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Saris Fluid² Bike Trainer with Smart Speed Sensor - Fluid Resistance

Saris Fluid² Bike Trainer with Smart Speed Sensor - Fluid Resistance

Item # SA9907T
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Bike Trainer Stand
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Designed for the advanced cyclist, this fluid trainer is perfect for frequent indoor rides. Resistance is based on pedal speed, resulting in a more realistic ride than a magnetic trainer can provide. Cadence sensor included for virtual training. 1-636-306-4830 to order Saris bike trainer stand part number SA9907T or order online at Free expert support on all Saris products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Saris Fluid² Bike Trainer with Smart Speed Sensor - Fluid Resistance. Bike Trainer Stand reviews from real customers.
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Saris Bike Trainer Stand - SA9907T

  • 650b
  • 700c
  • 26 Inch
  • 27 Inch
  • 29 Inch
  • Bike Resistance Trainers
  • Progressive Resistance
  • Virtual Training
  • Fluid Resistance
  • Saris
  • No Watt Measurement

Designed for the advanced cyclist, this fluid trainer is perfect for frequent indoor rides. Resistance is based on pedal speed, resulting in a more realistic ride than a magnetic trainer can provide. Cadence sensor included for virtual training.


  • Fluid trainer lets you ride your bike anytime, regardless of weather, time, or traffic
    • Progressive resistance curve increases the faster you pedal
  • Included speed sensor lets you train with Zwift, Rouvy, and other virtual apps
    • Includes 1-month subscription to Rouvy virtual training app
    • Pair with smart phone, TV, or computer via Bluetooth
    • Bluetooth or ANT+ USB adapter (sold separately) available for devices that don't have built-in Bluetooth
  • Turbine oil encased inside the cast-aluminum shell creates resistance
  • Precision-balanced flywheel creates real-world biking experience
    • Built-in fan keeps fluid cool, so it won't overheat and leak onto your floor
  • Clutch knob adjusts roller to perfectly fit against rear tire
    • Clicks when optimal tension is reached
  • Included quick-release skewer secures most road and mountain bikes to the trainer
    • Thru-axle skewer (sold separately) accommodates 142-mm x 12-mm and 148-mm x 12-mm bikes
  • Included block for front tire keeps bike level
  • Lightweight steel frame folds for easy transport and storage
    • Adjustable feet keep trainer level on uneven surfaces
  • Trainer Tire (sold separately) helps prevent excess wear on back tire
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: 650b, 700c, 26", 27", and 29" wheels
    • Fits 29" wheels up to 2.25" width, depending on tire tread
  • Rear dropout spacing: 120-mm, 130-mm, 135-mm
  • Noise level: 69 db at 20 mph
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs
  • Lifetime warranty

Bike Trainer with Fluid Resistance

Saris fluid trainer with resistance

The Fluid trainer has a progressive resistance curve which simulates riding outdoors. It gets progressively more difficult the faster you pedal, keeping the power curve consistent. As a result, the trainer has a smoother road-like feel than a magnetic trainer. You can also manually switch gears to make your ride easier or harder - just like in the real world.

Precision-Balanced Flywheel

Saris aluminum roller with resistance

The Fluid trainer features a precision-balanced, zinc-alloy flywheel. This large flywheel helps create the same inertia riders experience on the road when accelerating. This results in a more realistic ride when compared with smaller flywheels. The flywheel keeps spinning even when pedaling has stopped to simulate coasting.

Turbine oil encased inside a cast-aluminum shell creates resistance. As pedal speed increases, the fluid becomes hotter. A fan built into the flywheel channels the air intake to cool the fluid so it won't leak out of the casing and stain your floor.

Virtual Training

Saris virtual training

The included speed sensor lets you experience virtual training via Bluetooth on your smart phone, TV, or computer. If your device does not have built-in Bluetooth, a Bluetooth or ANT+ USB adapter (sold separately) is available. Install the sensor on your bike pedal, or over the rear hub.

Saris virtual training

Zwift, Rouvy, and other training apps give you the benefits of a full bike workout coupled with the excitement of riding real bike routes. A free 1-month subscription to Rouvy is included to get you started. Stream thousands of virtual routes from all over the world, or race against other competitors. While riding, your training data is automatically synced with the app so that you can compete against your own previous records. It also gives you the ability to create and share your own routes.

