable air pressure: 5 psi - 100 psi
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 60-Day satisfaction guarantee

Air Lift's LoadLifter 5000 was designed with an exact purpose: to provide full-time, first-class support to your 3/4- or 1-ton pickup, motor home, or commercial truck. With this kit, you get a safer ride and simultaneously protect your vehicle from the strain that comes with hauling massive loads.

Carrying heavy cargo in your truck bed or trailer puts tremendous stress on your vehicle. Your brakes erode faster, your tires wear unevenly, and handling suffers severely. When towing, you might also experience excessive sway, bottoming out, and even improper and unsafe headlight aim. Fortunately, there is a solution to these problems. By pairing your existing suspension with the LoadLifter 5000, you can seriously beef up your suspension, ensure equal load distribution, and give your vehicle the support it desperately needs. Air Lift's LoadLifter 5000 provides up to 5,000 pounds of load-leveling capacity and distributes the weight of your payload to all four wheels. As a result, the stress on your OEM suspension is significantly reduced.

LoadLifter's air bags are adjustable from 5 to 100 psi for precise support, and they can be inflated independently of one another for front-to-rear and side-to-side leveling. They are made of high-quality, two-ply, fabric-reinforced rubber. Most air bags lose air at the ends, where the bag is enclosed with a steel cap, because the steel can rust and corrode over time, creating small holes. The endcaps on Air Lift air bags are fashioned from corrosion-proof Zytel nylon, a material that is both stronger and lighter than steel, ensuring that the air bags won't lose air.

This system installs with the included brackets and hardware. Just mount the springs, inflate them, and ride. To inflate the LoadLifter springs, you just have to pump air in through the inflation valves. A line kit is included with the springs so that you can install the valves (one for each spring) in an easily accessible area - typically they are installed on the bumper. If you want to make the springs even easier to use, you can get a compressor and gauge system (sold separately).

Air Lift kits are designed to keep your vehicle at normal ride height. You can find the normal ride height of your vehicle by unloading it and measuring the distance between the bottom edge of your wheel well and the center of the hub. After you find and record this distance, you can regulate the amount of air that you put into your air springs to maintain normal ride height - even when you are hauling a heavy load. You will need to adjust the air pressure in your air bags according to the size of your load.

Along with a lifetime warranty that has no mileage restrictions, Air Lift offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Just install and use LoadLifter 5000 springs for 60 days, and if you are not satisfied at the end of this time, you can remove them from your vehicle and return them for a full product refund. Now that's confidence.

57113 Airlift Load Lifter 5000 Air Bag Suspension Support System - Back Axle

Installation Details AL57113 Installation instructions

California residents: click here

Video of Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Rear Axle Air Helper Springs Review

We're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install Air-Lifts LoadLifter 5,000 Air Helper Springs. Before you install your airbags, you want to make sure you take a measurement of your factory ride height because this is ideally where we want our vehicle to be at all times. So here at the back we are at about 43 inches. And then we are going to go check our front. And on the front we're measuring about 39 and three quarter inches.We've now got about a thousand pounds of water here that we're going to place in the back of our truck and we're going to see how our factory suspension handles it. So we are going to put this in here now and we'll see where we're at.

And now with all this weight in the back of our vehicle, we've dropped down to 41 and a half inches. So an inch and a half less with all this weight in the back than where we we're at before. Now I guarantee you when we go to the front, the front's also going to be lifted up. So what this does is it causes the tires at the front, the geometry of the suspension is going to change, which is going to cause you to have less tire road contact. So you're going to have decreased performance there.It's also going to affect your braking performance because of the less surface area you have on your tire contact to the road as well.

And your headlights are also going to be aimed up towards the sky. And sure enough, when we come here to check the front, we're a half an inch higher. And while that may not seem like much, a half an inch on your headlights, because the further the distance they go out, the further they're going to be up, it's actually quite substantial. And you'd be surprised how much of your visibility you lose at night when you've got the front end just a little bit higher.We've now got our airbags installed and I've placed the weight in the back of our truck once again. I've aired the bags up, let's recheck our ride height.

