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RockyMounts Maddox U-Lock with Mounting Bracket - Hardened Steel - 12-mm Shackle

RockyMounts Maddox U-Lock with Mounting Bracket - Hardened Steel - 12-mm Shackle

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RKY3501 - Keyed Unique RockyMounts Bike Locks
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U-lock helps safeguard your bike against theft. Features a 12-mm thick shackle and hardened steel construction for enhanced protection. Included mounting bracket attaches to seat post. Rotating lock cover protects keyway from debris and moisture. 1-800-940-8924 to order RockyMounts bike locks part number RKY3501 or order online at Free expert support on all RockyMounts products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for RockyMounts Maddox U-Lock with Mounting Bracket - Hardened Steel - 12-mm Shackle. Bike Locks reviews from real customers.
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RockyMounts Bike Locks

  • U-Lock
  • Keyed Unique
  • RockyMounts
  • Steel

U-lock helps safeguard your bike against theft. Features a 12-mm thick shackle and hardened steel construction for enhanced protection. Included mounting bracket attaches to seat post. Rotating lock cover protects keyway from debris and moisture.


  • U-lock helps safeguard your bike against theft
  • Convenient mounting bracket stores lock while riding
    • Clamps to seat post and tightens with bolts
  • Dust shutter protects lock core from dirt and moisture
  • Sealed, rubberized coating protects lock against rust
    • Defends your equipment from scuffs and scratches
  • Hardened-steel is cut resistant


  • Security rating: 5
  • Dimensions: 7-7/16" tall x 4-1/2" wide
  • Shackle diameter: 12-mm
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Maddox Diagram

Note: RockyMounts security ratings are based on the level of protection they offer and the setting they are designed to be used in:

  • 1-2 for rural areas
  • 2-3 for residential areas
  • 3-6 for university settings and college campuses
  • 6-8 for large cities
  • 8-10 for high density urban areas

3501 Rocky Mounts Maddox Bike U Lock with Mounting Bracket - Hardened Steel - 12 mm Shackle

Item # RKY3501

Video of RockyMounts Maddox U-Lock with Mounting Bracket - Hardened Steel - 12-mm Shackle

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for RockyMounts Maddox U-Lock with Mounting Bracket Review

AJ: What's up everybody it's AJ with Today we'll be checking out the RockyMounts Maddox. This is a great U bolt lock to lock up your bike when you're not around. When you need to run in the store or something like that, it's going to be a good option to help you get it locked up. Let's take a closer look at it. First thing I want to show you about the lock is this cool cover, that way it protects the lock cylinder itself.

That way it can't get gunked up by any dust or anything that might get in if you leave it out in the elements. Then you have the two main pieces. You have the bar that goes into the lock itself and the lock. Now you want to try and get your wheel and your frame in there. So anybody can't take your tire or the bike.Now I could flip the bike around and use the back tire in there, but then people would still be able to take the front tire.

And we're going to test it on a mountain bike and a road bike today. When you have your bike out and about, you're going to have to improvise. If there isn't a bike stand like this sitting around. So that's what this is really good for because this one actually separates completely some of the other U bolt style ones only pivot. So then we'd only be able to unlock one side and move it like that.

And that really limits us on how we can get this on there, or figure that out. The fact that the separate is a huge improvement, I think so let's go ahead and try and lock up our bike.Our bike stand today it's not going to work with it in the bike stand, but if we we're able to find just a post or something, or even we can use the outside to lock it up. With this particular mountain bike, I'm not going to be able to get around the tire and the frame. It's just not long enough with including our bar in there. That would be ideal, but it's just not going to work that way.

