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Roadmaster Tow Bars - Coupler Style - RM-501 Review

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Review of Roadmaster Tow Bars RM-501

Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Roadmaster StowMaster Tow Bar. This tow bar lets you tow your vehicle safely and securely behind your motor home. It features a coupler, located right here, this hooks up to a 2" hitch ball. It's got a really nice design to it. Lift up on the latch, pull that sleave, or that collar, up and back, and then that remains in the open position. You can drop that over a 2" ball, lift it up, push it forward, let it engage.

And if you wanna make sure that it stays in that position, I recommend using a coupler pin and clip, or a coupler lock; those items are sold separately and available at Now, one of the neat features about the unit is, it features a very large hook up radius, so that's gonna make connecting, really at any angle, pretty simple, even if your vehicle isn't perfectly lined up with your RV. The unit also comes with a quick disconnect system, this lets you quickly and easily mount the tow bar on your towed vehicle. So these brackets right here attach to the base plates on your towed vehicle, and then they provide the perfect connection points for the cross bar here, of the tow bar. So that way, when you're ready to use it, you can do so quickly and easily. The quick disconnect brackets on the tow bar match up perfectly with the brackets on the base plates, and they're gonna be held in place with sturdy pins. The unit also features a self aligning design, so you can just hook up and then simply drive your RV forward; the arms will extend into rigid, tow ready positions, and automatically lock into place.

The unit features extra long, telescoping arms, that allow for better movement and easier towing. It's a stainless steel construction of the inner arms, so that's going to be corrosion resistant, so you don't gotta worry about rust and corrosion build up, and it's going to allow for a much smoother operation. Now, I do wanna point out that inside each arm there's safety straps. Those are designed to provide extra security in case the latches malfunction. Now this is gonna feature the full length cross bar, with angle iron brace that's gonna provide maximum strength and support. This strong, corrosion resistant tow bar is built to last; FEA testing guarantees a strong finished product.

The unit's gonna feature self lubricating bushings that eliminate friction between the inner and outer arms, for a longer lasting, better functioning system. And the unit features . On the back end, it's gonna feature welded steel plugs that seal the ends of the tow bar, to guarantee safety for the internal components. So it's really gonna guard all the internal components of this system. Now again, steel construction, it features a high-tech powder coated finish, which is gonna provide additional durability and resistance from rust and corrosion. You've got your push pins here that allow you to disengage the arms from the locked, or tow ready, position.

And another neat feature, probably one of my favorites, is the simple secure storage alongside the vehicle. I'm gonna go through some specs, and then I will show you how to fold this up and get it to the stowed position. It's made in the USA. Again, it's gonna come with everything you need to get it ready, and everything you need for your installation. It is compatible with Roadmaster EZ, EZ2, EZ4, XL, and Classic vehicle-specific base plates. Just please keep in mind that this will not work with MX, MS, or EZ5 base plates. It can be adapter for use with Blue Ox base plates with the Roadmaster Tow Bar to Blue Ox Bracket Adapter, sold separately and available at with part number RM-031. Few measurements I wanna go over with you real quick. The arm length, from the center of the quick disconnects to the center of the hitch ball, when it's fully extended, the arm length is 44 1/2"; retracted, it's 36". Weight capacity on this unit is 6,000 pounds, so that's really awesome for this system. So now what I wanna do, just the last thing, is I wanna show you how it moves to a stowed position. What you'll need to do, is you'll need to pull this clip, which right now it's just here because it's out of the way. This is gonna be the pin that actually holds the unit in place, so this bracket right here actually swings over and engages to this point here. So the way that we do that, this arm right here is actually designed to slide along this point. Really smooth operation. Grab the coupler, swing it, make sure that pin goes in that slot just like that. And then to hold it in place all you have to do, take this clip, place it around the pin, and now your system is along the vehicle, in the stowed position. That's gonna do it for today's look at the Roadmaster StowMaster Tow Bar.

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