And with our airbags installed now, we're sitting just under 43 inches. So we're basically right back to that factory ride height. We're less than a 16th of an inch from where we're supposed to be. And in the front, we're going to recheck as well. We're right back to where we started at 39 and three quarter inches, which means our headlights are going to be pointing at the correct direction.

And the geometry over suspension is going to be correct, giving us the best contact between the road and our tires so we can ensure that we're going to have optimal handling and braking performance, regardless of what we're hauling behind us.We've now loaded up our vehicle with about a thousand pounds worth of water weight. We're going to take it out on our test course and we're going to see how it handles. So we're going to come into our uneven bumps section first. And you feel how it's thrown aside, aside a little bit. It does kind of not want to spring back as quick as I'd like it to because you can see it's really kind of thrown us around a little bit here. We're now coming into the normal bump section where it's kind of like simulating a speed bump in a parking lot. And every time we go over in the back, you can really feel it dip back down pretty heavy.Now we're going to go over to our slalom. We're going to see how it affects us in some evasive maneuvers. Oh boy, yeah, and I don't want to do it too much here. You can feel the weight, how it wants to side us to. One side almost wants to lean as we turn.So in the bump sections, it didn't feel too bad. The suspension on this truck's pretty stiff. But there in the slalom, it gets a little sketchy when you really have an invasive maneuver. It kind of wants to roll the body pretty hard. So let's get back in and get the airbags on and then we'll have to test course again and see where we're at.We've got our airbags installed. Now, we're going to head back out on the test course. We've loaded up from the back of the vehicle again with our thousand pounds of water weight and we're going to go into our uneven bumps section first. And I can already tell that with the bags installed here, the suspension does feel much different. It's not an uncomfortable amount of stiffness, but it is definitely noticeable. I can tell that on our own even bumps here, that we don't have as much rocking back and forth coming off of each bump. It returns to a straightness much faster, but it is just a little bit stiffer.So now we're going to go into the straight bumps, which is kind of like your speed bumps you'd have in an apartment complex. And the front feels nice and soft like it did before and in the back, I can definitely tell it is stiffer than it was before. The stiffness is a little bit uncomfortable, but it does keep our vehicle right where we need to be much faster. We don't have as much bouncing up and down in the back.Let's head over to our slalom now where I expect we're going to have drastic increase in performance. And now in our slalom, we're going to start turning. And oh yeah, this is really where you're going to notice this. We've got a thousand pounds back there and I don't feel like I'm being thrown around at all. It's still noticeable you're hauling that weight when you go over the bumps due to how the airbags are stiff and you do feel that weight going up and down. But man, in an evasive maneuver situation, I would feel so much more comfortable driving now than I did before.So in the end of our test scores driving with no air bags versus with airbags loaded up with a thousand comes of water, my overall feeling of the system is that it's going to be fantastic if safety is what your biggest concern is. Over on the slalom, I had much more confidence in the control I had in the vehicle. I just felt like I could take those turns and the weight in the back wasn't slinging me around. I just really felt like we had a good grip on the road.Now, when we came into our bumps section there with the airbags installed, it did seem a bit stiffer. It was not as comfortable as a ride as it was with no air bags. But to me we're going over a big bumpy course here. We've got all these set up in a row. Out on the road, you're going to hit the occasional pothole. It's one little minor dip of uncomfort is definitely worth it to me and my opinion on how much safer I feel, especially in those evasive maneuvers.Now, there are other suspension enhancement systems out there such as Timbrens which also replaced your jounce bumper. They're just a larger hard rubber that is somewhat similar to your jounce bumper but has better properties as it's designed to squish and act with your suspension system to work with it. What's nice about the Timbrens is that there's no maintenance. You never have to worry about air, checking them, because with your airbags here, they do fluctuate slightly with temperature, as temperature goes down, pressure is going to go down slightly. As it goes up, it'll go up slightly. You don't have to worry about any of that with Timbrens. They're never going to leak. But what I will say is they do have quite a bit rougher ride in comparison with airbags. And your airbags can be stiff if you air them up to a high PSI levels, but you often don't need to go above 40 pounds for most loads and at your lower levels, it's going to be much smoother of a ride than a Timbrens system.So you can look at it this way, with the Timbrens, they're going to be working regardless if you have a load in the vehicle or not. If you have a load though, the Timbrens are going to be compressing to help support the load. If you have no load, then the Timbrens aren't going to compress as much. So any impacts that you hit on the road are going to travel through those into the cab of the vehicle and you're going to feel it more.Whereas with our airbags here, since we can't adjust it, we only get the increased stiffness on our airbags when we've got it loaded down real high with a lot of air in our bags. We all load our truck, remove the air bag down to the minimum of five PSI and it feels like a factory truck again.And this is what our airbags look like when they're installed. They replace your factory jounce bumpers and install between your rear axle and your frame. The airbags are adjustable between five and 100 PSI and offer up to a 5,000 pound load carrying capacity. Each one can be aired up individually, left and right, so you can also adjust for offset loads.It's a double convoluted design, but you can see here we've got the lower and upper chambers there where our air goes. And this helps increase the burst pressure of the bag by increasing it's durability. You also see roll plates on the top and bottom and this will help offset for body roll and support the airbag to further increase the durability of the airbag.One of the nice things about airbags is that they have constant contact between your frame and your axle, unlike your factory jounce bumper, which hangs down, but it has a gap between the axle. So with your factory John's bumper, you get no support until your suspension is bottomed out. Where our airbag here is going to get support throughout its entire length of travel. It's also going to be adjustable. It seems like your vehicle's soft, you can stiffen it up a little bit to help keep it from bouncing too much. And if you overinflated it, you can always get a little bit of air pressure out to help soften the writeup too if you've made it too stiff.You'll inflate your airbags using the manual inflation valves in the back. You'll have one for the left and one for the right. If you desire, you can purchase a tee here and route these lines together to a single fitting so you can air on bolt up simultaneously. This is more convenient and a lot faster faring up your airbags, but you do lose the side to side leveling support.And that completes our look at of Air-Lift LoadLifter 5,000 air helper Springs.

