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  1. Adjustable Trailer Coupler
  2. Demco
  3. 2-5/16 Inch Ball Coupler
  4. Coupler with Bracket
  5. 20000 lbs GTW
  6. Auto Latch
Demco Trailer Coupler w/ 5-Position Adjustable Channel - eZ-Latch - Silver - 2-5/16" Ball - 20K

Demco Trailer Coupler w/ 5-Position Adjustable Channel - eZ-Latch - Silver - 2-5/16" Ball - 20K

Item # DM612466-52
Our Price: $125.50
Adjustable Trailer Coupler
Shipping Weight: 18 lbs
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Cast ball coupler is made of sturdy steel and has a durable, rust-resistant powder coat finish. eZ-Latch ensures fast, easy, secure hookup and disconnect. Adjustable channel bracket offers 5 different mounting positions. Hardware included. 1-800-940-8924 to order Demco adjustable trailer coupler part number DM612466-52 or order online at Free expert support on all Demco products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Demco Trailer Coupler w/ 5-Position Adjustable Channel - eZ-Latch - Silver - 2-5/16" Ball - 20K. Adjustable Trailer Coupler reviews from real customers.
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Demco Adjustable Trailer Coupler - DM612466-52

  • 2-5/16 Inch Ball Coupler
  • Coupler with Bracket
  • 20000 lbs GTW
  • Auto Latch
  • Demco
  • 10 Inch Height Adjustment

Cast ball coupler is made of sturdy steel and has a durable, rust-resistant powder coat finish. eZ-Latch ensures fast, easy, secure hookup and disconnect. Adjustable channel bracket offers 5 different mounting positions. Hardware included.


  • Cast ball coupler lets you hook up your trailer to your tow vehicle
    • Provides connection point for hitch ball
  • Channel bracket allows you to adjust the coupler's height to match different tow vehicles
    • 6 Mounting holes on each side offer 5 mounting positions
  • eZ-Latch mechanism ensures simple, secure hookup and disconnect
    • Lets you hook up when latch is in closed position - just drop coupler over hitch ball and latch will snap into place
  • Corrosion-proof polymer-nylon-resin composite latch handle is durable and impact resistant
    • Sleek low-profile design allows hazards to simply slip over the top of the coupler, preventing damage to latch components
  • Adjustable channel bracket welds onto trailer
    • Bolt coupler to bracket with the 4 included Grade 5 bolts
    • 4-Bolt attachment provides secure, rattle-free connection
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Silver powder coat finish offers excellent corrosion resistance
    • 500-Hour salt spray rating - great for marine applications
  • SAE J684 certified
  • Made in the USA


  • Ball size: 2-5/16"
  • Weight capacity: 20,000 lbs
  • Channel bracket dimensions: 12" tall x 3" wide
    • Wall thickness: 3/8"
  • Mounting holes: 2" on center
  • Coupler dimensions: 8-1/8" long x 2-7/8" wide
  • Diameter of lock pin hole: 5/16"
    • Minimum span needed for pin lock: 3"

Coupler Dims

eZ-Latch Coupler

Cast Coupler Cutaway

This coupler features a simple-to-use latching mechanism known as the eZ-Latch. With this mechanism, hooking up is as easy as dropping the coupler over your trailer hitch ball. The latch does not need to be tugged or manually activated to allow the ball into the coupler socket, nor does it have to be secured in place. Just make sure that the coupler is properly lined up with the ball when you lower it, and the rest is automatic. Disengaging the coupler is just as effortless. Simply lift up the handle and the coupler socket will automatically release its grip on the ball.

Demco eZ-Latch in Use

The contoured, low-profile design of the latch handle helps protect the coupler from damage by allowing any potential hazards - from debris on the road to your ball mount backing into the coupler - to simply slide over the top. This helps prevent anything from getting under the latch handle and releasing the ball, and it can also limit any damage to the coupler should an impact occur

Unlike most couplers, which have a pin hole on the handle latch, the eZ-Latch coupler features a hole on the side of the coupler itself. Inserting a coupler lock through this hole will keep the latch from lifting, preventing disconnect and theft.

Sturdy, Corrosion-Resistant Construction

Made of sturdy steel, this coupler features a durable silver powder coat finish that is designed to limit rust and corrosion. This finish has a 500-hour salt spray rating, making the coupler perfect for marine use.