Available Accessories

Saris training tire

Tire tread does not wear the same on the trainer as it does in the real world. Frequent riders will find that the tread on their back tire wears down much quicker on the roller due to the added friction. Most outdoor tires are not designed to handle that kind of heat. The trainer tire (sold separately) is made of rubber with a durometer higher than that of a traditional road tire. It's built to handle higher temperatures and will save your rear bike tire from premature tread wear.

Saris NFinity Platform for bike trainers

The NFinity Motion platform compliments your bike trainer by creating a natural movement that's easier on your body than using your trainer alone. Just secure your trainer on the platform and you're ready to go. Because it moves forward, backward, and side-to-side, it creates the same motion your bike has when you shift your body weight. This natural movement provides a more comfortable and realistic ride. Additionally, it engages your core muscles, so you can tone your abs while you ride.

Saris training mat

The trainer mat keeps sweat and bike grime off your floor. It's made of PVC foam that absorbs vibration, keeping your ride quiet.

Saris climbing block

A leveling block was included with the trainer, but you can use a climbing block (sold separately) instead to offer 2 levels of steepness that simulate riding uphill.

Saris training mat

The trainer desk provides a place to put your water bottle, laptop, phone, and anything else you might need for your ride. It also has an integrated power strip, so you can keep all your devices powered.

9907T Saris Fluid² Bike Trainer with Smart Speed Sensor

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Video of Saris Fluid² Bike Trainer with Smart Speed Sensor - Fluid Resistance

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of Saris Bike Trainers - Fluid Resistance Trainer - SA9907T

Ellen: Hey, everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at these Saris Fluid2 turbo bike trainer. In the winter months, it's a lot of times easier to train indoors rather than having to deal with the weather outside. The days are getting shorter, so you move your training sessions to indoors. This is going to help you to stay fit, to stay in shape., so that whenever spring does come back around, you're ready to go.

You haven't lost any of that progress from those summer months.This is going to be a fluid style trainer. It's a bit of an improvement over the magnetic style. It gives you a more realistic road feel. It's typically also going to be quieter than those magnetic style trainers. The way that it's going to work.

We'll have our fluid in this capsule here. There's a fan inside that pushes through that viscous fluid. The faster you peddle, the harder it gets to get through that, and it's a progressive style resistance trader. You'll set your back wheel of your bike on this flywheel here, and that's going to provide that resistance for our bike.It's pretty simple to set this up. We'll have our skewer going here.

It's going to fit several different styles or seven different sizes, road bike and mountain bike tires. I'll give you some numbers to look at in a minute. It is pretty compact. Whenever you fold this down, these two arms do fold in. It makes it pretty easy for apartment living for keeping this out of the way, making it pretty portable as well.As far as the sound with this, it's rated at about 64 to 68 decibels, which is about the same volume that you would typically have a normal conversation with somebody.

