Electric Coach Step Will Not Fully Extend or Retract on 2007 Monaco Knight


Coach Step Inc step will not complete extend nor retract It is on a 2007 Monaco Knight model PDQ40. The step part number is 725-0042, and the serial number is SN 09592.


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First, the Coach Steps need to operate off of a fully charged battery. A drop in voltage can cause malfunctions. Once you are certain the battery is fully charged you can follow the steps below to troubleshoot the Coach Step:

1. Disconnect the plug between the chassis and the steps. Using a voltmeter, measure the voltage on the large red wire at the chassis connector with the step switch in the “ON” position. The meter should indicate more than 12VDC. Turn the step switch to the “OFF” position and the meter should not indicate voltage. If the meter indicated no voltage with the switch “ON”, check the circuit and the circuit protectors. If it indicates less than 12VDC with the switch “ON”, charge the battery. If 12VDC are indicated on the red wire with the switch “OFF”, replace the switch.

2. With the voltmeter, set to measure resistance, measure the resistance between the green wire in the plug and the frame of the vehicle. If there is more than one ohm of resistance, clean the ground eye (ground lug) or relocate the ground wire.

3. Using a voltmeter, set to resistance, test for ground on the brown wire going to the door switch. The meter should indicate an open circuit with the door closed and a path to the ground with the door open. Insure that the door is open at least 6 inches before it completes the circuit to ground.

4. With a voltmeter, check for 12VDC on the yellow wire with the ignition switch in the “ON” position and no voltage with the switch in the “OFF” position. If there is no voltage with the switch in the “ON” position, trace the circuit and repair.

5. Reconnect the steps to the chassis and proceed to test as follows. With step switch “ON” and the ignition key “OFF” open the entry door and the steps should extend and the light should come on.

6. If the light comes on, but the steps do not deploy, remove the step assembly from the motor home.

7. Remove the two bolts that hold the step arm collars to the drive shaft. This will allow you to operate the steps manually. If the steps do not operate freely, visually inspect for bent arms or tight joints. The shoulder bolts should rotate in the bushings with very little effort. Repair or replace as needed.

8. If the step moves freely, unplug the module from the motor assembly at the two pin connector. Connect 12VDC from the battery to the yellow wire going to the motor and ground the red wire. The gear should rotate in the deployment direction until it goes over center and comes to
rest against the stop. (If the steps were deployed, reverse the wires to drive the gear in the opposite direction.) If the gear and motor assembly will not function normally replace them, otherwise replace the module assembly.

Many of the Coach Step parts are no longer available since they have been discontinued. If you run into that problem then the best solution is to replace the steps. I have included a link to the electric steps we carry.

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Michael H

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