The eZ-Latch's sleek, ergonomically designed handle is constructed of an impact-resistant polymer-nylon-resin compound that provides the flexibility and strength needed to bounce back from a collision. The handle is corrosion-proof, allowing it to withstand whatever the road and the elements dish out.

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14040-52 Demco Trailer Coupler with Easy Latch for Adjustable Channel Bracket - Silver - 2-5/16" Ball - 21,000 lbs

6166 Hardware Kit for Demco Adjustable Channel Mount Couplers

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Video of Demco Trailer Coupler w/ 5-Position Adjustable Channel - eZ-Latch - Silver - 2-5/16" Ball - 20K

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of Demco Adjustable Trailer Coupler - Coupler with Channel Bracket - DM612466-52

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today we're gonna take a quick look at this Demco EZ-Latch trailer coupler with the five position adjustable channel. This is gonna provide the connection point for your two and five 16th inch hitch bar on your tow vehicle so that you can hook your trailer up to your tow vehicle and tow it. This does feature the easy latch mechanism that will ensure a nice, simple secure hookup and disconnect for you. I do have a two and five 16th inch hitch ball here to demonstrate how this operates. And so this will allow you to hook up even when your latch is in the closed position.

All you have to do is drop the coupler over your hitch ball (latch squeaks) and it will latch into place like so, and you've got a nice solid connection there. And to disengage you'll just slip up on that latch that will allow the ball to come free. So very, very simple. Much easier than most other systems out there where you have to have it opened to lower it onto your ball and so forth. So very simple operation here.

This is made here in the USA of a cast steel construction. So it is gonna be very durable for you. It does have a weight capacity of 20,000 pounds and it does meet the SAEJ 6 84 standard, so it is J 6 84 certified. It also has this silver powder coat finish on it that's gonna provide excellent corrosion resistance with a 500 hour salt spray rating. So it is gonna be great for your marine applications.

If you're wanting to put this on a boat trailer or something like that, it will hold up well for you. The latch handle has a nice low profile design and it's constructed of a durable polymer nylon resin composite. And so it is going to be corrosion proof and impact resistant. So it is gonna hold up well for you as well. To give you a few measurements here, you can see this is going to be approximately eight inches long.

We'll call it about eight and one eighth of an inch in total length. And then our width, we're looking at right about three inches wide, call it two and seven eights of an inch, just shy of that three inches. So it is going to fit into your three inch channel there. Our channel is a heavy duty steel construction. It is right at 12 inches tall, and this will weld right onto your trailer with the unfinished portion here. This is going to then allow you to bolt your coupler into one of the selected slots here. So we've got six different mounting holes. These are all five eighth inch diameter holes. So you've got five different positions that you can mount the coupler and to ensure that it's going to work with different tow vehicles' heights, make sure that it's gonna stay nice and level for you. We do have the four included grade five bolts, washer and nylon locknut that will allow you to have a nice secure rattle-free connection here. One thing in my mind if you are gonna be switching pretty frequently to adjust to different tow vehicles, you're gonna be using different vehicles to pull your trailer; that might not be the most convenient way of being connected. Having those nylon lock nuts is gonna be kind of difficult to undo. So I would recommend if you are gonna be switching frequently maybe consider switching over to a pen like you see on the screen there. That is going to have that same 20,000 pound weight capacity. That's going to be the five eight inch diameter that you need for these pin holes. And it is going to give you a four inch span. So it'll be plenty for our three and three quarter inch outer dimension here. So it will work for you if you are gonna be switching pretty frequently. You can more easily pull those pins out, adjust your coupler to the height that you need and put the pin back through. We also have locking pins available. If you want to add a little extra security you can put those in instead. And then we also have the locking option here. We've got a three eight inch diameter lock pin hole. So if you wanted to, you could add on a coupler lock that will go through that hole and will prevent the latch from being disengaged, so no one can come along and disconnect your trailer and take off with it. So you will just need to make sure that you've got a three eight inch diameter pin there with a span of at least three inches before it to work to secure that for you. So overall, really great option here to weld onto your trailer, give you that adjustability so that and no matter what vehicle you're using to tow your trailer, you can make sure that it's gonna be nice and level for you. And that completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching.