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle - AL57113

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (1073 Customer Reviews)

5,000-lb Capacity. Designed to upgrade your rear suspension, LoadLifter 5000 air springs provide high-quality, full-time load support. They level your vehicle, improving braking and ride comfort and reducing the strain on your factory suspension.




Over a year and the air bags are working great! I have them on a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country van I use to haul my camping gear and boats. I also have 135 pounds of fat tire electric mountain bikes sitting on a 60 pound bike rack hanging out back. If the bikes arent there, I have either my canoekayak or Jon Boat trailer attached. Before installing the air bags the van bottomed out hard at every bump and the lack of steering control was a bit scary. Now its a much better, quieter, softer ride and Im much more comfortable with the feel and control of the steering especially at highway speeds. I havent been been willing to justify the added expense of an onboard pump, but its just not that hard to add and subtract air when needed, even with my portable 12 volt pump. Thanks again for the fast service and the fantastic instructional videos of all your products. Thus far, Ive purchased 4 tow hitches with wiring harnesses for four different cars and vans and this airbag kit. All have arrived promptly, been complete packages, were easy to install, have fit perfectly and have worked perfectly as described. I am a repeatedly happily satisfied customer and will continue to buy from etrailer. I highly recommend purchasing anything you need at and watch the videos!!




I am not happy with trailer. The box arrived and was all taped up and abused. When I opened the box there was an important part missed. I called and talked to Joanne and she asked me to send pics of the box and I did and have not heard from anyone about the missing part.i hope you will be able to help me get this part issue solved.