So instead, we're going to go through the tire and then the bike stand itself there, that way, if they took the tire off and tried to lift it and the bike, it would still hit this part of the bike and keep it locked up safe. It's that easy.Now we're going to install it on a road bike. Just to show you the versatility of this lock. You can see I fit it around the tire on the inside and the frame this time, because the tire is closer to the frame. Locks it up nice. And it also comes with this Mount. You can put on your bike, it just slides in, just like that. Stays connected. You push that button, just slide it right back out. This is with it really tightened down. I took this middle shim out just so it would fit on there. You can see it's still pretty loose. I can't move it with one hit with a finger or anything like, but still it moves plenty and I can't fit the lock on here. I might be able to slide it down and in, but then it's in the way of our water bottle. So you have to choose between your lock and your water.Overall I think it's a great lock. The fact that it splits in two is very helpful. If it just pivoted that would really limit you on how many different ways you can get this locked on something else. And with this heavy duty of a lock, you don't want to sacrifice that. The only thing I was disappointed in is the mounts. We tried on two different bikes. Didn't really have the space for both of them, and it didn't even work with the mountain bike. The mountain bikes frame was too thick. So I don't know, I would just take them off and just count on, throwing it in my backpack or something like that. Easy enough fix. Now, if you're on the fence, wondering if this one's going to work for you and your bike, you should check out the discussion I had with a rider about a bunch of different RockyMounts locks.Today. I'm going to be taking a look at some of these RockyMounts locks with Aiden behind the camera and Brian Riders joining us too. Brian: What we're looking at here is you're going to have the Curly, which is the smaller version. And then the Lester is the bigger version there you have in your hands. This is really a kind of a step up from your basic steel braided cable. You're going to see it has the nice four digit programmable lock on there. Little bit easier than a key system definitely saves you the hassle of having to worry where you left the keys or making sure you have them on you at the time. It's cool that they actually have a self coiling design. So they're going to fold up nicely on their own. You're not going to have to help them a lot, which can help remove some of the hassle of handling them and getting them in position. And again, that's going to be cut resistant much like the braided steel previous version. AJ: Yeah. I mean, it seems like they get compact that way you can just throw it in your backpack way easier than these here they're a little cumbersome. If you we're taking it with you, you'd have to, I guess you could coil it up yourself, but it's not going to stay like that when you throw it in your backpack or whatever. This one is a better example, we'll talk about that. Cause that's a bunch of cable you have to jam into your backpack. Brian: Yeah. That one you're really looking at some like maybe outdoor patio furniture, secure your grill. Maybe use it at a camping site to just bring some extra security to your setup. AJ: Yeah. Okay. I guess we'll talk about the Hooligan next. Since we have that one on the table, we've got two more installed. We'll go over and talk about those in a second. ButBrian: Yeah, so the Hooligan Max here is actually a pretty cool design. We're going to see a step up and security on this one. It's made with a plated steel, so not braided. It's actually going to be whole pieces of steel in there, much better in terms of providing that cut resistance. Another interesting fact on this one is the sheath that covers it is a nylon braid or weave. So what you're really going to get there is it protects the metal. So you don't have to worry about it rusting or weakening over time. Also protects your equipment from rubbing, dings, any kind of abrasions. Some other kind of nice features we have here on this one is it's got the spring-loaded lock. So it's going to come together, unlock really easily going to have that nice, tactile response. And you're also going to have a nice little dust mold cap. There just keeps the lock clean, prevents any kind of debris from entering the system. Just keeps you safe down the line there. AJ: Yeah. This one seems pretty heavy-duty. Like I said, it's a legit chain on the inside of that seat. So unlike a braided cable, which there's nothing wrong with that, but I don't know. That puts my mind at ease a little bit. That it's a legit chain. Like I said,Brian: Yeah. You're going to have a tough time getting to whatever's holding that in place. AJ: Yeah. The only thing I guess I worry about is just the nylon is nice, but it's kind of thin. So if it does hit like a soft frame of your bike, it's probably going to dent it or something like that. If you're not careful with it yourself, but it seems like these had a little bit more of a cushion around them, but I guess that's what you get when you get the higher security, you're going to be more careful with it. Brian: Yeah. It's going to be a bit of a trade off there.I think the covering will mitigate a lot of the damage, but you're going to want to be mindful. Of course. AJ: Cool. And it's not too cumbersome either, like we can get it nice and throw it out there, throw it in your backpack like I keep saying, that's what you're going to do when you carry an extra lock. I guess we'll check out the ones we have locked to our bike right here. First, we have the U bolt or I think I call it a D lock too, I heard it was calledBrian: Yeah, right here we're looking at the Maddox. Pretty cool design for a U lock, works a little different than some standard U locks that'll have the pivot shackle where only one end will come loose. Here on the Maddox you get a clamp style just like that. It'll fully detach comes out real easy. Just makes the process of locking and securing the gear that much easier. Sometimes when the shackle pivots, you can have accessibility issues and tight spaces with odd designs. This really limits those, again you're going to have the rubber coating on it on both the lock and the shackle. That's just going to protect your equipment, make sure everything stays nice and protected. And really it's a good general purpose lock, great design. It's got the spring-loaded lock again. So you get that real tactile response when you're