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Customer Reviews

Demco Trailer Coupler w/ 5-Position Adjustable Channel - eZ-Latch - Silver - 2-5/16" Ball - 20K - DM612466-52

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (497 Customer Reviews)

Cast ball coupler is made of sturdy steel and has a durable, rust-resistant powder coat finish. eZ-Latch ensures fast, easy, secure hookup and disconnect. Adjustable channel bracket offers 5 different mounting positions. Hardware included.


Latch seems flimsy but holds fine! Not super adjustable due to bolt installation…get an adjustable ball mount.


This is more than I need but when it comes to safety you can't have too much! I'm building a 14k trailer, and the design and material on this coupler is amazing! Ez latch is a nice feature, no more guess work! Plenty of height configurations.


easy to use, strong as hell



Product is sturdy, well built.

was fast and right products.







The coupler that came with our teardrop did the job, but getting hooked up and secure on the ball was a real pain that would take multiple attempts to reposition it before it dropped fully in place. I like the Demco eZ-latch. So much better. I uploaded 3 photos: 1) original coupler, 2) trailer frame with new holes drilled and old holes filled with Bondo, 3) Demco coupler in place. The changeover was very easy.


I’m a 75 year old disabled woman who was about to give up traveling due to the efforts to hitch and unhitch my trailer. I got this new hitch installed and it changed my life; it is effortless. I’m on the beach now while a winter storm is raging around the U.S. thank you so much for a hitch that changed my life.


Very good quality, construction, and finish. This was used to replace a 5000# rated coupler on my RV trailer that was just not strong enough. It has an extra 2-3" of length than the old coupler so make sure your safety chains have enough length to accommodate the extra length. One bonus for me was that the extra length was just enough to allow me to open the back door of my SUV with the trailer hitched (which I couldn't do before). The DEMCO coupler does take a 2 1/2" wide hitch pin /lock which is different than most couplers.


Heavy duty for sure. Drilling 1/2” holes in 1/4” thick angle iron on the trailer required more than a hand drill, but other than that installation was simple. Removing the original coupler was a chore because it was welded on both top and bottom. I had to use a hacksaw (3 blades), 2 lb mallet, large crowbar, steel chisel, grinder. Fortunately I had all that, and I’m very pleased with the result.


Great product! This thing's built like a tank. We're always pulling the heaviest things possible with our trailers and this stands up to the job.


It's held up well after a year of abuse. We've fitted all our trailers with these couplers for uniformity, and haven't had any troubles.


Installed this AWESOME hitch on my 20 ft equipment trailer after I upgraded to 8k axles. This hitch is a beast. I love the no touch when hooking up. Just lower the trailer down and it makes a positive lock sound. I welded the hitch to a 1/2 inch thick plate. Welded the plate onto the trailer and used my own gussets instead of the supplied ones. You won’t go wrong with this hitch!


I decided I wanted to renew my Dad's old trailer. Starting with a trailer coupler upgrade to the adjustable "eZ-Latch". Thanks to etrailer it was an easy, convenient one stop shop and I couldn't be more pleased with the products and service. When it comes time to do the running gear and tires, etrailer will be my source.

Thank you!


Exactly what I needed to replace the sloppy pintle hitch on my trailer I’m rebuilding.


Excellent coupler, very heavy duty, easy hook up and unhook, definitely recommend if you need a trailer coupler.


Very nice hitch release lever. Easy to grab and lift to release. Easy to install.


When my old coupler failed I was very happy to find a bolt on coupler this heavy as most are weld on for a trailer this heavy. I wish I would have changed the coupler years ago. I always had trouble with the old one. This one is so easy to latch and unlatch from my truck. It is great quality.


I have been using this on my 15,400# trailer since purchased no issues.Easily locks and unlocks .


We're switching all of our couplers to the Demco eZ-latch. They've been very reliable and easy to use.


love these couplers ! they are the best and are easy to open up and when they are pulled up you know it is disconnected !! the best !

I was a little disappointed when I opened the box yesterday and found that there was no keeper pin with the couplers now I have to go to town and find the right size ! I was thinking it would come with one ! should have a option to buy the correct one or just send one with !! thanks

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