Air Lift air springs are good and dependable, use them for the last 25 years on three pick-ups always worked great. My complaint would be against the lousy packaging which came with two or three holes and all messed up, luckily all that was missing was one washer.


Excellent material and the installation instructions were very clear and to the point with the best pictures that coincided with the written material. Only took me 2.5 hours from the start of assembling the air bags with the hardware on the workbench to putting away my tools! This is on my '04 dodge 3500 dually that will be handling my new Host Mammoth Slide in Camper that will set at apprx. 5000 lbs.! Beautiful to maintain level truck and to know that the springs are not collapsed and wearing them down prematurely as well as providing a safe handling truck when on the road.


Installation of the Loadlifter 5000 kit went smoothly, no issues at all. One of the best advantages of having this system on my F-150 is the stabilization it provides when towing our camper. I tow a 6,000 lb camper with an 800 lb hitch weight. I use a weight distribution hitch so the truck and camper ride level, as they should. The difference with the Loadlifter system is that it controls the bounce, providing a much more stable and controlled ride. I highly recommend this air spring kit in conjunction with a weight distribution hitch. When you don't need to added support of the air springs, ie no load, just drop the air pressure down to 5 lbs and you don't know they are there.


just getting done putting my 5000 Justable air springs put them on about three hours I didn’t have any left I did them on the ground so that’s not too bad I’m gonna be sending some pictures along with us so thanks very much and I hope they work


After owning this kit foe a year, I love it. The install went smooth and easy. The app and the remote link up in seconds and it has helped with towing our 5th wheel. It gets the rear-end up so that it is at normal height.
That way I am not blinding people with my lights at night. The truck does ride more smooth with the airbags pumped up while towing. The only negatives are that even with the minimum 5 PSI in the bags, the truck has a more rigid ride when nor towing. The bags also raise the rear end up quite a bit, even when deflated.


I have a 2019 Nissan Titan XD with the 5.6 GAS motor. Wanted to do an Airlift suspension to provide a little support and get my headlights perfectly back to level when towing my travel trailer. No one makes an airbag kit for the gas XD, but after discussing it some with John H at etrailer, I decided to go with the kit for the diesel truck and see how things went.
The kit for the diesel truck fit perfectly, except that there is an emissions component hung from a bracket on the driver's sign frame that prevents a direct install of the driver's side bag. My shop was able to install the kit with no trouble - they just had to bend the bracket with the small emissions component attached upwards for clearance. Everything else went in as designed. Great fit - can't wait to see it work under load.


Installation was easy (I didn’t install a compressor). Might be obvious to most, but remove the rear tires and it’ll be much easier.

Just a couple of pulses from my compressor (I use a portable that stays inside my van for emergency) and the van lifts right up. I was able to perfectly level my van and my trailer. I only used a lower pressure and that tells me there is a lot of lift left.

The ride empty is noticeable, but not harsh. More just on a little firmer side using about 5 psi as recommended minimum. The ride loaded is great, as there is less wander in the front. Note that my van and trailer were close to level and I got the airbags just to finish off the ride (I wasn’t having major problems).

Sara was the best too. She understood my questions and gave very informed answers. Very much appreciated.


I installed these air lift bags in a day. It was a lot longer than I thought, but it was in the middle of winter in an unheated shop and only basic hand tools. No hoist, so there were a lot of up and down trips with a creeper. Very good installation manual which made the process easy. Very happy with the purchase.


We just installed this last night on our truck. The instructions are easy to fallow. We will get our new 5th wheel next weekend so we will see then if they hold up. We love excellent customer service and fast shipping. Chris W thank you so much for taking care of our order so quick!!! We are working so hard on getting everything installed before we get our new 5th wheel!!! Your Amazing!!