secure, you know when it's going to come apart. Yeah. It's very a dependable, great day to day lock. AJ: That's also got the part in the middle. You can turn to kind of protect your lock in there. So it's not exposed all the time either. I like that. We we're seeing that like a lot of people have their bikes in the city. They might not have the bike racks like that. Sometimes you just got to use what's around. So the fact that it doesn't pivot like the other ones you said that it kind of detaches gives you more options of attaching it to random spots, like a stop sign or something like that. Rather than you said the pivot one. So it would just do this. It wouldn't actually come out. Okay. Yeah. So that's definitely way better than the pivot head. Brian: That's just a cool little take on the design. You know, it's nothing groundbreaking, but just when it comes to usability, it's nice to have. AJ: Yeah. Sure. Okay. Let's step over and talk about this one, then. Aiden: Now on that last one does it have a mount to attach to the bike frame. AJ: Yes. That's right here on the table. Sorry. Aiden: That's okay. AJ: Yeah so it looks like you could Mount it to where you'd have a water bottle. This one doesn't have one or on the down tube here too. If the holes lined up, it looks like the holes don't line up on this one. Brian: Wait, I see, it opens up. Yeah. So loosen those screws and that'll open up that to wrap around the tube and then it'll hold The lock kind of in that opening.So just kind of clamp it into position there. AJ: So it can go there, you can put it there and then it would. Oh, this part slides in here. Brian: Yeah. So that's kind of how it secures to the actual Mount there. And so it kind of stores right in there. If it'll fit on this particular bike, it looks like it'd be kind of a squeeze. AJ: Yeah you might hit your leg on that. Aiden: But I think on a road bike, you're going to have a lot more rooms. Brian: Yeah. Like over there. AJ: Yeah, let me try on the other one, there's a nice push button to release. I like that. Slide right out. Brian: Yeah. So you can easily take it off, lock it up. AJ: Let me just try it on this other one here. Yeah, it looks like you got way more room. It would be in the center too if it was actually mounted. Well, it looks like it's going to hit that. Brian: So yeah. I can definitely propose a few clearance issues like with the water bottle holder and stuff, but it is nice that it gives you at least some way to store it on your bike. So you're not having to carry around a backpack with a lock or something like that. AJ: Any other questions on that oneBrian: No, that's definitely going to be good in terms of having it easily accessible around town. It's not unusual for RockyMounts to include some type of mounting bracket with some of these more day-to-day kind of style locks where you would want to transport with you generally that either be the kind of seat post variety we saw there is one that's also designed more for a water bottle mount, which I think we have here. Aiden: Yes. That's the one AJ has got for the mount for it right now. AJ: That's going to be another, this is a Hendrix, rightBrian: Yes, sir. We are looking at the Hendrix folding lock here, probably one of the nicer ones from the lineup while you're going to see it's got the really defined hardened steel plates.And we'll be able to see those a little better here once we get this popped off, but it does come apart really easily. As you can see there, one end just disengages goes into kind of just a rope style cable lock look almost, but you can see there that each plate is essentially just a hardened steel plate bound together. Interesting collapsible design there folds down really small fit in your pocket. Easy to carry in your hand, you got the spring loaded lock, pretty consistent with a lot of the RockyMounts products. So stays together, comes apart when you need it to really easily. Good tactile response there. A nice thing.One of the nice things I thought of this one was the rubberized coating and just the way it was done, I think the lock overall feels really good in your hands feels strong. And this is one of the locks that comes with a higher rating in terms of security from Rocky mounts. So great block for urban areas. AJ: Yeah. It does feel like a sturdy, heavy lock. I'm impressed how much it folds down into itself easily. It wasn't complex to do that and then folds up in its own mount too. That way, if you didn't want to throw in the backpack, you could actually attach it like we're talking about here and it looks like this would have no problem fitting on there with the water bottle. You wouldn't have to sacrifice water or a lock. Brian: Yeah, just a really nice one of those kind of add-on features. Just there to make it easier to keep on you, keep security a priority, really. Aiden: Yeah. This one was probably our favorite just for how well it folded up and you know, it's really easy to keep on you, but just overall, it felt like it was just built really well. AJ: I agree. Brian: Yeah. I know. You know, when we first got these in RockyMounts makes great racks. So I was excited to see kind of what they could bring to the security aspect of the industry. And I think the quality's there it's definitely got some great features across the line. No matter what you're really looking to secure, there's going to be an option there for you. And it just kind of depends, you know, on your location, what your sensitivity towards locking your stuff up is and how heavy duty you want to go. AJ: Cool. That's all the locks we had today. Was there anything else, any other ones or any other questionsBrian: I didn't have anything off the top of my head. Really I think you guys pretty much walked us through them. I think you really can't go wrong. AJ: Awesome. Well, thanks for help. Brian: All right. Always a pleasure to drop in and see you guys. AJ: Have a good one. Brian: Take care guys. AJ: With that I think that does it for our look at the RockyMounts Maddox. I hope this helped..

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RockyMounts Maddox U-Lock with Mounting Bracket - Hardened Steel - 12-mm Shackle - RKY3501

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U-lock helps safeguard your bike against theft. Features a 12-mm thick shackle and hardened steel construction for enhanced protection. Included mounting bracket attaches to seat post. Rotating lock cover protects keyway from debris and moisture.


Great lock for ebikes. Great to have peace of mind when away from your bike for brief periods.


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