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Review of Coghlans Insect Control - Mosquito Nets - CG54ZR

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Coghlans Insect Control - Mosquito Nets - CG54ZR Review

Hey, everybody. Welcome to I'm Bobby, and today we're taking a look at the Coghlan's Mosquito Head Net. So you guys can see here it is nice and condense. It's got just a little holder that kind of keeps it in place. All we have to do pop that out to the side.

That's going to go ahead and let our steel rings pop out, allowing ourselves to go ahead, and get our net situated for ourselves. So, you guys can see here is the topper. It's got a cotton top. It'd be really easy to go ahead and we have nice breeze, breathable kind of airflow, which is great for you. You do have just these little, let me go ahead and put her flip this around, these guys to go ahead and start conforming to your head, which is going to be nice.

Maybe give yourself just a little bit of space between your hat, and your net. But all we have to do is simply get our hat on. Now, I will say, probably a wide brim hat is going to be a little bit better for this. You guys can see, we have a lot of room here, for that. They're just kind of situate on.

And the more we get that out spread to the side, the better job it's going to do, keeping our net away from our face, 'cause you still want distance, right, between our net, and our skin. Otherwise, that mosquito head's going to poke right through and get us. So, all we have to do though, put that in place. A baseball cap is going to work. Of course, if you need it to, you guys can see that keeps that top half from falling, which is really going to be nice.

But this is going to do the same job with just going around your head like so, going ahead getting that properly set. You're going to have this little draw string too to go ahead. Get that to conform around your neck better. And that way, you go ahead and prevent any bugs from getting inside here. So, again, I think a wider brim hat is going to be nicer. And I will say looking out here, it's really well lit. However, it is very green, 'cause you do have this mesh in your way. So yes, I can still see, but if you are going to be losing a lot of lights, especially as it gets darker, I could see this being an issue, especially 50 yards out or so, you're going to start losing a lot of that visibility. So, this is just going to be great of course, if you're really needing a lot of protection from a lot of mosquitoes, if you're highly sensitive, if you're like me, if you're kind of the bat that they all go to, rather than everybody in the campfire, this could be a nice way of just going ahead and preventing them getting your face or anything like that. Secondly too, we do offer the jacket and pants here at as well. So if you're looking at compliment the entire thing, highly recommend taking a look at that. Overall though, not impacting my speech, which is great. You guys can see it's not, suck it into my mouth, which is great. Sometimes, those meshes kind of get right on you and that's definitely no bueno. So I definitely think a hat is going to be necessary. Let's go ahead and try it without the hat. Just to give a brief little idea of what that feels like, kind of what it does to us. So it's not terrible. Honestly, it doesn't look as good, as you guys can see. But it means it's workable, but if it isn't going to be used with a hat, it can already feel that starting to make contact with my face, and it being not as far away from it as I want. Again, you're gonna have about 130 holes per square inch. So it's very, very fine. Looking on here nothing's going to be able to squeeze through it, which is great. It is going to do that job of protecting us in the meantime, which is great. To collapse it down, all we have to do, take your still rings of course, fold them on themselves, kind of get them nice and situated. And once you actually do have them all the way foot, and go ahead and get your black colder here, just to go ahead, quickly hold it in position, and get tucked away somewhere. That way it's ready to use whenever you need again. I could see this being just a little hand-washing. That is a pretty fine mesh so, I don't think we want to get it stuck on any zippers, or anything in the washer that could end up destroying it. But just a nice little rinse is going to do a great job. Keep in mind of this top cotton on the top. So I just let it dry. I'm just going to air dry, is fine. Not gonna take too much, and you're not really going to get this too dirty, but if you are looking for a little maintenance techniques, that's all I probably do to it. Well guys, I think this is gonna be a great way of just keeping those mosquitoes off of you. That way you're going to have a lot less itching on those big, long road trips, especially if you find yourself out, somewhere in those wetlands, where there's gonna be a ton of them, these could be a go-to, to go ahead and ensure we have a way more enjoyable time. Well guys, I think that that about does it for our look at the Coghlan's Mosquito Head Net here at I'm Bobby. Thank you for watching..

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