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Review of Brophy Camper Tie-Downs - Front and Rear Tie-Downs - HSWB

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Brophy Camper Tie-Downs - Front and Rear Tie-Downs - HSWB Review

Today we're going to take a quick look at the Brophy clamp on camper tie downs. Now, these are going to allow you to attach your in-bed camper to your truck pretty easily and simply. These clamps are just going to go over the side of your bed, so it's going to . Looks something like this. This portion is going to be facing the inside of the truck bed, and then this is going to drape over that side of the bed, and then this goes out. The hole on the end is where you would attach your S hooks and turn buckles, to then latch down your camper itself.You will want to use this in conjunction with turn buckles and hooks to make sure that your camper stays nice and secure inside your bed.

Those are sold separately. You can find a lot of options here at if you need to pick some up.But basically that's how that's going to latch on there, and then we'll also have our triangular plate, so this is going to go on the inside. As this comes over the side, this is going to clamp against the part of our bed that comes over, and kind of curls around. That's going to clamp on the inside, and then apply tension down. Then one of our T-bolts will go into the welded on nut in the bracket at the bottom, so it'll provide enough tension there to keep everything secure.We'll also have several neoprene strips to put on our bracket, so we don't mar the paint on our truck.

Everything you see here is included with the kit. We'll have our T bolts to go in the bottom of the brackets. The nuts for those, and then we'll have these square headed bolts to attach that triangular bracket to our over the bed bracket, and the nuts for those as well.These are going to be made of a durable steel construction, with a black powder coat finish so you don't have to worry about these rusting out. It's going to be a really durable system. The brackets themselves are pretty heavy.

They have some nice welds on there, so it should stay pretty stable, give you years of good durable service. The clamps are going to give you good holding strength for your camper and your bed. There's no drilling required with this. It just installs really simply into the bed rails of your truck.We'll have two brackets for the front, two for the back. They are labeled on the inside so that you can keep those separate, and know which one goes where.

Again, like I mentioned, this does need to be installed with S hooks, and turn buckles. If you need a basic system for that, we have one available, that part number is going to be TDHP, that's going to be the turn buckles with hardware for your camper tie downs, and that has a 3,000 pound capacity, and again you can find that right here at far as the dimensions for our bracket itself, the space inside there is going to be about six and a half inches overall, the width is going to be about 12 inches, going from the outermost edge to the outermost edge. Those do kind of flare out. As far as the overall height, it's going to be about again 12 inches. The width at the top is going to be about six inches. So I think this is going to be a pretty easy system to use. It's a less expensive alternative to getting lower mounted brackets for your attachment point on your camper. You might trade off a little bit of the stability that you would get for those kinds of brackets, but I think this is going to be a really easy, quick way to get your camper tied down in your vehicle.And that's going to do it for our look at the Brophy clamp on camper tie downs.

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