I was really happy with etrailer and would highly recommend them and have to many people this past year. My motor home needed these air bags and I called the manufacturer and gave them my vin number which has always been what was needed for anything I have had the purchase with any of my vehicles. But the person that I delt with said he needed the frame number I said where do I find that and he said I would have to call the manufacturer of the motor home.So I called Newmar and they said to call ford I called ford and never got a call back . I called etrailer and gave them the vin number and two days later I had the parts and installed them the next day . Thank you for having people that know what they are talking about and making my experience a good one .


Sorry for the late response,I did a full Rv trip with air bags installed the worked as expected excellent. No chunking of the bed very smooth ride . Took about 1.5 hours to complete installation worth the time.


It was exactly as described and advertised. Works perfectly on my 2019 Ford F150. It took me longer than expected to install because of the fridge was just filled by my perfect wife who knew I was going to be installing the kit. The kit helps me with towing my travel trailer. My truck looks great jacked up rolling around town but I took it back down to the recommended 5lbs.


The product was exactly as advertised. The installation instructions and video were easy to follow.


Does not fit well on ford ranger. Not compatible with daystar cradles. Would get Firestone’s if had to do this again


I installed these on a 2004 Ram 2500. I have towed an 11k fifth wheel approximately 10,000 miles with them and couldn’t be happier. The hardest part was figuring out where to put the airlines. I decided to run them through the existing frame holes and drill out the top license plate screws to give them a stealthy look with easy access to fill. Install didn’t take more than 2 hours with air tools.


The hitch and box arrived in exceiient conditon. I have yet to take the rig for a good test drive. I took it for a short drive but need more time with ot to fully appreciate its capabilities. The installation was a breeze. Fitment was perfect.


First, looking at the website was pretty easy to navigate. Ordered product and confirmed delivery email sent that evening. Received two days later. Box a little damaged, but that was on FEDEX. However everything inside in tact and instructions were simple to follow.

The product, I wish I would have gotten these years ago. Makes the unloaded ride much better and not so “horse bucking” that I was used to. I usually loaded the back with 150 lbs of sand. No longer, rides smooth. Haven’t had a loaded test yet but looking forward to it.


Installed thes a year ago. I use them to pull my 35 foot fifth wheel camper. They are fantastic I recently added the wireless remote air compressor kit. I really love that!


This kit is awesome. I've had no issues with it at all. The Bluetooth compressor is a different story though


I am impressed with the engineering of this product and the clear installation instructions. It took me 4 hours to install taking my time and never doing it before. At 5 psi the truck is at factory ride height. This will be a game changer for pulling bigger trailers.


The air bags fit nicely and work as expected. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is the directions… written and the video. You definitely need to have some logic and mechanical skills but it all works. Trying this without a lift (rack) is not a good idea.
Madison, my customer service rep was exceptional and got the product to me early. I would definitely use this company again.

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    Air Lift has a LoadLifter 5000 kit that fits your 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 with the part # AL57215 but the kit you mentioned does not fit your truck.
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  • Compatible Air Lift Air Suspension Kits for 1991 Toyota Motorhome
    Both Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 rear axle air spring kits that you referenced, parts # AL57113 and # AL88113, are confirmed fits for your 1991 Toyota Motorhome. These are the only kits offered for your Micro Mini Warrior. They differ in that # AL88113 includes internal jounce springs built into the air bags. These provide fail-safe service in the event of an air leak in the bag. These kits are NOT OEM replacements; they are designed to supplement the OEM air suspension. If you need to replace...
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  • Recommended Airbag Kit for a 1986 Toyota Dolphin Motorhome
    I have two airbag kits confirmed to fit your 1986 Toyota Dolphin Motorhome. You can use either the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs with Internal Jounce Bumpers part # AL88113 or the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs part # AL57113. The Ultimate Air Helper Springs have an internal jounce spring that engages at lower air pressures to better absorb road shock and minimize bottoming out whereas the other does not. Both of these airbags kits can handle up to 5,000...
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