Once it gets up into the 70 decibel range, then that starts getting like whenever you're driving at 60 miles per hour on the highway. That's about the level of noise there, just to give you an idea of what those decibels mean so relatively quiet.Some of your more direct drive trainers will be a little bit quieter than that still. This is kind of that middle of the road trainer. Something that's a little bit better than your magnetic style, but not so expensive as some of the fancier ones out there. Still going to be able to give you that capability to train and keep it a little bit quieter. You can watch your favorite show, maybe listen to some music, or just not annoy your neighbors or your partner while you're training.This is available with a speed sensor as well. If you want to get that version, you can find that here at It's just going to be this little guy which can mount to your hub or the pedal. You just want to make sure that it's not on the drive pedal so on the crank arm there. It comes with three different size bands. To get that attached, it'll have a smaller one, kind of middle of the road. Then a larger one, so you could attach that in place.It also comes with a battery to power that in your pack. You can keep track of how fast or your intervals as you're going along. That way you get more feedback from your training, and you get a little bit more precise workout with that. Again, there's going to be two versions of this. One is available with the sensor. One is available without. All the other features of the actual trainer are going to be the same. It's just that one comes with that extra bonus piece.As far as numbers, I promised you numbers, so let's take a look at those. Whenever it's folded out like you see it now, it's going to measure 30" wide by 17 1/2" tall up to this handle here. That's going to be our adjustment to get our skewer in place, and then about 22 1/2" front to back are the depth there. If we fold it down, I'm just going to push on these arms. It does have a pretty stable base just folded out there, but there's nothing really to push in. It just folds down.Then if we look at it like this, that's where we get that a 20 1/2" by 11 1/2 going from the base to the top of that fan. Then 19" front to back. So relatively compact, something that you can fit into a closet. Throw in your trunk if you're taking this out to the race to warm up with it, anything like that. As far as the wheel sizes that it's going to fit, you can see those listed on the screen there. Also, the skewer sizes that are compatible with this unit.There are some accessories available with this. You can see those there. You can get a leveling block for that front wheel. You can make sure that everything's leveled out, so you're not tipped forward all the time. It also helps to give you a little bit more stability, as well. You can also get the trainer tire, so you're not wearing your back tire too much as it rides along that. It does have a nice machine flywheel here, so it shouldn't cause too much wear. It just kind of depends on how often you're using it. If you're going to be using this every day, it's a good idea to get that trainer wheel. That way you have something a little bit more durable that's made for sitting on there.As far as the adjustment to get that bike wheel in place, you can adjust the placement of the back flywheel, so you can get that up. You're not relying just on the weight of your bike and yourself to weigh that down. You can get that dialed in a little bit back there which is kind of a nice feature. It does have a limited lifetime warranty. It is also compatible with CycleOps virtual training. You can also, again, get all the additional features from that little speed sensor. I'm trying to read and talk at the same time. Pretty easy to use and should give you a good training session in those cold months instead of losing all that progress that you made in the summer.That's going to do it for me and looking at these Saris Fluid2 turbo bike trainer. I hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is going to be the right trainer for you. If not, we do have other versions available here at so check them out. Thanks for watching.

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Saris Fluid² Bike Trainer with Smart Speed Sensor - Fluid Resistance - SA9907T

Average Customer Rating:  4.3 out of 5 stars   (6 Customer Reviews)

Designed for the advanced cyclist, this fluid trainer is perfect for frequent indoor rides. Resistance is based on pedal speed, resulting in a more realistic ride than a magnetic trainer can provide. Cadence sensor included for virtual training.


This bike trainer is AMAZING! I think I actually might like it more than riding outside! I'm still able to get a great workout, and I don't have to worry about traffic. It's absolutely worth the money!



Review from a similar Fluid2 in Bike Trainer Stand

Well made, but requires a quick release hub. I'm using an older street bike and will have to buy a new wheel.

Works well, solidly built.
Brian F - 11/19/2021


Review from a similar Fluid2 in Bike Trainer Stand

I have riding this for a week and based on the short time experiences, I think the product works great, way better than the models that providing resistance based on the weight of the rider.


Review from a similar Fluid2 in Bike Trainer Stand

Product arrived as described and was fairly easy to set-up. I did a test ride and it will work nicely as an alternative to getting out on the road during the bad weather. Looking forward to breaking it in this winter.


Review from a similar Fluid2 in Bike Trainer Stand


Review from a similar Fluid2 in Bike Trainer Stand


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  • How to Use Smart Speed Sensor Saris FluidĀ² Turbo Bike Trainer
    The Smart Speed Sensor mounts to the rear hub or the crank arm. You can use the included sensor attached to your rear hub for speed. If you want to track cadence, you can attach it to your left crank arm The sensor connects via Bluetooth and can be used with Rouvy, Zwift and other indoor cycling apps. You can also connect it via ANT+ with the BLE USB PC adapter # SA7057T to connect it with your desktop or laptop. To see the speed or cadence, you'd have to use the corresponding app or program.
    view full answer...
  • Does the Leveling Block Come with the Saris Fluid Bike Trainer
    It sounds like you're referring to the Leveling Block for Saris Bike Trainers # SA9702T, which is not included with the Saris FluidĀ² Turbo Bike Trainer with Smart Speed Sensor # SA9907T but is available as an add on purchase since it is not a required part. The Leveling Block # SA9702T is a great addition to keep your bike level and firmly in place during your training sessions and is compatible with any bike trainer.
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